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Perfect for a night in or out for a few cold ones, Posh is a pipe tobacco for the bold. Rich and decadent vanilla custard with a deliriously dark finish, few will be able to resist reaching for this blend all day long.

5 to 7 day steep, but if you are impatient, Fear not.

Blue Bird Crunch Cannoli was an idea I got when vaping fa pazzo lines joker. When I was sampling it as a single flavor I felt as though it had some redeeming qualities but definitely needed a little love to make it a little more interesting to my taste buds. The first thing that came to my mind was to use the topping for my blue bird remix as part of the cannoli filling. Well only the berry crunch by tfa at 2.5% and flavor West blueberry at 2.5%. personally I don't get any of the horrible off notes that some people get from berry crunch I actually like this ingredient but some get some horrible off notes from it. Now with the flavor art pazzo lines Joker I get more of the cannoli crust than I did a creamy sweet filling. So to boost that creamy sweetness and to help smooth out the blueberry and berry crunch combination I added 1% of vanilla cream by Inawera and 1% of whipped marshmallow by Capella. I didn't want to add any flavor art creams ect. Because I don't know what they used in there filling for the one shot joker?? And I didn't want to over do it with any of the flavor art creams so I used what I did. I have heard that inawera vanilla cream has been reformulated??? I am not sure if I have the reformulated version or the original because I purchased it within the last two months from Bull city flavors and I have no idea when they got there batch and further more I have no idea when it was reformulated. Lol. Then there's the whipped marshmallow in this recipe it's used for more of a whipped sweetness or almost a thick sugar if you will lol. Whatever I did i like it and I guess that's all that matters!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

Steep time: I was liking this on day two but I feel it needs 5 days to truly blend together fully.

Sweetener: I used .35% Flavorah sweetness but feel free to use it or use your preferred sweetener of choice at your preferred percentage..

Honey sesame custard crème = Golden

Don't feel like you have to buy all these expensive ingredients. I put out recipes because I want you to have some delicious reference points when you are looking for uses of these flavors not to push an agenda or a brand just to put out delicious Vape juice recipes that you can mix or use for a reference. Enjoy!!

Flavor notes.

Now I was shooting for a honey and butterscotch drizzled nut custard creme. It turned into more of a honey sesame custard crème. Even at .25% sesame sweets by inw really shines. I think the .25% of marzipan by inw boosts the sesame sweets because I am surprised at how prominent the sesame note is and I am not mad about it because it tastes really good to me. Its a good vape its outside the box but in a good way. For my honey/butterscotch drizzle I used a combination of fa honey at .25% and fa butterscotch at .50%. This sweet honey/butterscotch drizzle combination is "golden" lol. Seriously its a good honey combination and good honey combinations can be hard to come by. Now the butter pecan kind of gets lost in the mix. I am not sure if it is necessary in completing this delicious custard crème but I am sure I used it. I just can't puck up the butter pecan maybe you can?? What I do get is a rather delicious crème brulee with a sesame sweet candy crust drizzled with honey/butterscotch. Now for my custard/crème brulee I used inawera custard at 3% and crème brulee at 1.5% thus is a simple custard/creme brulee combination it just works. I didn't try it with 3% capella vanilla custard v1 in place of the inawera custard because I was out at the to!e I made this recipe but I would imagine that custard/crème combination would be really good too maybe even better I am a bit partial to capella vanilla custard v1. Now I know this dessert probably doesn't exist but I can assure you that if it did I would eat it up!!! I really am enjoying this custard/crème brulee recipe hopefully you all enjoy it as much as I do??GOLDENp time: Now don't let the use of inawera custard fool you this is a steeper!! This recipe needs a good steep! In my opinion it really starts to come into its own after a 14 day steep. You may get by with a 7 day steep but I didn't try this recipe until after 14 days+. All I know is i really like this recipe its "GOLDEN"

Sweetener: I used .25% Flavorah sweetness but feel free to use or don't use a sweetener of your choice. This maybe a recipe that is substantially better with the use of sweetener. I don't know that for sure because I only made it with sweetener but from my exspieriance these ingredients may taste significantly better with sweetener.

Decided to try mixing a milt tart from scratch again, test V1, lets see how it turns out.

thechristmasmix2017 May still be updated at some point later on. Mixed it up live and tested it on the charity event.

A nice Apple-ish RY4 from scratch for Episode 2

My strawberry cream mix. I get pepper from a lot of vanilla flavors so INW Vanilla Cream is one of the best flavors I've ever tried. Shake and Vape, best after 2 days tho .

Deep fried ice cream balls covered in a crispy batter

Zoo biscuit - a thick icing crusted biscuit, ligth brown outside with an off white inside. The icing is very sweet with a slight lemon undertone. When mixing this recipe it brought back all kinds of nostalgia, speifically licking off the animal icing figures.

JF Biscuit and Cap Sugar Cookie work wonders together in creating the correct biscuit profile, with INW Biscuit used to add depth and give the baked effect on the outside. TFA cheesecake graham crust is used to add a litte more depth to the biscuit base and gives a slight wafer hint.

FLV Frosting and LA Cream cheese icing work to create the hard icing on top of the biscuit, carrying the bulk of the sweetness.

FW Fruit Flakes is extremely strong, Less is more in this scenario, Too much and you will end up a fruitloops biscuit. You could proably get away with subbing it out for FW Fruit rings or TFA Fruit circles at around 0.5%, but I found FW Fruit Flakes just does the job right.

Some slight edits:
TFA Lucky Leprechaun adds a slightly malty flavour while carrying very light fruit loop non lemony notes.

Ethyl Maltol, my think here is the recipe needs some rounding off, especially to keep the lemony notes in check and bring a little balance to the biscuit.

Tastes great as a SnV but 2 weeks will only do the mix justice.


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