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This is a delicate layered balance of deep and sweet of both plums and and pomegranates. And has a little bit of Zen for that added freshness that only zen can give.

A light and flavorful vape. Just enough plum to please, light on the wine and all tied up in the vines of the honeysuckle. Add a little FA flash .25% or less to add a little more kick to the wine. Let me know if you like

A plum infused tobacco with notes of toasted marshmallow and custard.

Wanted a new tobacco to vape on and had just recieved INW plum on my last order.

FLV Sweet and smokey - spice note with a good tobacco base
FLV Native Tobacco - adds a woody note and deeper tobacoo base
INW Plum - some floral notes but after a couple hours it blended nicely in the profile
INW Custard - my go to custard every since trying Holy Holy Custard by @ruderudi. INW Custard brings a fuller body with out weighing everything down.
TPA Toasted Marshmallow - Cant go wrong with this flavor. Helps blend everything together as well as bring the toasted noted to it as well

Tested in the Billet Box w/ Xeta bridge. MTL tested.
Steep for atleast 1 day


Oh "You Turkey!" why? Why would I take on one of the most difficult and often subjective recipes to try and create in the art of eLiquid creation?
Because I enjoy the challenge!
To me this is almost the Mount Everest of eLiquid recipes to try and create. I've made many, many attempts of this over the years and I have tried some commercial attempts that are out there on the market as well. All of them lacked body and cut the throat. This is why this profile is often unsuccessful IMO.
It's a really difficult profile to balance.
The Turkish Delight (also known as Lokum) is no doubts as subjective as standing up for your Nan's best version of this, as it's a love or hate flavor and has many wide and varied versions.
This version is stripped back to being a base. You can add a little pistachio, almond or even some chocolate to this base recipe and it has held very well.
Flv Pistachio, FA Almond or a combo at low %'s are good or 3% MB Glamour Choc+1 % Cap Double V2 was successful for a 'Fryers' style when I tested this worked well.
Some may want a powdered sugar, I tried the obvious choice of "One on One" PS but it gets kinda lost in this IMO.

The difficultly in making this recipe decent is the harshness from a "Rose" flavoured concentrate and working out how to tame that turkey! lol

Then BOOM! Flavorah releases a "Rose Essence" concentrate, just when I thought this recipe couldn't get any better. After SFT the FLV Rose Essence & getting excited, it soon became apparent that it just wasn't going to find a way to balance here. It's lovely but better served with creams IMHO.

Rose Stone - I discovered the wonderful flavour pairing of INW Plum & Wild Rose and fell in love. It was a balancing act on a tightrope to get the depth of flavour without harshness but I finally got there.

The other challenge for me was to try and a create jelly like flavor that carries throughout the vape, in a way that really complements the effort that went into the "Rose Stone". Marshmallow really assists in the texture, sweetness and body of this vape. However to get that sticky jelly effect proved more difficult. NO other jelly candies would seemingly work here for me and I tried Swedish this & 27 that. Purilum Jelly candy is ok but it is an essential assistant here. The flavour works really well with FA Jack (Pazzo) and the FA Jammy Candy Wizard is just the magic to tie these flavours together to assist the right balance of texture on my pallet.
This is a labor of love, it is my version based on my experience of a lovely Turkish delight.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed the challenge of creating this !

Don't be a Turkey though! Mix it, try it and let me know if this is the best dam Turkish Delight eLiquid you have tasted just as much as I think it is!

I enjoyed creating and testing this recipe on a SST Fused Clapton 0.2 ohm at 60W on a Wotofo Recurve RDA

Seriously if you wanna a solid recipe that works give it a go!

Cheers for reading this far, now go and get mixing!

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My take on an Arnold Palmer updated with a smoother mix and less angst. While originally created as a concept mix, I did actually enjoy it. This is an updated version largely improved and yet different from original in many profound ways. It is a reimagining of life after being focused on problems, this here is the solution.

Main Note:
INW Plum/FA BC - Not very many recipes use Plum, but I loved its dryness, yet it was just a hair short of full. Plum to me is a bit thin at 1 and at 2 it's at it's limit. I wanted to give it a deeper fruity vibe and sweeten it up so I went with FA Black Cherry, and a touch of FW Sweetener.

FA Black Tea/VT Lemonade Clear/VT Sour lemon - This combo was used to create a lighter tea feel and a less sweet lemonade base to fit the dryness of the fruit. FA BT can probably be bumped up a bit if you want more tea out of it or maybe add a support with something less intense/more forgiving.


FLV Yakima Hops/Pink Guava/INW Cactus - This adds some very slight funk to the whole mix that at these low levels adds just a hint of tropical funk and wetness. It folds under the rest quite nicely to me.

