(INW) Tobacco Burley

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Inawera's Burley is nowhere near FA's,although they share some common characteristics.FA's Burley is stronger,more concentrated,has some spicy notes and is more cigarette like in taste.Inawera's Burley is smoother,has a better balance between salt and sweet,it can be used as main aroma in a tobacco mix and i think it could be the only tobacco from inawera that can be used in higher percentages.
Tobacco symphony and the combination of pyrazine-beer nuts -creamy hazelnut add a nutty,yet not too salty note.Caramel and Miss cream make the mix just a little sweeter,smoother and somewhere in the background you might notice a slight chocolate note(depending on hardware,set up and wattage).
I really enjoy this in relatively low wattage(0,7ohms around 20watts)in mtl device.
It really needs a good 14 days steeping and is completely ready 20 days
Be patient and enjoy!

like fresh tobacco with spicy notes and.a light sweet aftertaste.needs 3 weeks steeping


So, in light of DiyOrDie Remix month, I figured I could release one that I came up with. This is the first tobacco that I really enjoyed. It got me started on my huge love for tobacco's, especially FLV tobaccos.

I was given this by a shop owner and she enjoyed it as well, she wanted me to try and work with it and see if I could come up with something similar.

"Harking back to lush lowlands mellowed by the mists of the Appalachian mountains, Golden Tennessee delivers a taste of light air-cured burley tobacco, with sweet maple and deep oak notes."

So, I looked around and tried several burleys, including a canadian burley. I wanted to see if the maple in it worked. None of these came close to me, except INW. I wanted FLV, but after a few months I realized it just wasn't it. Oak wood was a pretty easy one to go with. The oak blends with the tobacco very well, gives a great oak taste. Maple was a little tougher. I went through a few maples, and when I opened FA Maple Syrup, i knew it was the right one. I played around with mixing it and this is where I came. The maple seems high, but it falls into a bottom note after steep. The smell of the mix, when you open the bottle, and the vapor after pull is heavier maple aroma. The taste is a smooth burley, with a maple undertone, and oak. This is a very simple recipe to me, but I enjoy this and figured I would throw it out there for others.

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