(INW) Black Cherry

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Pretty tasty soda mix. A dark cherry with hints of vanilla in a bright carbonated drink. Sometimes I get a cola flavor sometimes I get more of an energy drink flavor.

Tested low wattage/MTL

Something sweet for 4th of July.

When i first started mixing I always wanted to make a bomb pop vape, tried a few different recipes already created. But never really thought they were good. After trying Fw Jawbreaker in the Hold Fast Jaws clone by C6-R, I decided it was a good candy and would fill in some body of the vape. Boom has always tasted ok but never struck me as a stand alone flavor. All the other flavors are to boost the aspect of Bomb Pop.
Sweeten to taste(its a candy, its supposed to be sweet).

a fruity-candy tobacco recipe.do you remember the days when you used to snoke and chew gum at the same time?enjoy!

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