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(INW) Strawberry

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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14 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is a pretty simple recipe but very delicious and juicy and EXACTLY like those chewy watermelon sweet that are shaped like watermelon slices. Can be S&Vā€™d but even better after 24hrs. Please mix and leave your feedback good or bad. šŸ˜€ happy mixing šŸ’™

Mouth puckering, lip smacking refreshment! my mouth is dry and this would instantly cure dehydration.

Pleasant White-ish gummy.

4 months in the making. Too many flavors?? Maybe!

But it sure tastes great!

Not overpowering.
Nuanced flavors on the inhale and the exhale.

Imagine not having eaten for a week and being approached my a multi dimensional being, the being hi fives your face with a mouthful of diabetes and joy. I could not think of anything else as I am a slow person.

Just trying this out after a 2 week steep, and I believe these flavors will hold up..... VTA watermelon to me,,, is one of the best watermelon out there, and I have tried most of them.
VTA watermelon is super strong, I found out the hard way !!! I also bought most all of my VTA straight from Australia,,,, shortly after they became public, a whopping 45$ shipping cost !!,...... To me I have not found to many that I don't like, and a lot of the flavors are damn good, The watermelon mixed at .50 ,,,, and 3.00 INW strawberry, the watermelon is very present and damn good. I am getting a delightful juicy, mouthwatering watermelon on the inhale, and a perfect strawberry on the exhale. This is a keeper for me. I'm using a Hussar Legacy on top of Drone 250C , @.15ohm , @ 56watts.

This recipe was created after receiving a big batch of inawera fruits, and out of all the testing mixes this one shined! Sweet, fruity, kinda jammy.
The cactus is a little bit high, because I wanted it to impact the flavor. Enjoy!

This recipe has been a long time first juice for people I introduce to Vaping. It retains it's flavor in the high nicotine (8mg - 16mg) juices that new vapers typically require. That said, it is also a good tasting juice in it own right.
Shake and vape, but holds up well over a couple of months.


A remix Method1's Lemonaids which is a remix of SlashaLO's Satyra.

This shit bangs. No subs possible. Best damn ratio of concentrates in the game. Fuck me up, fam.

ATF won't allow me to put the accurate steep day for this one, so please note that this recipe is best at about 5 days BEFORE you mix it. Trust me.

Another tropical vape for you all. This one is similar to a Lava Flow which is coconut, strawberry, banana, and pineapple.

This is a mix that will be full of in-your-face-flavor so keep that in mind before ordering/mixing.

Hangsen Pineapple I find to be the best pineapple for this mix. INW Pineapple may work here but other pineapples I've tried just don't cut it for a tropical mix.

Feel free to sub FLV Coconut with 1% TFA Coconut Extra or use whatever coconut you like.

As usual, don't add heat or 'air out' these mixes for best taste. This one is certified shake 'n' vape, better with time.


This is somewhat of a departure from what a normally mix up, but don't pass up on it! In Hawaii they make these awesome snowcones that make you want to come back more than the beaches and waves.

This is a mix that will be full of in-your-face-flavor so keep that in mind before ordering/mixing.

Subbing the watermelon or strawberry with a different brand will unfortunately not work here. LA Watermelon and INW Strawberry are sorta niche ingredients that are quite different than other brands that share the same name. Feel free to sub CAP Coconut with 1% Coconut Extra (TFA) or whatever coconut you like. I also like to add 1% MF Vanilla to this, so try it out if you get the chance (or any vanilla really)

I recommend that you get the 'colorless' version of LA Watermelon, available at Wizards Labs and other vendors, so your coils won't gunk up as fast.

Certified Shake 'n' Vape, better with time.

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