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(INW) Natural Mint

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An exotic orange & mint turkish tobacco, with a touch of ancient turkish kentucky bourbon.
Dedicated to all the crew and extras in low-budget post-apocalyptic movies.

I worked on this a bit trying to balance the elements. It's a bit boozy to me but up the rum a smidge if so inclined. Coolant as you wish as well. The mint is there too so go easy. This recipe will also hold up pretty well to a steep. At 6 weeks there's not a ton of fade.


Cantaloupe, cucumber, mint. I've been working on this profile for a while now and I finally feel like it's finally at a point where I can release it. Something nice to close out the warm season, but with enough freshness and crisp bite to fit in with the cooler mornings and evenings. This recipe works as a nice palate cleanser, but also comes through with a nice amount of flavour.

FLV Cantaloupe / FLV Wild Melon - a match made in heaven. FLV Cantaloupe is a wonderful concentrate that is both accurate to the name, while avoiding any sort of off notes that come from cantaloupes in real life. With FLV Cantaloupe around 3%, we get a really bold, sweet cantaloupe note similar to biting right into the middle of a perfectly ripe slice. The addition of FLV Wild Melon adds some extra back end notes of general melon flavour. Nothing too distinct, but it just pushes the cantaloupe note into a more unique territory. Almost like if you got a cup of chopped cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew, but only ate the cantaloupe pieces. Delicious, and the higher percentages here allow it to stand up to the somewhat unusual power of the cucumbers.

FLV Cucumber / CAP Cucumber - These two work together to give us a fairly accurate cucumber note, but one that is sweet enough to avoid any sort of off-putting vegetable notes. FLV Cucumber brings the authenticity, likened to some fresh garden cucumbers, sliced up and immediately eaten. There are some slight notes of the cucumber rind/skin which add to the accuracy. Keep this one under 2% in your mixes, for around there, we start to get some strange bitterness and "dirty" accents. Not entirely pleasant at all. CAP Cucumber feels more like the flavour you get in a cucumber water type beverage. More on the sweet side, like eating just that part of the cucumber with the seeds. That fleshy interior that has a strange inherent sweetness to it, but not in the realm of candy or sugar sweetness, just only noticeable when you think about it. These two pair together to give us a great, slightly sweet cucumber that compliments and boosts the cantaloupe notes.

INW Natural Mint - This was actually the note I was struggling with the most for this recipe. Most of the time, it was far too overpowering. It was a matter of testing each new mix by drops until it got where I wanted it. There are obviously other mints that could be used here, but the subtle creaminess and vanilla notes found in INW Natural Mint made it the best choice in my opinion. As you probably know, this shit is incredibly potent, and will quickly destroy a mix in as little as one drop. I've found that two drops per 15ml is perfect for me, but play around with it to your liking. I wouldn't go over 4 drops per 15ml however, because that's where I found the mint to completely decimate any other flavours in this mix. The addition of the slight creaminess of INW Natural Mint brings a perfect mouthfeel to the cantaloupe, while the subtle notes of vanilla also pair nicely with the melons. That mint is here to add an extra layer of complexity and depth to the cucumber, while pushing this mix to be as refreshing and crisp as possible.

Steep time - This works as a shake and vape, for sure. After an overnight steep, whatever slight off notes from cucumber fade away, and after about 2 full days, everyone gets to know each other and we're left with a nicely balanced mix of cantaloupe, sweet cucumber, and vanilla mint.


One for the cold cigarette fans out there.

This was an idea I had been bouncing around with the amount of people here lately talking about a Newport, Kool, Marlboro Menthol etc recipe.

Cured and Kentucky blend with Kentucky taking the upperhand for the enjoyable (for reals) ashy note that it has. This pairing is more cigarette-ish than cigar-ish.

INW Natural Miint @ 1.25% I did not want to use menthol. I just cannot stand it anymore. But at the same time I wanted some flavor other than "cold"
WS-23 because it is cold AF and boosts natural mint.

I am releasing this now and will update on the steep. Honestly I can see maybe manipulating the tobaccos a little bit but I really like the cold/mint aspect of this.

P.S. Dont be scared of the ash statement. I love tobaccos and hate ash, if that makes sense, and this is great.

P.S.S Drop the Natural Mint by half or down to your liking if you are scared.

P.S.S.S. Drop the Natural mint to .25 and add 1.25 of INW Shisha Vanilla.

Update! I am a maniac and love INW Natural Mint at 2.5% as a vape. Not everyone will, this recipe is high on mint. If you are not a serious mint lover you probs want to drop the natural mint AND the Kentucky blend to a level you think is sane. Dropping the natural mint alone will leave it too ashy. This is realy good woth both of those halved but I still like this version more.


This is a refreshing Cucumber Cooler, infused with lime and mint. Perfect for a hot day or as a palette cleanser.

Capella's Cucumber is semi sweet and has the taste the inner portion of a ripe cucumber. It has some nice weight/mouthfeel, and is a delicious flavor.

Flavorah's Cucumber is very refreshing and less ripe than Capellas offering. This flavor tastes more like the outer half of a less ripened cucumber. It to has a little sweetness, and helps round out Capella's Cucumber.

Flavour Art's Lime Cold Pressed is crisp and refreshing.

Capella's Lemon Lime helps round out the citrus note of this recipe.
*This flavor was added after the initial posting.

Inawera Cactus adds extra succulence.
*This flavor was added after the initial posting.

To finish off the recipe, I added Inawera's Natural Mint. It's a clean refreshing mint that works nicely in this recipe. 1 drop per 15ml, or 1 drop per 10ml, if you prefer more mint.

*Optional - If you want to add some juiciness along with some extra sweetness without using a sweetner, add Flavour Art Pear @ 1-1.25%

Feedback is welcomed. If you mix this and review it, in return, I will mix a recipe of yours and give you an honest review. Enjoy!

Just cool sweet mouthful of vanilla and peppermint. Inspired by u/JohnLaCuenta's recipe here: www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/6ei80w/z/diog65o

This is a nice refreshing summer vape of melon balls with cucumber and mint. The dragon fruit provides a nice tart sweetness to the mix.


Really wanted a shake-n-vape creamy menthol on this one. Ripped off Cheesecake Graham Crust from Skiddlz's God Milk but went with Cream Fresh and Marshmallow in place of the Bavarian Cream so that steeping would be less necessary. I really like the smooth mint flavor of the Natural Mint so I chose that over others.
Great 5 minutes after shaking and great 3 days later, haven't really let it sit longer than that. It's a light, creamy, cold mint that's an easy ADV for me.


This vape is definitely one of my favourites. I bet you’re wondering what the heck it tastes like, right?

Mint? Cloves? With strawberries?


Forget the sugar. Forget the cream. Forget everything you think you knew about strawberries because this super simple recipe is about to blow it all out of the water.

This odd sounding mix is set to become your new best friend. They go together like a match made in heaven. Like salt on meat. Like red bean and mochi. It's an old profile used in deserts and it's never made it to the diy vape scene until now - if your one of those who can't taste strawberry- this will make it pop like nothing else you've tried! Give it a shot, 10ml SNV and you'll never look back!


Qebui - The Egyptian God of the Northern Wind

Responsible for northern winds that bring about winter.

Whether you enjoy an ice cold vape that will chill you to the bone, or you're sick and want to be able to breathe again, this is the vape for you.

The combination of INW Natural Mint and CAP Cool Mint form a sweet mint flavor that is absolutely delicious. Top it off with a sizeable amount of menthol, and this super simple recipe will have you wondering why you haven't tried something like this sooner.

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