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(INW) Shisha Lemon

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct

Used in 115 recipes at an average of 1.22%.


11 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A cake with lemon and coconuts. Classic, rich stone of FW Yellow Cake and WF Angel Cake with FA Pandoro, a cake with lemon notes.

For those that are looking for snv recipes! I love the lemons and FE green tea so for me is great.

If McDonald's has this in your country then you understand the joy of descovering how amazing they are.. Smooth Mango frape

Mouth puckering, lip smacking refreshment! my mouth is dry and this would instantly cure dehydration.

This was super great off the shake and has just bloomed with flavor,, a perfect pineapple combo, the Lemon and Yogurt really makes that Pineapple shine, Perfect amount of Cream, giving this vape a dense sweet Pineapple taste. I did add .10 of PUR super sweet. Give it a mix, a all day vape for me.


An Arnold Palmer spiked with Bourbon.

This is not really my recipe. It was supposed to be a collaboration with me, @AlfredPudding, and Isuamadog. But you know how there’s often that one guy on a group project who does all the work? Yeah, that was not me. This is really AlfredPudding’s recipe. If he tries to protest and declare otherwise, don’t listen to him. He’s only being overly humble and modest.

FLV Lemon Tea is the heart of this thing, the star of the show. “What? But it’s only at 1% and TFA Sweet Tea is at a whopping 14%?!”

Yes. Usually using one flavor to bend another involves adding a small amount of something to pull another flavor in one direction or another or turn it into something it isn’t. But in this case, the relatively strong Lemon Tea is getting pulled slightly by the stupidly weak TFA Sweet Tea. Things taste different when they’re heated and Lemon Tea tastes like hot tea with lemon and no sugar. TFA makes it more of a half-sweet tea with lemon, that tastes more like iced tea. TFA Sweet Tea wouldn’t work for this by itself because it doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to these other flavors, but Lemon Tea does, it just needed to get bent. We don’t just want tea with a lemon wedge, though, we want lemonade. INW Shisha Lemon and CAP Super Sweet does that. The Shisha Lemon sits on the fence between candy and natural lemon juice. Pairing it with some sucralose and preservative magic transforms it into a solid lemonade flavor. The result tastes like lemonade made from a powder mix, but with few lemon slices added for that fresher flavor thanks to Lemon Tea’s more natural lemon flavor.

The Bourbon Trifecta: The triple bourbon flavors were used because they each have their own strengths. VT Bourbon gives us that boozy top note that lets you know right away this is a cocktail. Think about it; if you raise a Back Nine, Dirty Palmer, or whatever you want to call it, to your face, the first thing you’re going to notice is that there’s bourbon in there, along with the lemon if real lemons were involved at all. VT does that. But this drink is shaken or stirred and the Bourbon isn’t just sitting on top. There’s a deeper, sweeter flavor mingled with the lemonade, one where you can almost taste the corn used to make the sour mash that eventually became Bourbon. That’s where the TFA Kentucky Bourbon comes in. Finally, there’s the flavor of the charred oak barrel in which the Bourbon was aged mingled with the more astringent, earthy aspects of tea. Only FLV Bourbon is capable of that delivering that. The Bourbon Trifecta.

FA Polar Blast was a final addition meant to make this refreshment extra refreshing and make the “cold things should be cold” crowd happy. It was chosen over WS-23 because it’s a more of a back-end cooling that doesn’t get weird with the VT Bourbon’s warm booze top note the way WS-23 does. It still had to be used relatively lightly to also avoid interfering too much with the tea at the end, but is present enough to be reminiscent of an ice cube sliding over and touching your lip just before you lower the glass after taking a drink.


I was in the shack and Ro Ro mentioned she would like to see one of us DIYers to try making a Limoncello Creamscile. (limoncello is an Italian liquor that is made out of vodka, lemons, and sugar. Then you just wait. for months and months!!!) So of course I had to give it a go as a lover of OG home-made limoncello .

