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So I had tried a few RY4 Variants and decided I need to start my own. This is a delicious creamy RY4 variant. You can taste the RY4 as that is the main player here, but the creams combine to make this absolutely delicious. Also add the Shisha Vanilla to boost that profile a little. The AP was only added to pull the RY4 out a little. It can probably be left out if you prefer. Anyway, this is one of the first recipes I feel is proven enough to post here. It is good after just a few days steeping, but extra steep time makes it more creamy. Let me know what you think in the comments.

A desert made in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii created by a very special someone a few years back inside a little Poké Shop on the volcanic side of the island in which eight months later was destroyed by an eruption. Although the place is gone, the memory of this experience lives on with each vape. This is Pavlova inspired by short grain rice. It is a light and elegant dessert, simple enough to make, but impressive! Topped with fresh vanilla cream, plums, blackberries and kiwi puree. Ginger on the side to cleanse the palate before this most tasty dessert. Enjoy as a shake and Vape but best after 4 Days.

Now I’ve never eaten one of these before but here’s my interpretation of a bourbon buttermilk pie. Two really good pie crusts paired together form the crust here what could go wrong, and the filling obviously has to have buttermilk and Wf buttermilk is really good imo I added to that vanilla custard cheesecake to fill it out some more and the aged bourbon cream supports that also and adds that hint of bourbon I was looking for this is a v3 and I’m happy with it now as when I tried with other bourbon concentrates it overpowered things for me where as using the bourbon cream adds a subtle note whilst also supporting the other creams.

Tested on svbm mod recurve single coil rda 0.20 alien coil and can’t put it down.


There aren't much to say about this. I was in the mood for something minty, without using cooling like koolada or WS-23 (cause I don't like that).

When I made the original recipe, I had a ton of PUR Butter Mint on hand (I actually still do), but I felt the reciped needed an update, since PUR Butter Mint (for whatever silly reason) is discontinued. FLV came to my rescue and released FLV Mint Candy, which I figured could be a good new edition instead.

I also added in FLV Vanilla Pudding, to make the vanilla a little more present in the mix, along with lowering the FLV Peppermint to 0.25% as it was quite strong at 0.5%

For the rest it's the same old. Vanilla being there for the mint to have a nice soft pillow to sit on, and INW Shisha Vanilla still pairs well with FLV Mint Candy. Vanilla Swirl softens up the edges.

Super Sweet is only there for my personal preference and I’d argue that it has a function n this recipe, but if you’re one of those die-hard-non-sweetener types, then leave it out. Use whatever sweetener or none if you like. I'm disgusting like that.

Let it sit for 3 days and you're good to go.

Hello everyone.

My name is Rafael and I am from Portugal. I smoked two packs a day for six years and I have been vaping for almost seven years now, three of them mixing my own liquid and buying mixed liquid only now and then. I consider my vaping journey to be quite long. I have vaped on CE2, CE4, Genesis, tanks, rta's, rda's, pods, low end, high end, you name it... I have accompanied the industry almost from the beginning once it has become a massive industry.

A while back I was looking to my shelved gear and liquid and I noticed how "off track" I was. I had forgotten the reason why I started to vape and, to be honest, I think most of us experienced vapers have. Vaping has made a lot of enthusiasts, either for the gear or the mixing, but we all started for one thing. To stop smoking. From super expensive gear to extremely sweet juice, the market is over-satured.

A while ago, DIYorDIE has interviewed Tom Klark (https://youtu.be/IS8Twv5ODk0) and if you are into mixing, I highly advise you to watch it. Tom Klark's point of view about the industry and mixing made me realize even more how off track I was. With this feeling and strongly inspired on Klark's work, I have decided to create my own DIY line, SLIM. A DIY line bringing me back to the roots, when there were no super saturated liquids but yet incredibly satisfying, satisfying enough to make me stop smoking two packs a day at a time I thought I would never stop smoking. SLIM was not only a challenge but also a goal. Having 1% total flavoring target with no added sweetener on the recipes and still achieve a balanced and saturated flavor.

SLIM is a line of DIY liquids with the core idea of being starter liquids. With all recipes with 1% total flavoring, SLIM promises to deliver you an authentic and genuine cig-alike/shisha experience. All SLIM recipes have been designed to be vaped on MTL devices. SLIM recipes are simple and shake and vape ready, allowing you to quickly get your fix and/or quickly mix it for a friendly smoker in need.

SLIM is a different point of view from the current state of the industry but looking to please every ex or current smoker.

