(INW) Shisha Apple

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This is my attempt at mixing a sour apple candy.

Using the Fuji for that strong, in your face apple profile
INW pear is there for the juicyness and kind of helps carry the sourness to the tongue.
the INW sisha apple and CAP double apple have a bit of that sour apple profile which makes this mix work better.
FA sour for that bit of extra kick

0.5% of sweetner might make this better, but I didn't use any myself as I find it to be sweet enough

WARNING: Might be a bit harsher than most people would like
Best at 70vg/30pg 3mg to not make it too harsh :)

Can be SNV but gets a bit less harsh after 3 days

I tried going for an authentic profile of a triple apple hookah and ended up tweaking it to make it more enjoyable as an ADV.
A real hookah doesn't have this much sweetness and zest, and has much much more anise in it which gets old really fast in vaping imho.
I ended up decreasing the Bahraini Gold (which brings the anise) and upping the INW Shisha Apple which is a wonderful sweet apple flavor. This also made the vape much more smooth as Bahraini Gold has a bit of a throat hit.
Lowering the INW Bahraini Gold left a bit of space in the tobacco department and FA Maxx Blend was perfect for the job (imho) as it brought a sweet tobacco to the table that blends in perfectly.

Optional: Increase Maxx Blend to 0.5% or even more if you want more tobacco in the vape, remove it all together, or replace it with your own favorite sweet tobacco flavor.
Optional2: For a more authentic hookah experience I'd add 0.25-0.5% Anise depending on brand.


Perfectly balanced Apple Tobacco - Easy ADV demanding minimal steep time, ages well.

FA Desert Ship & FA Cuban Supreme make a strong tobacco flavor profile that is generally appealing. The Cuban Supreme is strengthened to give it a dry, woody and smooth tobacco feel.

The additives give it some organic appeal -- it accents all of the existing tobacco notes but does not negatively affect the existing tobacco base.
The Vape Wizard helps smooth the rough edges of of the NET and tap it into the core tobacco base profile. The Black Fire is hinted for a smokey almost analog like exhale.

All of these flavors (and additives) make the base tobacco profile of this recipe.

Then the top note... of all the apples I [own] tried, Shisha Apple bond best with the tobacco profile with its own earthy flavor + NET base and turns the entire recipe into a polished Applewood tobacco that keeps you coming back for more.

1 drop of FA MTS Vape Wizard per 15ml (https://alltheflavors.com/flavors/flavourart-mts-vape-wizard)
2 drops of FE Tobacco Absolute 50% Liquid Concentrate per 15ml (http://www.ecigexpress.com/diy-e-liquid/e-liquid-additives/liquid-concentrates/tobacco-absolute-liquid-concentrate.html)

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 50 / 100 Solo: 2.0% Mix: 1.0% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 80 / 100


Smells wonderfully like green apple, however malic acid note that is kind of off-putting distracts from the already mild green apple flavor. It is definitely a more sour green apple flavor, with a somewhat syrupy taste to it, though it is dry. This flavor is not a star and will most likely be a compliment to other apple or tobacco vapes

Recommended Usage

Stand alone: 1%-2%

In a mix: 0.5%-1.5%


Mild, dry

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