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Testet MTL, Titan TC210* 0.29mm 7loops, with Ammit Amit MTL RDA and Aromamizer Lite 1.5.

  1. I can taste Peanuts and Pistachios with a hint of Sesam , so it was simply Peanut butter DX TFA, Pistachio FA , Sesam INW.

2.At first I can’t taste any tobacco, so I decided to start with Oriental from FLV. But I figured out at the tests with the original that it has to be RY4 Double( it works realy great with DX Peanut Butter)!

3.There is a fruity note in it, I think it’s Apple.
The only apple I have is Fuji FA and it works.

Already realy close to the original, now i wait a few days more to see where it goes.

Edit: in the V2 I missed something it has to be fuller and darker, Pistachio FA came with my last order, and it’s perfekt in this case!


This recipe is an homage to Inaweras Sesame, the flavor that kept me off cigarettes when I started vaping.

A sweet and fluffy bakery profile with just the right amount of crusty spiciness and fresh apple slices inside.

INW Biscuit, OoO Yellowcake, CAP Sugar Cookie and FA Custard Premium build the bakery base of this recipe. The yellowcake tastes amazing but lacks some creaminess which is why I added the one and only premium custard. Biscuit and sugar cookie take care of crust and delicious sweetnesses.

FA Fuji Apple is amazing on its own but gets some help by FA Lime Tahity adding a little sour juiciness and TPA Dragonfruit which helps the apple flavor not to get lost between the bakery flavors.

And then there is the star of this recipe. INW Sesame is a strong concentrate that gets far too little attention. It’s toasted, nutty notes are the key to make this recipe what it is.
Get your hands on this flavor if you don’t own it yet! I know you will like it.
(Update 2021: when I wrote this sentence I knew nothing about flavors and this was my first recipe lol. But inw sesame is still interesting. Sesame 2.0 too btw.)

Give this mix at least 10 days to steep because that’s when the sesame will start to kick in!

I mixed this for my dvarw and vapefly holic mtl attys but please let me know how it performs on a DL device.


A sultry, dense and creamy custard delicately infused with fresh plums.

INW Smoked plum does a wonderful job in creating a realistic, ripe plum with well balanced sweet and tart notes.
The tartness offsets the sweetness perfectly and is pimped up with just a smidgen of smokiness to take this boring old plum to (to coin a phrase) infinity and beyond!
The beautifully thick, almost viscose, mouthfeel present in the plum lends itself perfectly to a thick custard base.
Warning, do not stray above the 0.5%... This stuff is more potent than Kryptonite and should not be taken lightly... I have taken it to 1.5% as a single flavour but anything over that mutes the delicate plum and turns this stuff putrid.

The INW Sesame adds a little intrigue and is a perfect partner for any stone fruit. Feel free to omit the sesame it if you do not have it - BUT, I highly reccommmend it.

I can write an dissertation on the INW Creme Brulee and Custard combo but I will restrain myself. Is is my go-to combo and it just works beautifully to create a stunning thick and luscious custard base with that delicious Brulee finish...

Give this at least 5 days to come together...

FA Custard is FA Custard Premium (which is STILL not listed)

A deep, rich fig custard as part of the DMC December Fig Challenge.

I set out to create a brulee to pay homage to a very underrated fruit = the humble Fig.

FA Fresh fig is (undoubtedly) the best FRESH fig flavor around - a freshly picked, ripe, fresh fig. This, slightly sweet, figgy goodness is given a little boost with the help of Liquid Amber. This just accents the fig and elevates its natural deliciousness to make you want more...

INW Sesame adds that little something something which makes this truly special. The Sesame is lightly sweet and brings a earthy and nutty element to the mix which perfectly compliments the fig. Sesame is a departure form the traditional nut variants - a bit more sophisticated and refined nut accent.

**FA Custard is FA Custard Premium
INW Creme Brulee and FA Custard Premium is the foundation here and combines beautifully to create a thick, dense custard finished with a decadent layer of caramized sugar. I have chosen FA Custard Premium as the new "cap killer" contender, and rightfully so! This stuff is amazing and I'm afraid I do not have enough descriptive words other than that it is a f
&ing awesome custard!!!

Give this at least a week to steep, 2 weeks better...


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