Shisha lemon / FW Lemonade have that tart/ sweet syrup type of lemon flavor combination that I wanted for the lemon base for this mix. When combined with the VTA sorbet and VTA Vodka this comes really close to a pretty darn good Lemoncello.

The vodka/ sugar cane / and sorbet are ideal to bring a slight note of sweetness, cooling and alcohol to the finish. While they are not necessary they add an authentic vibe to the mix.

oba oba adds some body and some light vanilla sweetness and enhances some of the tartness in the mix

meringue and ice cream create the ice cream base that i wanted to blend into the lemon flavor profile. Meringue brings the lemon and ice cream together ( thanks das mose for that idea)

sugar cane is just added for some deeper sweetness that is part of any home made lemoncello

This can be vpaed at 3 days but better at 5 - 7 days as the harsh edge of the lemon back down and the sweet cream comes forward. If you like a really lemon forward mix you can move that FW lemonade up to 5 - 6 % note that FW lemonade will be cloudy in a mix

I thinks it's super tasty & can't stop vaping it. This is nice as a shake & vape. I would recommend an over night rest if you can wait. It's a lovely cold vape with everything nicely balanced. WS-23 used was at 30%. I've lowered the WS-23 to 1.5% as 3% was giving me brain freeze.

You can buy the one shot here - https://theecigshop.uk/product/mixology-cloudy-lemonade-concentrate/

Mango lemonade, best lemonade I've had to date... these flavors play off each other beautifully. This mix is bright, tart and very flavorful, not powdered mix shit, this is more full bodied freshly juiced mix. I mix this max VG, but taste great all the way down to 80 VG for RTAs.

A refreshing sweet tea with lemonade and blueberries. An excellent vape for those hot summer days

Flavor Notes

INW Shisha Bilberry -- Immediately I noticed a eucalyptus note with this one. It was off-putting at first but quite juicy and the blueberry flavor is well pronounced. Props to /u/SkiddlzNinja for suggesting a Tea recipe when reviewing this flavor on Noted

INW Eucalyptus w/ Mint -- The eucalyptus and cooling aspect of this flavor is wonderful. Very potent, realistic, and super chilly.

FLV Lemon Tea -- This is my first time trying this flavoring, but it does provide a very nice tea base (I get green tea?) with a bit of lemon accent. I don't particularly notice any dryness. Fairly weak for FLV, had it at 1.5% initially but the tea note was not coming through enough, though it is trying to overcome strong flavors like eucalyptus.

INW Shisha Lemon -- I like the way this one offers a sweet sort of lemon syrup flavor. It manages to really accent the lemon, reinforce the 'sweet tea' aspect, and is sublte enough to let the other flavors penetrate the lemons.

FA Summer Clouds -- So this is an interesting flavoring. The first thing that comes to mind to describe this one is "Mist." I wouldn't say it's "wet," but it certainly isn't dry. It has a slight floral note to it though it's difficult for me to pick out; if I had to guess I might say lavender. It does something pretty wonderful to this mix here playing off of the floral and earth notes. I get maybe a little bit of grapefruit too from it, but it's hard to say since I only SFT @ 1% and it's a fairly mild flavor.

FLV Sweetness -- Recipe wasn't quite as sweet as I wanted it to be so here you go! This one is certainly less concentrated than CAP Super Sweet, and I feel it's more of a rounded sweetness instead of just sucralose, very nice sweetener.

This recipe yields a cool, wet vape with earth, floral, and citrus notes. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this profile, but after mixing it up it is extremely satisfying. Great during the hot day and very soothing on a tired throat.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 70 / 100 Solo: 2.0% Mix: 1.0% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 50 / 100


This is a syrupy, sweet lemon flavor with little to no acid bit. Great for acting as a sweet lemon accent or mimicking lemon flavor, ok for accenting authentic lemon. Though the lemon flavor on it is quite nice, I feel it does need some other lemons to play with to really shine.

Recommended Usage

Stand alone: 2-3%

In a mix: 0.5%-2%



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