(INW) Tobacco Bahraini Apple Gold

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Been wanting to make apple pie for a while. The marzipan gives a really nice touch to the pie crust and Bahraini with pink lady adds all the right spice. Hope you like it!


I wasn’t planning on releasing this recipe, but there’s just something strangely addicting about it, and I just can’t not like it.

This all started with the idea of doing an all INW Strap On. Mostly because Shisha Strawberry is my only Strawberry and Wera Garden Watermelon (btw, it’s Wera Garden Watermelon, not just regular ol’ INW Watermelon!) is the only Watermelon I have.

The trouble came with the Bahraini Apple Gold. It’s a sweet apple flavor, but the sweetness comes from anise. I don’t much care for anise, so I wanted to find a way to tame it a bit. That’s when I figured I’d give FLV Wood Spice a go. It’s a strange combo, but it works really well in my opinion. Once a non INW flavor was introduced, I figured what the hell and added some FA Fuji just to give the Apple a bit more of a tart top note.

Mild tobacco with biscuits and spicy apples. Cinnamon and some sweet rum is present at the end.

Sweet Paan e-liquid based on Paan shisha flavor
I came up with this recipe when I noticed that there aren't any noteworthy interpretations out there which brings the Asian sub-continent's traditional chewing tobacco to an e-liquid. Original Paan is made up of mixture of herbs, spices, tobacco and sometimes dried up fruits and nuts which are wrapped over with betel leaves and consumed as whole. My interpretation is based on the shisha/hookah variant which is much more palatable.

Mixing notes:

1 drop of MTS Wizard per 15ml is optional
You CAN technically achieve similar taste without Rose, Oak Wood and RY4 (and shake and vape!) but they won't round off well to give the floral tobacco-ish notes after steeping
Clove is a personal preference and not that necessary, it gives a pungent spiciness to complement the sweetness of Anise.
After mixing let it breathe for a few hours

I tried going for an authentic profile of a triple apple hookah and ended up tweaking it to make it more enjoyable as an ADV.
A real hookah doesn't have this much sweetness and zest, and has much much more anise in it which gets old really fast in vaping imho.
I ended up decreasing the Bahraini Gold (which brings the anise) and upping the INW Shisha Apple which is a wonderful sweet apple flavor. This also made the vape much more smooth as Bahraini Gold has a bit of a throat hit.
Lowering the INW Bahraini Gold left a bit of space in the tobacco department and FA Maxx Blend was perfect for the job (imho) as it brought a sweet tobacco to the table that blends in perfectly.

Optional: Increase Maxx Blend to 0.5% or even more if you want more tobacco in the vape, remove it all together, or replace it with your own favorite sweet tobacco flavor.
Optional2: For a more authentic hookah experience I'd add 0.25-0.5% Anise depending on brand.

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