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(INW) Pineapple

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I can't quite remember which ATF recipe ID10-T said that TPA Dragonfruit kinda tastes like the essence of a white gummy bear, but it got my gears going...I single flavor tested this stuff up to 15% and was like...yeah...this shit is like licking a bag of melted white gummy bears...I knew off the top that I was gonna be settling at 5% Dragonfruit as my main note.

What can I possibly add to this to make it stand out?

Well, I need a base. Grabbed some TPA Gummy Candy and while it was a decent texturizer, it didn't quite give that chewy feeling I was going for. CAP Jelly Candy really gave me that chew that I was looking for, but needed a little help. Along comes, CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream to perfectly round out the chewiness of the exhale. Almost there, but not quite.

This isn't juicy enough...So, I grabbed some INW Cactus. That shit can make anything juicy. Started it at 1% and while that was juicy, I didn't get that mouth-watering sensation that I associate with eating gummy bears. Bumped it to 2, yes 2%, and got exactly what I wanted.

Now, here's the kicker.

Unfortunately, you can't just go into a store (at least not around here) and grab a bag containing only white gummy bears. The rest of those little fuckers are coming along for the ride. But at this point, I'm already 4 flavors into the mix and I don't want to add 4-5 more individual flavors to give the background notes of the rest of the gummy bears in the bag. In comes FW Beetle Juice. I haven't used this stuff since I made 500mL of Shurb v4 months ago. But I remember it tasting like a bunch of different fruits. Almost like it was created just to be a fruit melody background. I get a little bit of rasberry and something reminiscent of a tropical juice. I added it at 2% right away and boy...it kinda fights with TPA Dragonfruit for the star of the show. It's like eating 5 white gummy bears with 1 of each of the other flavors in the bag.

June 2017 Recipe Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/6ei80w/june_2017_recipe_thread/djt5lyh/?context=10000

*Recently tested with a lowered percentage of FW Beetle Juice and added INW Pineapple @ 1.5%. The Pineapple is definitely a prominent tropical note, but the Dragonfruit is still the star of the show.

Settling on what you currently see above. The pineapple and dragon fruit is a delicious blend at the top while cherries, raspberries, and blackberries play in the background.

Mango&Pineapple with some smooth cream.

Switched things up a little to see if that would help, removed some things and adjusted some percentages.


Bavarian cream,cheesecake graham crust,meringue,brown sugar,banana cream
This make up a nice ice cream base with plenty of malt to bring out the milkshake quality in this vape add the pineapple to this and it is amazing. If you shake and vape it has pineapple up front but not over running the shake if you let it sit a day or two it comes together nicely. The cotton candy is just to sweeten I recommend it but is up to you . I hope you enjoy this one I know I do


My version of the popular fruit drink "Orange Kool-Aid"

my attempt at a pineapple cake. So far so good, I let mine steep for quite a while (over a month) because I forgot about it. After the steep I added the Marshmallow, AP, and Cream Cheese Icing. Let me know what you think.

Time to switch it up with some light brighter flavors. A blend of cantaloupe, fruits and creams for a refreshing spring treat.

A sweet and Sour Grape and apple blend with a nice tarty punch to it.

I was asked to make a vape by a friend that resembled an age old UK candy called Fruit Salad - Not ever being a fan of the candy made it a fairly difficult proposition, even though I could remember what they tasted like from like 35 years ago which was probably the last time I tried one. Apparently I nailed it on the first attempt and this is now my most requested juice by friends and colleagues. I never liked the candies... because I don't like candy, never have, but I like this juice :-)

The base is provided by the Vanilla Swirl, Butter Cream and Sweet Cream. It's kind of a creamy/fruity candy.

The main profile is and always has been a pineapple and raspberry blend. I borrowed the core of this profile from another recipe on reddit, but apologies, it was so long ago I don't remember who it was to be able to give credit to. Something to do with bubblegum maybe?

To round everything off and give it that juicy vibe, Cactus is doing what it does.

Sweetened up and making things pop is CAP Jelly Candy with a little EM.

I hope you enjoy this refreshing fruity vape as much as my friends do.

This has been a little project of mine for a while, my first ever rendition was super close, but then I tinkered too much and it fell apart. Recently I went back and rewrote it, and I think I nailed it. Vaping this is like shoving a handful of lifesaver gummies into your mouth, it's sweet and fruity. It needs a couple days for the FW Hard Candy to settle in, as well as the CAP Sweet Tangerine to die down. Vaping it at lower wattage can bring out the cherry and pineapple as well as the tangerine a bit, I feel like it changes every puff into a new flavor. Higher wattage you can taste everything pretty well, its a very fruity mix. The watermelon isn't so prominent in the recipe, but it gives a nice sweetness. Meringue was just to sweeten it up without Sucralose or EM.

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