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(INW) Creme Brulee (yc)

By: Inawera (INW)
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I used butter tart, croissant and crepe to create the flaky pastry of a danish. I wanted to sweeten and thicken it up so I added the creme brulee. That's my danish base. Theoretically, I should be able to throw any jammy fruit or cream cheese at it.

It's a delicious, cakey blueberry muffin. I used the INW creme brulee to try and get the illusion of sugar crystals on the top.

Bear Claw, baby! The danish pastry base is comprised of butter tart, croissant and crepe. I added the creme brulee for that caramelized sugar note and a little mouth feel.

It's those dense little custard puffs you used to be able to buy at the local bakery. Light but moist pastry with a pudding like custard and sprinkled with powdered sugar. A throwback to my childhood.

This is a very simple crème Brule base recipe it was designed for other mixers to be able to add and adapt to their own recipe. I think that its pretty enjoyable as it is but there is plenty of scope to be able to take this recipe in many directions to fit many different taste, personally I like it with some TFA toasted marshmallow and FW blueberry.
Flavour notes are simple just like the recipe
Inw Crème Brule 2% This is obviously the star of the show here and it does that top crust note very well you can almost taste the crunch. Sadly the custard part does lack a little and that's where we needed to boost the recipe.
Inw Custard 2% I choose inw custard over the usual cap v1 for many reasons the main one being steep time it develops so much quicker. Inw custard is thinner than a lot of the custards on the market but that's not always a bad thing and in this recipe it means that the crème brule top notes still shine through without getting drowned in thick richness of cap v1. However crème brule is a thick desert and to get that accuracy we needed still to add something else.
CC Devon Cream 1.5% I love this concentrate and its my go to for many recipes and it pairs so well with inw custard. Its a thick, rich and buttery cream that gives the recipe that last bit that it lacked before. Devon cream is quite a strong concentrate and 1.5% is plenty to boost that custard note and still letting that crust layer from the crème brule to come through I find if you push it much past this that buttery note takes over and starts to taste greasy.
Cap super sweet 0.5% this is just my go to sweetner and there is no reason why you couldn't changed it for brown sugar, caramel or even butterscotch to boast that caramelised sugar note
Mix it as is or change it about, add fruits or boost those dark sugar note. Do it your way that's why we love Diy.

Lovely, creamy fudge. You can leave the coconut out if you want too. It's very subtle & just sits in the background.


I've got this pod thing I've been trying out recently, and all the top DIY pod recipes are fruity flavors, save one which I don't have ingredients for. I wanted to put a dessert into it (and have been digging Creme Brulee recently) so I made this. Using Yes, We Cheesecake with Creme was inspired by Ruderudi's Creme Brulee Cheesecake. This is probably not a polished recipe, but the end result is a very thick and sweet dessert that's reminiscent of popcorn butter.

Would recommend, I've been puffing on it for months and it's still good.

edit: upped the creme brulee and sweetener, it's better

A lot of times i release recipes that are appealing to the public with short steep times and popular profiles well this isn't that. This recipe is more of something i made purely for myself in mind and more as a challenge because i tend to mix for fun by chasing harder more layered profiles when i am making juice.purely for myself. This is not really even a dessert or at least i dont think it is? I basically thought apple butter and creme brulee would taste great together and they did.. I will say i find this recipe goof after a week steep but its great after a long 2-3 weeks. I figured with fall approaching and the length of steep time that now was a good time to release this recipe. I used .50% flavor west sweetener i have also used tfa marshmallow for ethyl maltal instead of sucralose and both were good. With the marshmallow it is slightly muted by the use of ethyl maltal but still good i went all the way up to 2% with the marshmallow but I prefer it with the sucralose but use whatever sweetener you want to.its your call everyones taste is different.


A rich and delectable mix of ripe bananas and creamy cheesecake with a bunch of various notes thrown in.


An intensely creamy creme brûlée cheesecake - decadently rich & luscious.

Based on my custard stone and Tootall’s 3-2-1 Creme Brulee and follow up Yummy Classic, I present my interpretation of the doubly-delicious Yummy Classic on steroids, and then some!!

The moment I picked up INW Yes, We Cheesecake I knew that they created a winner. This is an immensely creamy, fresh out the oven, European style baked cheesecake which, I am certain, will be the new gold standard for Cheesecake flavours. Period.
This is a Philadelphia style cream cheese set atop a delishious, delicate graham style base, perfectly balanced.

The 3-2-1 Creme Brulee needs no introduction and combined with the Cheesecake, results in next level oral pleasure...

You can absolutely not substitute anything in this recipe with the exception of the Shisha Vanilla with your favorite vanilla.

This baby shines after 5 or 6 days, thanks to the wizardry at Inawera...

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