(INW) Cherimoya (yc)

By: Inawera (INW)
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Guanabana is a fruity flavor that has a very creamy texture. I enhanced the pineapple note with 27 bear and pushed the tropical notes with INW cherimoya. I wanted to bring some vanilla notes without adding a heavy cream fee so I used an old school combination of Fa Vanilla classic and a touch of Vienna cream. This is refreshing creamy fruity and exotic just like the picture.
I combined sweetener and EM to give the cotton candy spun sugar exhale (room note) and the sweet lip licking inhale sweet ness

I wanted to do something tropical, and while going back through my notes I came across INW Cocopilada. The first thing I had written down was "very nice tropical blend of pineapple and coconut, reminiscent of a Pina Colada." Then right below that I had notes on INW Cherimoya which is a lovely flavor that screams tropical so I figured this was a perfect fit for what I was shooting for. There's notes of banana and pineapple in this, with a creamy richness most fruits just don't have.
For me, a mix has to be more than just a good flavor. It needs to match that profile when you actually vape it. Something like this I picture it as being thickened up from the banana, so I needed to build the body up a little more. Plus I like a dense satisfying vape!
TPA Banana Cream actually does a good job of this, and at 2.5% it gives this a nice richness and helps accent the banana notes I get in Cherimoya already.
Now, the only thing left to do is to sweeten up the coconut note and find a contrasting pineapple so it can stand out a bit more. I used TFA coconut candy only because it was a sweeter type coconut. That candied coconut helps it show up better in this mix. I tried a couple versions with FLV coconut and sweet coconut, but TFA just worked better for what I was going for.
FLV pineapple here was a pretty simple call. At 1% there's zero throat hit, and it adds a hint of tartness that helps stand up against the thicker banana. CAP golden pineapple is too sweet and it lacks bright top notes. When the majority of the fruits are base notes, I needed that pineapple to be bright so I didn't get buried.
This mix came out beautifully! It checked all my mandatory boxes to qualify as an ADV. From flavor to mouth feel this has it all.
You could add 1% of VT Light Rum if you want to give it a banana kissed pina colada vibe which is what I'm vaping right now and it's damn good. Or you could try adding your preferred coolant if you want to chill it, this works well there too.
This wasn't an overly complicated profile, but to get the body I wanted as well as getting certain notes to contrast one another was a bit tricky. It was fun to do though and all the testers were good.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I have been, I'm due to mix another bottle now.
You can S&V this, there's no harshness or anything but I find it hits the best balance after about 3 days. Banana Cream usually needs a few days to settle down for me and get in it's position


A quick recipe that falls somewhere between tropical and subtropical. I don't really know what that means, I just had to write something to make this public.

If you have the ingredients, mix it up and give it a try, it's shake and vape certified, and yes, the TFA Pineapple will make it cloudy.


I love 24k by ConcreteRiver because it's a very complex yet simple "build it yourself" mix. It's great as is but since it was a contest entry with restrictions, I decided to tinker with the top notes a bit. The overripe aspect plays really well with brighter top notes like Cranberry. It turns it almost into a combination of granny smith/golden delicious/red delicious. Very authentic apple taste. No candy here.



I've been working an a 1:1 clone of "Milk of the Poppy" by Blue Dot Vapors for months and still haven't nailed it down. This doesn't have any ingredients in common with that. Instead, it's a complete reimagining of the same profile as an all-Inawera recipe instead of what I very strongly suspect is an all-Capella concoction. It's a sweet vanilla custard topped with sweet strawberry, dragonfruit flavor that comes in second to the strawberry but isn't just a subtle amount, and a lil hint of sweet citrus. So all of these ingredients speak for themselves except the Cherimoya, which is used to tie the fruits and custard together.

The trouble with trying to clone Milk of the Poppy is that each version needs to steep for a month before testing. This remix, however, only needs to rest overnight. Also unlike actual Blue Dot Milk of the Poppy and my way- to slightly-off clone attempts, I think I might be addicted to it.

If you don't have INW Shisha Orange, don't buy it just for this. Instead, try an equal amount of FA, FW, or FLV Blood Orange, CAP Sweet Tangerine, TFA Orange Cream, FE Sweet Orange (my favorite), or any other tangerine or orange flavor you happen to have on hand. Anything to give it just the slightest hint of orange.

Caramelized, fried banana, made for the charity stream. Ten words

I've been mixing bubblegums like this one from the day I discovered INW Bubblegum yummy classic. For some strange reason they have a soothing effect on my pallette. Every time I change something a little bit and try new concentrates, and it has now come to a point where I think is worthy of a public recipe. It is great after a 12-hour steep but it balances as it should be on the 5th day.

Separate Steeping

Batch A:
TPA Bavarian Cream 2.5%
INW Biscuit 1%
INW Cherimoya 0.3%
FA Cookie 1%
FA Honey 0.75%
INW Shisha Gingerbread 1.5%

Batch B:
TPA French Vanilla 2%
INW Vanilla 0.5%
TPA Sweet Tea 2%
INW Shisha Chai 0.5%

Each Batch should steep for a week. After we combine the two batches, we add VG/PG and let it steep for another 10-15 days

Texture is gritty and wet

Needs some breathing the first two days. It comes around nicely on the 10-day mark.

Cherimoya produces a great accent note to the gingerbread. Texture is gritty and wet at the same time

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 87 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 2.0% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 85 / 100

The Cherimoya flavor gains some additional creaminess as a vape and loses some of the acidity from the fruit that was a bit strong for me. To make up for this, you’re going to want to bring something to brighten up the cherimoya. It’s very easily overpowered though if you want it to be a main note, so use restraint. You’re probably going to end up with a very lightly flavored recipe when using this guy. I’ve found Cardamom to be the Cherimoya’s best friend.

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