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(INW) Vanilla For Pipe

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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INW Dark for Pipe: is a darkish tobacco with some subtle honey and chocolate notes

INW Vanilla for Pipe: is a really good vanilla with some mild tobacco notes.

FLV Tatanka: is a dark syrupy tobacco

TPA Toasted Marshmallow: added this for some toasty notes and to thicken the cream

TPA Vanilla Custard: I have had this flavor for awhile but have never used it in a recipe. It seems more like a vanilla pudding rather than a custard. So I started messing around with it and tobaccos and a few tweaks here and there and i came up with this

A nice Apple-ish RY4 from scratch for Episode 2

A nuanced, almost complex super simple aromatic pipe tobacco.

(I suck at 3rd person ego stoking)
Inspired by the Aromatic Tobacco episode of NOTED our Hero woke early the next day (5amFML) sat down with his morning cupa coffee and an atomizer full of God's own Cardinal... He began pondering the aromas from the night before, doing some quick foggy headed math he knocked together a simple banger.

INW Black Cherry for Pipe
INW Vanilla for Pipe

It's Cherry Vanilla Pipe Tobacco, needs no notes, just mix it, vape it, enjoy it, modify it.

Disclaimer. I literally knocked this together before work. It is fantastic on the shake, it will deepen a bit and develop some more complexity over time should you choose to steep it.

RY55: it's a little RY4 and a little 555 and a little bit more. It's tobacco, cocoa/chocolate, nuts, and vanilla.

The cocoa note here is coming from the FE MLB. It basically tastes like FE Real Cig with some dry, unsweetened cocoa. Kind of an ashy Tobacco as far as the FE tobaccos go. Not really DNB type of dirty, but it's decent. But this recipe is far from what I would consider "ashy." Cocoa note is most prevalent.

The nutty comes from the Hazelnut and Tobacco Symphony. CAP Hazelnut has been the only one I've used since I started mixing. I used it in my first diy adv, and never really bothered shopping around for a different one. It's rich and has a nice, full mouth feel, so I still use it. If it's not the best, feel free to sub. Tobacco Symphony is a wonderful nutty tobacco. It's a rich peanut type of nut with a nice mellow tobacco.

Vanilla for Pipe is decent enough as far as vanilla goes. I'm not a huge fan of vanillas these days in general, and CAP Vanilla Custard in particular. But again, feel free to sub for your favorite vanilla at what you feel is an appropriate strength.

I think the possibilities for an RY55 are just as endless as the possibilities for RY4, and it's always been a profile that I've been more interested in.

a fruity-candy tobacco recipe.do you remember the days when you used to snoke and chew gum at the same time?enjoy!

I wanted to do this for remix month and this batch just hit its 10 day mark. I wanted to give it longer but the end of the month is here already! The pistachio and ry4 double is nothing new but delicious as ever. Caramel and Bavarian cream add to the creamy goodness the ry4 double already has. Vanilla for pipe is here to give a boost to the tobacco but not so much that it is off putting to non tobacco fans. It also gives us an extra punch of that wonderful inw vanilla we all now and love. The end result is a creamy caramel, pistachio tobacco with some vanilla to smooth it all over


Ever had a rocky patel cigar by Drew Estates well I believe you will like this one. It needs 3-4 weeks steep but was really good as an S&V


This is my take at Django. It's not exactly 1:1, but I am very pleased with the way that this turned out. It's a flue cured tobacco with vanilla milk and a caramel drizzle. Two week steep required.

HS Flue Cured - This is really the star of the show, it has a fantastic smokey/woody flavor and it's exactly what I was looking for. The other flue cured tobaccos that I tried were ok, but this is the flavor for this juice.

INW Vanilla for Pipe - I put this in to help to blend the vanilla milk and the tobaccos together and it does just that.

TFA RY4 Double - I needed caramel, but didn't want to muddle the HS Flue Cured. RY4 Double has very subtle tobacco and a wonderful caramel after steeping, so just like the Vanilla for Pipe this is to help blend the caramel in with the tobaccos.

FA Cream Fresh - This is part of the milk base and it works perfectly for that. With the added vanillas from the other flavors it turns into a light creamy milk.

CAP Vanilla Custard v1 - This was put in to add richness to the milk, as well as help to meld everything together to make it one cohesive flavor.

A sweet tobacco with honey graham cracker notes.
Requires a 4 week steep, trust me. INW cavendish has a very strong honey taste and is pretty harsh, but after a month it smooths out and the tobacco comes forward with just a light honey note throughout.

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