(INW) Coconut Cookies (yc)

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A simple coconut cookie spiked with fresh blood orange.

INW Coconut cookies & INW Cheesecake is a match made in heaven... Adapted from my Caramel Cheesecake base, I pushed the Coconut Cookies a little higher to produce a delectable, fresh coconut cookie. Both these ingredients are just sublime and when combined, are magnificent! This pairing fuses the best characteristics of each flavor to produce a light & crisp vanilla flavored coconut cookie accentuated with the rich & creamy notes of INW Cheesecake to produce a mind blowing cookie.

FW Blood Orange is (still) the undisputed king of oranges - a somewhat bitter, slightly sweet, blood orange with a hint of grapefruit. It sits unassumingly in the background and does not dominate the cookie base in the least. Feel free to increase to 2% if you prefer a more prominent blood orange presence.

Give this baby 3 to 5 days to settle and enjoy!


A thick & rich delectable cheesecake marbled with sticky caramel.

This is a simple 3,2,1 cheesecake celebrating the magnificence of power ingredients.

INW Yes, we cheesecake has been my go-to since it’s release and it continues to surprise me for it pure simplicity. This , European style cheesecake, perfectly encapsulates all that is cheesecake with ease. The rich, creamy & velvety smooth filling sits lovingly atop an unassuming base, given a delicate boost in the form of INW Coconut cookies, which is beyond superb in itself. A light & crisp coconut cookie with a touch of vanilla is the perfect beau for our paladin.

HS caramel toffee adds a deep, sticky and slightly sweet layer to enhance the threesome without distracting from the main profile.

Give this baby 3 to 5 days to settle and enjoy!

Fuck a flavor ban !!! =]
This recipe was inspired by u/ hashslingingslashur Leche De Coco Recipe-https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1407277/
i love this recipe this one has been in my cream RTA for about 2 months now getting tweeks to how I like it i just wanted it thicker and i feel like for me atleast i achieve that shake and vape is okay but this recipe really starts shining at the 1 week mark the longer you leave it the better it gets i would suggest trying his recipe and then trying mine maybe you can come up with a better mix =]

Flavors I copied from original recipe with the same %: (FLV Sweet Coconut,FA Coconut, FA Cream Fresh, TPA Bav. Cream,FA Meringue, TPA Cheesecake Graham) Their original notes are better than mine would ever be.

What I Added:
INW Coconut Cookies- This one helps thicken the whole thing up as well ass bring some more coconut to the party i played with alot of other coconuts and this one is one of the few that didnt turn the wonderful original recipe into suntan lotion.

FA Custard Premium-Honestly this was my frist recipe I ave played with this one after SFTing it, I got some toffee hints with it as well as that full eggy custard and it blended this recipe beautifully

Hash' suggests erythritol (0.5%) or 1 drop of TFA marshmallow per 30ml
I used: 1 drop of TPA Toasted Marshmallow per 30ml

This recipe is delicious just the right amount of coconut and buttery sugar cookie . Rate this recipe , mix it up and you won’t regret it. Inspired by wayne walkers Almond vanilla cookie .

Raspberry Coconut Cookie
This is a delicious chewy coconut cookie with Jam in the center

The cookie
INW Coconut Cookie, JF Cookie, and Cap Sugar Cookie create this cookie. INW Coconut cookie is the main focus, but needs a bit of help. JF Cookie is used to help with the crispy bottom texture, and Cap Sugar Cookie is used to give the chewy center needed for the cookie.
The coconut
The cookie itself needed more coconut. I used VT Desiccated Coconut to give the feel and taste of sweet coconut. PUR Toasted Coconut Cheesecake was used to add the toasted note for the top of the cookie.
The jam
For the jam in the center of the cookie, I used, VT Raspberry Jam, and to boost the flavor just a bit, I added some FLV Boysenberry.
This definitively ended up a very delicious Coconut Cookie with a nice raspberry jam added to it.


Definitely a Yummy Classic!! Here is my 3,2,1 creme brulee recipe with a little twist. I stuck with all inawera flavors still. This is for those people that have been saving there inawera waffle. I too have been pointlessly holding on to my last 20 ml of inawera waffle when i decided what is the point of having something so delicious and not using it because i am afraid of running out?? And then i decided it was stupid and i started making recipes using inawera waffle again here is one of those creations. If you got into mixing after inawera waffle was already off the market or just dont own it dont worry just boost the coconut cookies to 1.5% and call it good. Well dont just call it good it is good lol. What you end up with is a creamy coconut creme brulee with a buttery feel and a toasted feel from the waffle. All that changes without the waffle is those toasted bakery notes are not there and its more of a creamy buttery coconut creme brulee. Which ever way you make it its delicious in my opinion. This is one of the times that this version of my 3,2,1 creme brulee is actually better than the original 3,2,1 creme brulee. I am finding my 3,2,1 creme brulee recipe to be more of a creme brulee base because no matter what i throw at it for a top note it just seems to work. So be expecting more delicious creme brulee recipes to come using my 3,2,1 creme brulee as a base and i challenge you to use it to create one of your own. Its the strap on of creme brulee's just strap on a top note of your choosing and run with it. We can always use more great creme brulee recipes lol. Creamy buttery coconut goodness what more do you want?? Me i want to be able to purchase more inawera waffle but we cant so i guess i will enjoy the remaining 19ml i have and when its gone its truly gone forever but hey at least i get the chance to enjoy it. If i just sit on it and dont use it i run the risk of it going bad and or fading or changing this way i am at least using it while its still delicious.

Sweeten to taste with your preferred sweetener at your preferred percentage.

First thoughts, will revisit once made and steeped for min 7 days

This is a Toasted Coconut Banana Cream Pie. The Banana is perfect not overbearing. I normally don’t vape banana because it’s overbearing but in this recipe its not the case. On the inhale you get the toasted coconut and on the exhale you get the cream pie. I used Banofee Pie by WF as the body ingredient. I used Coconut Custard and Coconut cookies to play off each other, I chose the Coconut Cookies because I felt like it would imitate a crust. The coconut custard adds to the cream factor. The creme brûlée is the topping here.

All inawera pear coconut cookie. In my mix kit for the time being, you can only find 5 inawera flavors. This recipe contains all of them and only them. I got to tell you they work to make this delightful vape. The cactus pushes the pear forward on the inhale. If you have ever baked with coconut flour for biscuits that what you get in the body of the vape, with the coconut cookies yc and biscuit. For a smooth light fluffy exhale, shisha vanilla finished of this mix.

Flavor Notes