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So, I originally made a peaches and cream I did not feel was good enough to share, the white peach was way too strong! This time, we’ll I’m not going to lie I am surprised with how good this is!! I have only been mixing a few months and this is third one I have came up with on my own and this one is great and my favorite! Works well as a shake and vape. Something about the berry flavor settles the peach down and is amazing. I also put 3 drops of cap sweet mango per 60mls but that is optional and hardly measurable. Enjoy

This is something I put together with some of my favorite dessert flavorings. I ran out of yes we cheesecake which is what I usually use as a base but the custard and ice cream along with Graham cracker may do a better job. Great summer treat. I hope you all enjoy summer after covid had us all indoors.


For everyone who likes a nice sweet treat now and again I present Blue Candy!

I would go over all the flavors, but they are pretty self explanatory here.

The only one I will mention is the Blue Dwarf (INW). I was disappointed in this flavor at first, but it plays into this recipe perfectly at 0.50%. It is a strong flavor so if you get it and decide to use it in any other recipes, I definitely would not go over the 0.50% I have used here.

It is a candy so of course I added the Super Sweet.

Enjoy! (Shake and Vape Friendly although I do recommend a few days steeping for everything to come together a little better)

Happy Mixing and Happy Vaping!

CV :)


Mixer’s Club - April 2021

“Basically, I wear sandals, like Jesus. When it gets cold in Chicago, the snow way up to my knees, I still wear my sandals. But that's me.”
-- Mr. T

A Red, White, and Blue tobacco.

I made this month more complicated than it was. I cured the flavors, I cursed @mixman, and worst of all.. I cursed Mixman some more.

I ran through everything red, white, and blue that I had and nothing was working. The one that you all are getting was a guess because nothing else tasted like the recipe image and that guess worked.

These tobaccos are my favorite together and I tried not to use them, but caved.
VT Bilberry Ripe does blue very well.
INW Raspberry is the perfect deep red for this.
FLV Vanilla Bean adds some spice to the mix without adding any creaminess.
OOO Corn Bread for thickness, warmth, and America.

Now, I have a few conditions before y’all vape this. I need you to turn on Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen and put on the closet thing you have to Oakley sunglasses. Not to make the mix better, but to amplify it.



This is my favorite blue raspberry recipe so far. FYI, I actually used central vapors Blueberry in this recipe and it turnout


Summer is here and so is the season for sherbet. One of the hardest profiles to nail and I think I found the holy trinity for Rainbow Sherbet.
Enjoy the Fruity, Creamy, Smooth, Refreshing Rainbow Sherbet this mix doesn't just give an impression, it gives you an accurate Rainbow Sherbet where you taste every flavor in it. Each fruit is fruity as well as creamy with that cream finish on the exhale.

  • Starting Percentage Super Sweet .5%
  • Keep (INW) Raspberry percentage as increasing it will overpower mix
  • As Orange Cream steeps it becomes more present and thickens out
  • Vanilla Swirl emulsifies all the fruits to become one in the mix as it would taste eating the sherbet itself
  • Add WS-23 or Cooling Agent to your liking!
  • V1 Stay tuned

Had to get some jam monster out of an old squonk mod i purchased from a friend, this was the result. pretty tasty raspberry cheesecake, and inw rasp should obliterate any other flavors in your wicks but the strongest. always happy to hear feedback, enjoy!

**** NOTICE: Raspberry Malina I couldn't find in the flavor stash here and that's the INW I used ****

Raspberry syrup, nuts, and cream? You asked for it, you got it. It's a blend of sweet delicious ice cream/custard with the right amount of nut sprinkles, and sweety syrupy raspberry, what's not to like? The hazelnut really gives this a different dimension and honestly, I was shocked that it worked out so well. Enjoy!

Mixed this the same day as I mixed the Strawberry Hazed, trying to see if this would work with other fruit flavors, and OH MY Raspberry it did!

Profile: Apple-Raspberry Cake Donut

  • Recipe was a shot in the dark that turned out pretty good
  • V1 Recipe tweaking incoming so stayed tuned for v2
  • Starting percentage for super sweet is .5% up to 1%
  • Overnight steep recommended but decent off the shake

Profile: Lemon-Razzberry Iced Cake

This recipe is named for my Zeal I have for mixing. I mix with a lot of passion and want to create recipes that are decadent, thoughtful, and put smiles on the faces of any vaper who is willing to try these recipes I made with my heart and soul. The lemon and raspberry with its tartness balanced with the sweetness leaves a feeling behind that is both refreshing and joyful.

  • ADV Approved
  • Starting percentage for Super Sweet is .5% up to 1%
  • Substitute (CAP) V.B.I.C with (TFA) Vanilla Swirl if you are a pepper taster
  • V1 stay tuned as I may tweak and tune this recipe

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