Important note: Since all the total flavouring percentage is 1%, VG and PG play an important role on the mix. All recipes were created with Chemnovatic's VG-0 and PG-0, topped with our dear NicShots (18mg/ml) also from Chemnovatic.

SLIM Beige is a tobacco and vanilla mix. SLIM Beige is best fit for someone who smokes/smoked vanilla shisha tobacco.

Sweetly vanilla, a strong true cigar flavor and the always mind blowing mango.

I was inspired by Noted Rhubarb episode when creating this recipe. Growing up we had a Rhubarb patch in the backyard. It had been growing in the same place every year for 50 years. Every year my grandmother would make a Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp that made plain ol' rhubarb taste like something very different from what I was used to eating raw out of the backyard. In making this recipe, I tried to recreate part of that flavor profile with limited experience with Rhubarbs and only having WF Sweet and Sour Rhubarb in my stash to work with in terms of Rhubarbs.

I did put my own spin on the profile by using Baked cinnamon roll combined with crumble topping to give this a nice baked doughy layer. My fruit layer consists of Cap Sweet strawberry as the carrier for my ripe strawberry SSA combined with WF sweet and sour rhubarb. The fruit layer works well together and is reminiscent of what I recall Strawberry Rhubarb tasting like after being cooked down with sugar. Its been a long time, I must admit, probably over 30 years since I tasted the real thing. I used SSA whipped cream and INW Shisha vanilla to work as the icing on this dessert as well as add body to the overall vaping experience.


*************I USED MEDICINE FLOWER BLACKBERRY VANILLA COBBLER (NOT plain Blackberry) ATF would not let me use the flavor Blackberry Vanilla Cobbler as it has not been publicly released yet. You must contact medicine flower directly to get this flavoring.****************************************************

Blackberry Vanilla Cobbler by Medicine Flower needed a little help in the Cobbler department. I figured I fix that real quick with this simple recipe. I cobbled it up with a little Baked cinnamon roll by OSDIY, pumped up the vanilla with some shisha vanilla and a nice dollop of whipped cream to finish off the body of this vape. It's Shake and Vapeable, but will benefit from a steep as the MF will become stronger with time.

*************I USED MEDICINE FLOWER BLACKBERRY VANILLA COBBLER (NOT plain Blackberry) ATF would not let me use the flavor Blackberry Vanilla Cobbler as it has not been publicly released yet. You must contact medicine flower directly to get this flavoring.****************************************************


Contribution to Vapedia Mixers Club February 2021

I wanted to create a recipe based on bananas,
the idea comes from the Flavor Bible and includes : banana +cream+honey+macadamia nuts + vanilla.

For the banana I have chosen Banana Custard (VTA) which is supported by Banana Puree (WF) reason for this was that the banana of VTA is already very good in itself but over longer time of vaping increasingly moves into the background.

Cream Fresh (FA) to form a cream in conjunction with the Custard in the Banana Custard.

For the honey I have chosen Honey (FA) because this is already very well recognizable as honey in small quantities.

Yes, the macadamia nut, I have relied on the Noted episode about nuts, it is hardly perceptible but it brings in the mix something "greasy" purely what you can definitely recognize as a carrier.
So very authentic because the macadamia nut has hardly any flavor of its own except greasy and earthy.

For the vanilla flavor I have taken Shisha Vanilla (InW) because I had the feeling this fits best with the nut together.

All in all, I am very happy with this creation, I am curious about your opinion.

VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zgkx7yT

Not much to be said about this one, a nice,simple little soda recipe that’s full of flavour. If you mix this or any of my other creations would you pls be so kind to leave a short review and rating. Stay safe guys 💙

Feel free to add 0.5% WS-23 if you want your soda nice and cold and if you want to crank it even more you can take the LA lemonade upto 5% but IMO not needed. 😎👍🏻 P.s if you don’t have LA lemonade you can sub it for WF lemonade @ 2.5% or FLV lemonade @ 2%

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 90 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 1.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 35 / 100

One of my favorite vanillas, simply because of how versatile it is, especially when used with creams. This is a very creamy, light vanilla with a nice sweetness about it. When I say light I don't mean light in flavor, but light in profile, as opposed to dark. You definitely get some nice vanilla, but it's not quite as dark of a vanilla as say FA Bourbon Vanilla or McCormick's Vanilla Extract (lul). This flavoring adds some decent creamy body, smoothness, and a touch of vanilla sweetness to a mix. IDK about you but that's exactly the kind of thing I want to bring to a cream party.

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