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(INW) Shisha Mango

By: Inawera (INW)
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Used in 47 recipes at an average of 1.178%.


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This recipe was created after receiving a big batch of inawera fruits, and out of all the testing mixes this one shined! Sweet, fruity, kinda jammy.
The cactus is a little bit high, because I wanted it to impact the flavor. Enjoy!

so i am a big admirer of shyndo i watch most of the youtube stuff he does and respect the mans attitude towards other mixers and the way he addresses questions even tho they are some times trivial. i wanted to make his mango sticky rice but didn't have any of the ingredients to do so. so i chucked this together and it has come out sweet not sure if it is better than his (probably not lol) but is quite tasty and authentic considering the limited flavours i have in my stash. some i wish i had would have been a sweet coconut and i know heaps of people have the vta mango and are raving about it so maybe try this with them if you have those.
also i probably over complicated this recipe and could have left out the zeppola and suggar cookie but they seemed like a good idea at the time and i am trying to use up my sugar cookie before it goes bad and it came out good enough for me to share this with the world.
much love.....

Been trying to make a mango vape since i started. when i was buying juice mango was my go to adv. my missing ingredient was cantaloupe, the sweet mango was one of my first flavours i mixed it up at 10% single flavour DONT DO THAT you will have a bad day lol lesson learnt wont do that again.


My take on a cool, mango lassi.
A mango lassi is an Indian Dairy Smoothie, commonly made in summer to combat the heat.

Here I used the INW and CAP mango mix to achieve a combination of ripe and slightly under-ripe mango, which gives a great base to the fruit portion of the mix. The combination at 2+3% gives sweetness, as well as an almost tart green mango bite, that pairs extremely well with the yogurt.

The smoothie portion of the mix is achieved with the Creamy Yogurt at 6%. The CAP creamy is my favourite yogurt, just tart enough, but also hella creamy. The Sweet Cream at 3% helps the yogurt develop thickness, as well as raising the sweetness of the mix a tad. The Almond at only 0.3 adds more depth to the creams, as well as a slightly sweet layer and flavour.
The Koolada at 0.5% imparts just enough effect to emulate the after effect of sipping on a smoothie.

The cardamom is essential here, and helps tie everything together. It is not floral at 0.25%, but gives enough of a spice note that it compliments the mango and almond extremely well.

Ive smashed through 100mL of this in the past week as a change to my usual sweeter mixes, and am digging it. It is not an overly sweet recipe (sweeteners would only detract from the true flavour of the Lassi IMO), but a great change from strawberry and bakery recipes......

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