(Optional) Coolant:
FA Polar blast - I also mix this with Polar Blast at 0.4%,

Started as something light. fruity and cold (no hazelnut, 1% for each mint), but i felt like it needed a bit of a twist and some body so in comes FW Hazelnut.
WS-23 to taste. I like it @2%, 30%.

  • I was mixing 30mls and just vaping straight in a couple days, just let some sit for 10~12 days and it's so much better, super clean mint with a fruity undertone and a blast of cold, just awesome.

My take on an Arnold Palmer. While described as a concept mix, it suits my tastes for real and if you try it, I hope you like it too. This is also a tribute to my now ex wife who, after close to 700 days of her dragging her feet on the divorce, has finally let it all go. I give you this tall dry drink in honor of our time flushed down the drain. Full notes here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/8zlp5l/my_first_shared_recipe_arnold_plumber_unclogging/

Main Note:
INW Plum/Grape - Not very many recipes use Plum, but I loved its dryness, yet it was just a hair short of full. Which seemed appropriate to describe my ex so, rather than flesh out the insides (because there's none there), I decided to sweeten it up a bit. INW Grape carries some sweet, some purple but fades enough to let the dryness stand but occasional hints of sweetness keep you staying longer than you should. They help you forget this is mostly peel with no juiciness. Like an artificial sweetener that gives a hint of flavor which, at 1%, has no real substance.

FA Black Tea/LA Lemonade/FA Lemon Sicily - Black tea is dry. It needs some love. Here comes LA lemonade at 4%. Guess what? It's not enough. It's just enough sweetness for you to take the next drag, hoping, wanting, fingers crossed... Don't hold your breath. FA Lemon Sicily is that new Italian woman you've been seeing but she's just a hint compared to the baggage of your past. Sure, she's nice and sexy, but 0.5% is all you're willing to chance at this point. Maybe, eventually you'll up her to 0.75% but she shouldn't get her hopes up. She should enjoy the fact that you have healthy boundaries now.

TPA Honeysuckle - This adds some perfumic sweetness to confuse you. It's gaslighting at its finest. You keep saying, "But why are you so dry to me?" The flavor answers, "But I'm right here!" You can sense it, but it's got no mouthfeel -- just an ethereal empty promise of joy.

FLV Yakima Hops - This was the missing ingredient. It is the beer you wish you could use to wash away the misgivings. Instead it has turned to an earthy homage to humility that has brought you to hell and back again. It's there to remind you that you are now the salt of the earth. Hold your head high.

(Optional) Coolant:
FA Polar blast - I also mix this with Polar Blast at 0.5%,a necessary cold shoulder to her narcissism, that slight numbing coolness to wash it all down the drain like a dead goldfish that will become a radioactive monster in the underworld of the sewer system in some B movie. You survived, but there is no hero here. It was all dumb luck. Only time will tell if it was good or bad.

Let's hope the plumbing can handle the strain of the flush.

Additional Notes: This is good off the shake, but after 2 days the flavors all settle in to me enough and the hops begins to lend that slight fermentation hint.

Variations: One version that I liked, maybe a bit more, was with the addition of FA Bilberry at 0.5-1%.

I needed a break from all the dessert/bakery vapes so decided on a berry fruit salad. So after a quite a few versions I came up with this delicious berry vape that really tilts towards the purple side.

The Purple - INW Plum is a new concentrate for me and it is surprisingly great, It seems to get bullied by HS Blueberry so I really had to take down the blueberry. TFA Blackberry is my favourite blackberries and at this %, it adds just a touch of bitterness that works well here.

The Red - Somewhat hidden in the background are the tasty FA Juicy Strawberry & INW Raspberry. They seem to add a bit of brightness to the dark berries and gives it a bit more body with some subtle tasty accents.

INW Pineapple is there just to add brightness and tame some of the bitterness from the Plum & Blackberry.

FLV Milk & Honey is used to give a hint of cream while also sweetening the mix.

Very good off the shake. Give it a mix and I'm sure you'll enjoy!

Just a simple summer fruit recipe adapted from an old mixing page that was floating around...I started out on this recipe a few years back and have always gone back to it when ever i need a change..
The overall concept is as you are walking about in a fruit orchard grabbing a different piece of fruit and just biting in to it...

Enjoy the Pears, Apples & the juicy Plums.....

Mixed this up for Flavor pro's year of mixing weekly challenge.
When looking at this picture I immediately thought of a fruity wine type vape.

Sparkling wine and Champagne type combine to make the wine base and also add a grape wine to the fruit beverage. Fresh fig is added for some depth and darkness. The white grape is add a bright white grape note and to bring in the pear for some wetness. The pear is to add a juicy element. The plum add a nice bright purple to the fruit blend. The rose tops it off with some sweet floral notes.

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