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(INW) Tobacco C

By: Inawera (INW)
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Used in 19 recipes at an average of 2.161%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Dark Peanut is a morning coffee vape pairing liquid.
After waking up, i can't vape very strong juices so i went for a very soft version.

FLV Peanut Butter/ FA Pear
the peanut is the main flavor without being up high, the pear turns your attention away from the nut flavor and opens your palette for the other components

VT Pudding Base/CAP Sweet Cream/FE Sweet Rice
The body, the middle note of the vape, smooth but slightly upfront thanks to the addition of FE Sweet Rice. The Riceflavor adapts to the Peanut and binds these two characters into one picture

INW Tobacco Coctail/FA Up
both of these two flavors do their job to add depth and more character, darkens the flavor profile and adds that little surprise at the end of the inhale and exhale
CAP Super Sweet, it's there to boost the pear and adds to the overall sweetness.

Needs a good steep. I liked it around 1 Week.
FA Up could be changed to WF Brazil Coffee, bt i liked UP more cause it's closer to the slight tobacco note

Feel free to comment, critique is very welcome

An effort to approach american stars' easy rider profile. Definitely not a clone,it wasn't my intention to do that,but this is a recipe that can easily be an adv. Creamy smooth tobacco with a touch of chocolate and almond.Enjoy..

A recipe based on tobacco , coffee and biscuit. Ideal for all day vaping. The coffee flavor used is Coffee Kawa (Inawera).


This tastes a lot more complex than it is. Am4a is a flavor that seems to give different vibes to everyone, and changes with each pull. Some get chocolate, I personally get more of a rum type of flavor from it with maybe a hint of chocolate. INW Tobacco C is a fairly complex flavor as well. It's a creamy, smooth tobacco, but tends to get a little lost in the mix, so I went a bit high with it, but it works. FLV Fig I have not played with much, but it is a really nice fig flavor that plays really well with the tobaccos here. INW Black for Pipe is here to give the tobaccos a little smoky boost, but also has a nice, dark fruit vibe that blends with the fig really well.

This one is pretty decent as a shake and vape, but that Am4a likes to change a bit as it steeps. So enjoy it fresh and watch it change as the weeks go by.

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