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Full warm nutty pleasure for all.

I find RY4 too harsh/chemical/mothballish even steeped for ever. On the contrary, this satisfies my nutty cravings, without being too tobacco forward or custardly wrong.
INW Tobacco Tobacco Symphony is a nutty semi-tobacco (no leaf or ash), tobacco non-lovers will appreciate. Pumped up by:
- Dx Peanut Butter - the most realistic, but little bodied
- Peanut Butter - brings it out forward, not letting it fade
- INW Shisha Vanilla - the base, rounds it off giving body and a touch of sweetness.

Clear as water - will not gunk your coils, which is a great plus!
Needs little steep, 2 days to come together, but can be S&V.

A tobacco recipe which is in balance between salt and creamy-sweet.Adjustable,depending on taste.It needs at least 10 days steeping

Inawera's Burley is nowhere near FA's,although they share some common characteristics.FA's Burley is stronger,more concentrated,has some spicy notes and is more cigarette like in taste.Inawera's Burley is smoother,has a better balance between salt and sweet,it can be used as main aroma in a tobacco mix and i think it could be the only tobacco from inawera that can be used in higher percentages.
Tobacco symphony and the combination of pyrazine-beer nuts -creamy hazelnut add a nutty,yet not too salty note.Caramel and Miss cream make the mix just a little sweeter,smoother and somewhere in the background you might notice a slight chocolate note(depending on hardware,set up and wattage).
I really enjoy this in relatively low wattage(0,7ohms around 20watts)in mtl device.
It really needs a good 14 days steeping and is completely ready 20 days
Be patient and enjoy!

Shisha tobacco is complex by itself.Combined with miss cream adds sweetness and a slight chocolate taste to the mix,since both of them seem to contain a little chocolate.miss cream also adds a mild caramel and vanilla taste.Tobacco syphony is used mostly because it is a nutty tobacco,but not salty,i would say it is more on the sweet nuttiness side.Cigar absolute makes the mix drier and also adds the necessary ash note

Just a fun experiment in creative substitutions.

Started with the recipe Mango Island... but not having any of the ingredients, doing 1:1 subs with the flavors I do have. For example- I don't have INW Coconut, but since this is /u/chemicalburnvictim, INW DNB should be good at the same level, so in it goes. No FLV Cream or FLV Mango, but I have FLV Red Burley and FLV Cured, and they work at the same levels, so in they go. No HC flavors, but maybe SC Black Fire will work, so in it goes. FA Melon similarly needed to be replaced and FA Whiskey is handy... And lacking INW Pineapple, I lastly subbed in INW Tobacco Symphony. So now, the one non-tobacco recipe from CBV has been restored to its proper profile.


A clone of the juice that got me in to DIY. Didn't realize I didn't have this on ATF. Just dripped a little that I made a little over 3 months ago, and it ages just as well as the real deal. If you've ever had Indigo's juices, you probably loved them. I know I do. This was like my holy grail for DIY, and it didn't come together until I got FE Hongtashan. From all the research I've done trying to clone this, Hongtashan was the missing link. Once I tested it, everything fell right in to place.

RY55: it's a little RY4 and a little 555 and a little bit more. It's tobacco, cocoa/chocolate, nuts, and vanilla.

The cocoa note here is coming from the FE MLB. It basically tastes like FE Real Cig with some dry, unsweetened cocoa. Kind of an ashy Tobacco as far as the FE tobaccos go. Not really DNB type of dirty, but it's decent. But this recipe is far from what I would consider "ashy." Cocoa note is most prevalent.

The nutty comes from the Hazelnut and Tobacco Symphony. CAP Hazelnut has been the only one I've used since I started mixing. I used it in my first diy adv, and never really bothered shopping around for a different one. It's rich and has a nice, full mouth feel, so I still use it. If it's not the best, feel free to sub. Tobacco Symphony is a wonderful nutty tobacco. It's a rich peanut type of nut with a nice mellow tobacco.

Vanilla for Pipe is decent enough as far as vanilla goes. I'm not a huge fan of vanillas these days in general, and CAP Vanilla Custard in particular. But again, feel free to sub for your favorite vanilla at what you feel is an appropriate strength.

I think the possibilities for an RY55 are just as endless as the possibilities for RY4, and it's always been a profile that I've been more interested in.

I got FA Fuji because someone requested an apple juice, and it seemed pretty popular and mostly well reviewed. I'm not a big fan of fruity vapes, but that juice turned out pretty damn good. It got me to thinking about an apple tobacco, and then it just sort of clicked- add that shit to my clone of The Duke. The Duke has everything that goes well with apple. A bit of cinnamon from the Hongtashan, a bit of caramel, the AP and caramel together mix to almost taste like caramel popcorn (when people smelled the real Duke and also my clone they say that's what it smells like), and a nice, light nutty tobacco from Tobacco Symphony. Threw in a little RF SC Almond to blend the Fuji with everything else. It's a bit of a sweeter, bright Almond that bridges the gap quite nicely between the deeper notes in the Duke base. Fuji sits right on top of it all like it was always meant to be there. It's actually messed with my head a little to where I go back to just The Duke and I swear I taste apple in there. Match made in heaven.


This all started looking a lot different. In the beginning, I was going for a nutty/woodsy/earthy vibe with a hint of tobacco. Tested that one, and it just wasn't doing it for me. Contemplated for about half a day, and decided with all that oak, it might be good to char it a bit and get some more Tobacco in the mix. I wanted to keep a bit of the nutty vibe, but not quite as desserty as INW 555 Gold, so I went with just a pinch of AP and Tobacco Symphony. Then a bit of Garuda to bring some sweeter Tobacco notes to the mix.

Shake and vape is a bit heavy on the Black Fire, but I expect that will settle down quite a bit in the next week or so. The oaks with the Black Fire is quite nice though. It's got the intensity of black fire, but it feels a bit fuller.

The oaks eventually take the lead after the Black Fire settles down. It has a very satisfying bite to it.

A light tobacco ADV with hints of fig and plum. Liquid Amber bakes FA Fresh Fig. The Two Inaweras produce our tobacco blend.

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