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2 week steep time (big worth it)
I took inspiration from Wolfs Cheesecake base and decided to build on it with Custard premium and then use CNV LCW and VT Lemon Meringue tart to work overtime on both the crust and the lemon profile. FE lemon was used because this is a bit of a steeper and FW sweetener because honestly its habit at this point and i wanted the cheesecake to be a tad sweeter.

Tested on a hadaly 30GX3/38G 316L SS .42 ohms

Derived from MECH MOD RN original recipe called almond cherry cheesecake squares. I replaced cherries with new SSA flavors. This is an awesome mix and saturated flavor not just full flavored. Ive gone thru about 120mls so far. Cherry forward to say the least but what ive noticed is that after 3 weeks the cherries settle in. Im noticing they are taking a back seat to the cheesecake. Not saying that's a bad thing as I've got them pretty high but I may have to tweak as time allows.

Maple cheesecake crackers... Is that even a thing?
Combining some of my favorite flavors. (FW) Graham Cracker is underrated IMO.
(HS) Cream, another one that's rarely used on ATF or ELR.
Gets better with some days of steeping.
Good without the anise but it does make this recipe extra special.
Super Sweet (CAP) at 0.6% is high, so if you're not into this much of sweetness, I suggest you lower it to 0.3% to start with.

Screwdriver ;)

PS: Hadeley RDA - fused 28x2/38 clapton NiChr80 40W & Zeus X RTA - fused 28x3/38 clapton NiChr80 55W

I have no clue how close this is to the cutwood liquid of the same name and profile and I'm not trying to clone or remix it. I just wanted to create something in this flavor profile and it is pretty darn tasty.


Balance. This recipe is all about Balance. Just as in real life this dense and rich cheesecake is balanced by a sweet and slightly tart Strawberry compote. This isn't your standard candied strawberry note, it draws on the deep jammy notes of OOO Strawberry Jam and WF Strawberry (Baked), making a more realistic cheesecake topping.
The cheesecake itself has Everything you could want from a cheesecake, a touch of crust, thicc ass cheesecake filling with a touch of that lactic acidity, just like mom used to make.
These flavors are perfectly balanced capturing the classic cheesecake combo.
I mainly use this in boro devices, more for compact carry than anything, but have tried it in just about every device I own, and it holds up. Hopefully you enjoy this recipe as much as I and the others who have tried it do.

Blueberry JAM cheesecake V2

Left the blueberry jam and cheesecake alone, upped INW biscuit, because i think it was lacking a base with all that sweet jam and lowered the butter cream because I was getting an off note from it. And removed the CAP/SLV blueberry extra, Hope you enjoy this rendition. Cheers 💨🤘

Ps; will be releasing two awesome summer eliquid recipes here on Boxing day

Rearrangement of not Charles manson’s Strawberry Shortcake bar. I wanted something with blueberry and cake so I used the recipe I loved so much and tweaked it a bit.
Vanilla bean gelato is actually Flavor Art- Gelato Vaniglia (Vanilla Gelato) Feel free you sub TFA Vanilla Swirl at the same %


FLV Yam is the sweet potato.

I know the FLV Pumpkin Spice seems high, but you need it with everything else going on.

OOO VC Cheesecake and INW Yes, We because they’re my favorite.

FW Graham Cracker for the main crust note with a little CAP Cereal 27 for a little extra pop on it.

I recommend the FW Sweetener. I tried it without sweetener and it is very different.

First try and baaam! I don't need to change anything, one of those lucky shots.

Rich cheesecake flavor with hints of almond, butterscotch and coffee. Needs at least 10 days steeping!


INW Yes, We Cheesecake is a wonderful, creamy, authentic cheesecake with graham crust that makes an excellent base for this recipe. We're using it here as the main note at 4%.

I wanted to really crank up the graham cracker note so I added 2% TFA Cheesecake (Graham Crust) it's a really great buttery graham crust that pairs nicely with the INW.

I didn't the lime to be sharp or the main note but I wanted to be able to taste it. VT Persian Lime is a solid zesty lime juice. I've used it at 1% here, that's just enough to make itself known but not dilute or overpower the mix.

It was important for me for this recipe to have a vanilla note, as I'm (loosely) attempting to recreate the juice I used to quit smoking. OOO Marshmallow Vanilla is a good sticky, little sweet vanilla note here at 0.5%.

Sweeten to Taste.

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