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(INW) Pear

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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This is a remixed addition spawned from the DDU challenge. Very nicely spiced pear!
I used a 10% dilution of Rich Cinnamon, at .50 percent. Which, I believe is .05%...

This turned out pretty tasty, Give it a mix :)

A nice pear flavored up with a touch of bakery Cinnamon.

This didnt even last 24 hrs. So I made a remix.
.5 Rich Cinnamon 10% dilution
.5 Apple Filling
.25 Liquid Amber

Give it about a 3 day steep for the watermelon to give that mouth watering feel. It is a shake and vape otherwise :). I will update this with a more thorough write up soon.

Ohhh Root Beer you can do no wrong! Fantastic RB flavor with a sweet, fresh, juicy fruit goodness that just blankets your tongue. As if that isn’t enough Boogie for your mouth, the throat is gently pleasured by the koolada coolness. This is an ADV for me and is perfectly worthy as a SAV.

Just a simple summer fruit recipe adapted from an old mixing page that was floating around...I started out on this recipe a few years back and have always gone back to it when ever i need a change..
The overall concept is as you are walking about in a fruit orchard grabbing a different piece of fruit and just biting in to it...

Enjoy the Pears, Apples & the juicy Plums.....

Simple Italian Pear Custard Crostata

INW Biscuit & FA Cookie = a buttery shortbread-style cookie crumble base

FA Custard Premium: if you have not yet tried this flavoring, it is a classic Italian crema pasticcera flavor without the heavy citrus notes of their regular custard and it is delicious! I somehow messed up and had this at 3.5... but it should be 2.5.

INW Shisha Vanilla: originally with FA Vanilla Classic, I like it better with INW's fare.

INW Pear & FA Pear = FA's Pear is here to sweeten the recipe and after some steeping bring more creaminess to the mix...it also tames the much brighter INW Pear down a notch...the combo is very effective.

Optional: as always sweetener is subjective and at higher VG, I normally avoid using it.

Steep this 5-7 days to allow the sharp INW Pear to settle into the mix.

I always come back to pear. I love the different directions that you can go with it, and I especially like to use TFA Pear. This one I went a different route and based it around FA Pear. I also added INW Pear to complete the fruit part of the profile.
It's that time of the year... When I started working on this recipe it was October '17 and I was starting

Rumblepup Steam Elixir's Cielo is a ridiculously good juice. It is a Cuban-inspired Tres Leches with pear and orange. This is really just a shadow of what the original brings to the table. It was a flavor that I could not put down. Rumblepup's entire line is unique, tropical deliciousness. This was the standout, in my opinion.

I tried to balance the fruit and creams to make a suitable remix that hit similar notes to the original . . . but, by all means, go grab a bottle of this from Rumblepup. I doubt you will regret it. He is an extremely mindful mixer and, as far as I know, does not use sweeteners in his juice.

A creamy , thick brulee with soft pear undertones - perfect for those indulgent moments...

The delicate notes of the pear is celebrated by a delicious, creamy custard - not too sweet, not too heavy - just so...

The brulee base is my go-to brulee - this ratio is a perfect combination and requires no additional vanilla to enhance the pear IMO. Feel free to add 1% INW Vanilla Shisha for a boost of Vanilla.

FA Pear brings the juicy, run down your chin, pear with INW Pear providing the gritty texture, crunch and mouth feel.

This is good after 3-5 days!!


I created this for the DMC cinnamon challenge, but this recipe is delicious with or with out the cinnamon. This is a bright juicy pear coated with a creamy butterscotch, caramel, and cinnamon. Enjoy

The pear is comprised with the FA pear for the juiciness, the INW pear for the bite and texture, and the TPA quince to make it pop. The coating is created by the FLV butterscotch teamed with the DC and rich cinnamon.

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