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(INW) Bubble Gum (yc)

By: Inawera (INW)
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Used in 58 recipes at an average of 1.683%.


8 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Melon bubble gum. FLV sweetness isn’t a must just my preferred at the moment. You can use your favorite sweetener or none at all. Taste good off the shake but a couple day steep is recommended.

Please rate and review you mix.


Super simple, super delicious. Inw bgyc at 1.4% keeps it in the mix but so it doesnt take over. 1% ss may be a lil high for some of you so please adjust to your preferences, but i felt here it bent things more candied which works. .75% is prolly good enough lol.


To me this taste just like the grape Bazooka Joe bubble gum I remember from when I was a kid. Its flat out delicious. Flavorah Grape is perfect for this recipe and I don't think you can substitute it without changing the entire dynamic of the recipe. I use 2 percent Flavorah Bubble Gum and 1 percent Inw Bubble Gum YC and it makes a less dry bubble gum than if I were to use Flavorah alone. I added half a percent of FA Marshmallow to give this some extra mouthfeel and body and .35 percent Cap Super Sweet to push teh grape and bubble gum flavors up another knotch. I didnt try it as a SnV, I let it steep 4 days before trying but it may be good off the shake as well. If you give this a try I hope you enjoy it as much as I am right now.


Fruity gum to quench your bubble gum needs. I crave a bubble gum vape all the time. Gum base isn't perfect tho


Finally nailed the profile. Tried all the bubblegum flavors out there & many of them just don't cut it.
The flv, inw combo gives a authentic tasty bubblegum flavor.
Adding a hint of inw's shisha Banana pushes it even closer.
A touch of cap's sweet Strawberry for its sweetness & candied like feel.
Tfa's Marshmallow adds to the fullness of the vape & takes some of the dry harchness a bubblegum gives away.
This all on a bed of Vanilla Swirl results in a delicious full bubblegum vape.

Great as shake & vape, yet better after 2 days.

Please comment if you mix it up.


Heya, fellow mixers! Since I started mixing, I have been trying to replicate my favorite flavor of snow cone. In high school, my good friend turned me on to half ice-cream / half bubblegum, and it is an absolutely delicious flavor combination. I have tried several different bubblegum concentrates, trying to find the right one. I decided to go to the master (ID10-T), himself, for some help. He suggested INW Bubble Gum (yc) as a good one. I had finally found my perfect flavor.

For the "ice-cream" I was using TPA V.B.I.C alone at 4% in all of my trials. It was good, but it lacked some depth. Then I remembered how much I enjoyed ID10-T's "Longing" I used his cream base and swapped the Honeysuckle for 3% INW Bubble Gum (yc). The end result was nearly perfect. Good enough to be my new ADV.

Thank you, ID10-T, for your hard work. Not trying to rip off your recipe, just paying homage :)


I've been mixing bubblegums like this one from the day I discovered INW Bubblegum yummy classic. For some strange reason they have a soothing effect on my pallette. Every time I change something a little bit and try new concentrates, and it has now come to a point where I think is worthy of a public recipe. It is great after a 12-hour steep but it balances as it should be on the 5th day.


Changing up Id10t's Strap-on, I wanted to go with something that wouldn't change the whole profile overall, even though I started with something that did, I went back and decided to make it into a bubblegum flavor! It's a subtle change, but definitely gives you that classic bubble gum taste accompanied by the fruits. I was going to drop down the Bubble Gum to 1.5 as it's strong shake and vape, but after around 3-4 days the flavor seems to fall off and take it's place in the mix. Not too far off from the original, just more of a bubble gum take on it.

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