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Whipped Cheesecake is by far my favorite kind of cheesecake. I hadn't seen any recipes trying to catch that profile so I decided to make my own and add strawberries to the mix. If you've never had Whipped Cheesecake it's exactly how it sounds, cheesecake and whipped cream mixed together before being added to a crust and chilled. Then a bit more whipped cream is put on top, usually around the edge but sometimes all over. It's lighter and fluffier than regular cheesecake and usually sweeter. INW Yes, We Cheesecake and WF Strawberry Cheesecake are perfect for this when mixed with Cheesecake Graham Crust. The whipped cream part definitely needed TFA Whipped Cream for it's blending ability, WF Whipped Cream Fresh to help the cream body and OoO Whipped Cream because it has the ability to rise above and sit on top. Sweet Strawberry by VT and CAP mix so we'll together and VT Glazed Strawberries is a must for Strawberry Cheesecake imo. FLV Sweetness was used because it works so well with creams to sweeten them and pump them up.

I'm happy with this mix and I hope you enjoy but I may come back and tweak it a bit from time to time.

When you combined lovely ingredients you get a lovely result! A sort of creme brulee biscuit custard. Enjoy or don't!
This one is obviously a steeper.....at least 3 weeks more is even better....if you can wait 2 months you will want to shower with it haha.

well, this is what happens when one gets burnt out and just want to make something that I likes. #badattitudemixing if you don't like it that's cool and I made this for me and my tastes for today.

Just a creamy somewhat crunchy strawberry cheese cake / ice-cream / what ever. I like it off the shake but would benefit with a few days unmolested... HAHAHAHA, my 12 year old sense of humor just kicked in... but yeah a steep would help it all come together.

Enjoy it if you mix it up

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I wanted to create something of substance with just 4 flavours and this was my attempted. This recipe came straight from the Anal's of Stephen Hawkings brilliant butt-holio. This recipe is brilliant in the mouth like the jaw dropping awe inspiring universe that is the DIY community and vaping as a hole. I wish you all well and i wish you all to try my recipe cheers guys. I have used two of Alfred Puddings Cheesecake Trinity and mixed them with LB Vanilla ice cream for the thick mouth feel i get from it as compared with tpa/tfa VBIC. I used Cap Vanilla Custard V2 only because it is all i had other than FW Vanilla Custard. Please adjust where you want if i had INW Custard i would have used that and better yet if i had Custard Premium which i have never tried before i would have really wanted to use that. I do find that when i mix my FW Van Cust with my Cap V2 Cust it becomes fuller and richer but needed to keep this down to 4 ingredients as i wanted to keep my messed up recipe name.


Been sitting on this recipe for some time and decided to share some love...I was never a big fan of strawberry vapes until some of the new flavors were available (WF) strawberry cheesecake is a master piece and (WF) strawberry gummy candy is definitely a strawberry blind tasters Godsend hope you enjoy this as much as I do......


This week on Tuesday Reviews Day fate gave us Flavorah Root Beer. Let me say (well you already saw the title) we got weird with it.

So first of all, Flavorah Root Beer is a VERY creamy Root Beer flavor. It's got lots of bubbles and that sassafras/wintergreen you would expect from a Root Beer. It's definitely every one's favorite summer time beverage.

So the char wanted a Root Beer Cheesecake. Well I have never, alas, it had to be done. We started with the classic INW Yes and CAP NY combo. The "coconuty" notes that you get from the Yes We Cheesecake paired up really well with the Root Beer at 3%. We used FW Butterscotch Ripple as a kind of emulsifier for the root beer in an effort to make it more syrupy and less drinky. For the crust note I decided to use just a touch of TPA Cinnamon Danish Swirl. That butter flaky pastry sits out against the cheesecake and root beer while adding a pleasant spice note.

EDIT: (7/21/2021) I do not recommend mixing this recipe. It was fun and certainly random but not well executed. The mix is tremendously unbalanced. Iā€™d be interested in trying this one again and I would definitely come at it from a different angle. Nonetheless this recipe is not very good.

Sweeten to Taste.

Watch the Replay Here:

Had to get some jam monster out of an old squonk mod i purchased from a friend, this was the result. pretty tasty raspberry cheesecake, and inw rasp should obliterate any other flavors in your wicks but the strongest. always happy to hear feedback, enjoy!

Thrown together on Fresh03's "Mixing For Mike" show on 6/12. Rawlinsonboy's donation to the GoFundMe for VapinTrucker's family bought him a recipe request, and that request was honeycomb chocolate cheesecake. I asked everyone if the chocolate meant chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, or the cheesecake itself is chocolate cheesecake, and fellow mixers seemed most interested in chocolate chips, which made me happy because it's by far the easiest to do, though VT Chocolate Mousse probably wouldn't have made chocolate cheesecake too hard. I just used PUR's NY Cheesecake and Cheesecake Graham to give a slight upgrade to this Cheesecake Trinity, dumped a ton of VT Honeycomb on top, used as much WF Chocolate Chunks as I thought I could get away with without it getting weird, and added some Sweetener because chocolate honeycomb cheesecake. The little bit of VT English Toffee is where I imagine the honeycomb toffee bits and cheesecake start to melt together a little in your mouth.

This might be done, but I'm probably going to try it again after a steep and tweak it a bit. Might consider switching to a chocolate cheesecake instead of a cheesecake with chocolate chips in and on it, switching from graham to a chocolate cookie crust, or trying to make it more like a milk chocolate-coated honeycomb toffee candy bar crunched up on a cheesecake. But it's already pretty yummy, and if Rawlinsonboy's happy, I'm happy.


A good friend took me out for breakfast where I found 'Chicken on a Waffle' on the menu. It was served with a sliced Jalapeno and Cheddar garnish. So, having only the Waffle flavor in stock, and a vivid imagination, this recipe was born. I found that it's actually a thing, as I was able to find a supporting photo to accompany, here. The Chicken Waffle was excellent, by the way! Give this recipe a try...Use your own fave fruit, even.

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