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(INW) Purple Rain

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct

Used in 35 recipes at an average of 1.783%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This recipe is an ode to the king of florals.

It's a violet buttercream macaron. I know it's weird but it tastes nice. The violet is a little tart and sweet. The vanilla from the purple rain blends so nicely with the buttercream frosting. The cookie is light and not too buttery.


As mentioned in a recent episode of Noted.

DIYFS Holy Vanilla and FA Cream Fresh put up a heavy vanilla base that's plenty creamy without coming across as eggy or too much like a custard. This creates a great framework to add florals as you like.

FA Lavender and FA Violet: These two all star florals are present to boost the lavender and violet notes in INW Purple Rain.

INW Purple Rain: Holy shit. This stuff is awesome, even standalone. A bright vanilla, with lavender and violet intertwined perfectly. At 1.5% it's the star of the show, and for good reason.

The goal of this recipe was to mimic Violet Pastille candies, which I think it excels at.


A floral forward vape for the summer, with some dark floral spices and bright fruit to lift it up towards the end.

Summer's Wallow

What to do, oh what to do.
I don't know
There's Nothing to do, oh nothing to do,
Yet so many things to do...

What to do, oh what to do,
There's Nothing I want, nothing I want to do.

What to do, oh what to do,
There's so many things I need to do,
but nothing that I can do.

What to do, oh what to do,
There's so many things, too many things,
But maybe I can do.

Artwork courtesy Google Search via https://fineartamerica.com/featured/swallows-in-summer-trudi-doyle.html

Inspiration from Springtime by /u/HocusKrokus, Kawayan by /u/RuntDastardly, and the floral episode of NOTED

Suggested Soundtrack: Chariot, by Beach House

Recommended Drink: Lime, Seltzer, Wodka, Cactus Pear (or other bright fruit)

Needs some breathing the first two days. It comes around nicely on the 10-day mark.

Flavor Notes