(INW) Shisha Vanilla

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well, this is what happens when one gets burnt out and just want to make something that I likes. #badattitudemixing if you don't like it that's cool and I made this for me and my tastes for today.

Just a creamy somewhat crunchy strawberry cheese cake / ice-cream / what ever. I like it off the shake but would benefit with a few days unmolested... HAHAHAHA, my 12 year old sense of humor just kicked in... but yeah a steep would help it all come together.

Enjoy it if you mix it up


A Thick Creamy Vanilla Explosion in Your Mouth! Can be used as a base too!!!

Modified from another recipe. So far so good. Will update after it's steeped for a bit

An Extraordinary Super Delicious Treat. This Flavor profile is Vanilla Birthday Cake. It is made to eat cake in a fun way without the mess and on the go. If you ever find yourself in the Bronx, NY, look for a Haley “Cake Push Pop” . If not, enjoy this in a vape. There are many flavors, but, this one literally takes the icing on the cake. It is pretty amazing off the shake, but, its full potential comes alive in a little over a week. I really enjoy this one. You can try experimenting with adding a fruit of your choice, or, perhaps strawberries…Enjoy!!!

I wanted to make the Killer Custard Honeydew however I believe that the Holy Vanilla is discontinued and wouldn't be available for most mixers. Then I realized I had TPA Honeydew II and it's a great flavor. So I rolled with it. I substituted the Holy Vanilla with INW Shisha Vanilla because it's not rocket science. I really love this recipe and I'm ONLY sharing because others may not have access to the holy vanilla and they shouldn't miss out on this one.

I didn't do much, the whole praise goes to @folkart AND @untitled.


A really nice Tobacco Blend with a shot of Creamy Scotch Whiskey. This is one of my favorite ADV's for a Poker Game with the Guys. Enjoy!!

A Delicious Creamy Blue Raspberry Coconut with hints of Ginger. Enjoy!

It's all about the strength and flavor of the tobacco. For those who love to indulge with cigars and/or tobaccos, Cobano captures the ultimate experience. It offers a leafy slight spicy, earthy tone that is blended beautifully into Vanilla to create a unique Tobacco Vape. I really enjoy this and hope you like it. Enjoy!

A gorgeous and multilayered flavor. A delightfully rich treat that is unique and satisfying. Capture the essence of the White Koi. Enjoy!

NOTE: Rich Cinnamon is made using a 10% dilution at .4%.


A very simple but tasty Vanilla Cola.
I pushed the FA Cola as far as I dared and gave it some FA Marzipan to push it further. INW Shisha Vanilla is fantastic, it’s strong enough to infuse the Cola with a lingering vanilla through the vape.
Super sweet to get closer to the sugary authenticity of a Cola, and WS-23 for the ice cool beverage effect.
Didn’t attempt to add any ‘Fizz’ type flavours as to my knowledge they don’t work too well and I didn’t want to risk ruining the flavour.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 90 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 1.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 35 / 100

One of my favorite vanillas, simply because of how versatile it is, especially when used with creams. This is a very creamy, light vanilla with a nice sweetness about it. When I say light I don't mean light in flavor, but light in profile, as opposed to dark. You definitely get some nice vanilla, but it's not quite as dark of a vanilla as say FA Bourbon Vanilla or McCormick's Vanilla Extract (lul). This flavoring adds some decent creamy body, smoothness, and a touch of vanilla sweetness to a mix. IDK about you but that's exactly the kind of thing I want to bring to a cream party.

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