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Another mind vision has shown me the way. . . . the way to a Brown Sugar Sesame Waffle! Huzzah!

The combo of Crisp Waffle and Belgian Waffle make a perfect waffle on my palate. Totally borrowed this combo from Deftohms.


The Sesame Candy and Sesame Sweets add a great sesame layer to complement the LB Belgian Waffle.

Finish up with some Brown Sugar and Caramel for a little depth and dark caramel layer.

Top off with Super Sweet and I freakin' love this. Light waffle sweetness and sesame finish.

I wanted something different and different is what i got. I am in love with this unique banana blend. It's uniquely delicious. If you like sesame sweets by inawera and banana vapes in general then i dare say you will fall in love as well. I mean how cant you not love a fried glazed banana with sesame seeds sprinkled on top?? Give it a try you may be pleasantly surprised!!!! Once again this recipe proves my tried and true banana combo of wonder flavours banana puree and flavorah banana tastes like a real banana not a candy banana like most people think when they see flavorah banana. I use the flv banana to brighten up the banana puree and it works time and time again. It's just the banana combination for me!!!$$$

Sweetener: i used .35% flavorah sweetness. You can use or dont use your preferred sweetener at your preferred percentage its your choice.

Honey sesame custard crème = Golden

Don't feel like you have to buy all these expensive ingredients. I put out recipes because I want you to have some delicious reference points when you are looking for uses of these flavors not to push an agenda or a brand just to put out delicious Vape juice recipes that you can mix or use for a reference. Enjoy!!

Flavor notes.

Now I was shooting for a honey and butterscotch drizzled nut custard creme. It turned into more of a honey sesame custard crème. Even at .25% sesame sweets by inw really shines. I think the .25% of marzipan by inw boosts the sesame sweets because I am surprised at how prominent the sesame note is and I am not mad about it because it tastes really good to me. Its a good vape its outside the box but in a good way. For my honey/butterscotch drizzle I used a combination of fa honey at .25% and fa butterscotch at .50%. This sweet honey/butterscotch drizzle combination is "golden" lol. Seriously its a good honey combination and good honey combinations can be hard to come by. Now the butter pecan kind of gets lost in the mix. I am not sure if it is necessary in completing this delicious custard crème but I am sure I used it. I just can't puck up the butter pecan maybe you can?? What I do get is a rather delicious crème brulee with a sesame sweet candy crust drizzled with honey/butterscotch. Now for my custard/crème brulee I used inawera custard at 3% and crème brulee at 1.5% thus is a simple custard/creme brulee combination it just works. I didn't try it with 3% capella vanilla custard v1 in place of the inawera custard because I was out at the to!e I made this recipe but I would imagine that custard/crème combination would be really good too maybe even better I am a bit partial to capella vanilla custard v1. Now I know this dessert probably doesn't exist but I can assure you that if it did I would eat it up!!! I really am enjoying this custard/crème brulee recipe hopefully you all enjoy it as much as I do??GOLDENp time: Now don't let the use of inawera custard fool you this is a steeper!! This recipe needs a good steep! In my opinion it really starts to come into its own after a 14 day steep. You may get by with a 7 day steep but I didn't try this recipe until after 14 days+. All I know is i really like this recipe its "GOLDEN"

Sweetener: I used .25% Flavorah sweetness but feel free to use or don't use a sweetener of your choice. This maybe a recipe that is substantially better with the use of sweetener. I don't know that for sure because I only made it with sweetener but from my exspieriance these ingredients may taste significantly better with sweetener.


I love popcorn especially sweet flavored ones that leave ur fingers a mess (then again what dont I love).

My wife loves this juice and conatantly stole my testers while i worked on it. TbH sometimes i prefer her to vape it because the room note on this one is so spot on. I wish I could say the same about the taste. Her opinions on juice dont mean shit tho. Today I made a pumpkin pie latte which came out pretty decent. Blindly she told me it tasted like a strong alcoholic sex on the beach, WAY OFF.


flv popcorn/ cap cereal 27/ tfa butter

Im digging flv popcorn and actually can see it being used in things other then a popcorn vape. Ive heard ppl mix it in a s&c and get good results. Its buttery and full of caramel very solid but those who know me and have been trying my stuff accuracy matters to me and 9/10 times youll see me layering the shit outta my recipes. This is no different. Rick in his flavor review mentioned adding cap 27 to help this puppy along, i ran with it. Cap 27 adds some more of that texture i craved. Maybe other AP heavy stuff will do even better?
Am i the only one that ODs on the butter at the movies? Lets add some tfa butter.

Honey Glaze

fa honey/ fa marzipan/ tfa brwn sugar

I def played around more with this part of the recipe then the actual popcorn. FA Honey used very sparingly is pretty tasty to me, but am I a simple kind of guy? NO. FA Marzipan had given me sweet honey notes so that was a no brainer. The 3rd of this combo is where i tried other stuff. I have flv milk& honey in the early versions but the darkness level of that concentrate was getting to me. I landed on brwn sugar and was pretty happy with the sweet buttery sticky fingered glaze that all popcorn should have.

I was damn tired of inw sesame collecting dust and honestly i was thinking of what could i use it in and this profile came to me thanks to inw sesame sweets. Ive had some sucess with it in the past as its great for a sesame candy brittle. Us puerto ricans call it Ajonjoli.

Cant wait to see what you guys think. Maybe im way off and should stop listening to my wife.

A sweet and creamy tobacco with a savory touch -- my take on a dessert tobacco

An updated version of this would replace Red Burley with Tatanka for, I feel, a smoother tobacco vape that blends well with the sweet components. Still need to tweak.

Flavor Notes