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(INW) Mint

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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7 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is a spot on Moito - for me it s just the perfect mix of sweetness, lime and mint

This was mixed for the PRIDE fundraiser, for the Ali Forney center for LBGTQ homeless youth on Fresh03 channel https://youtu.be/5Xa1eZqfwK8

The base for this mix is lemon lime soda - the lemon helps to boost the lime in the mix and add a bit of sweet tartness
The combination of person lime which has some intrinsic sweetness and body added to the bight slightly tart lime Tahity creates a really nice full real lime
I wanted a sweet mint and the combination of INW mint and spearmint provides a realistic sweet mint

VT light rum is the only rum I would use in this mix, I did not want to add coconut rum or a spiced rum I wanted the lime and mint to stand up and the rum to come out on the finish
Raw sugar works really well as the base sweetness ( NOTE: I added .05% cap sweetener to help lift the lime in this mix)

Was on vacation and had a melon and pineapple fruit salad with a lime honey mint dressing that was really good. This is my take on that with the fruit soaked in spiced rum.

Wild melon is a just a solid all around ripe melon mix that I enjoy, if you want to bring out more cantaloupe or honeydew feel free to add that to this mix, but I just wanted a blended melon that sits in the middle of this mix
The pineapple adds some top notes and add brightness to the mix
The rum and the milk and honey add the dark spicy sweetness that acts as a nice contrast to the lime and mint as well as adding some body
Lime and mint help to add a finish to this mix and balance out the darker sweet notes - Add sweetener to taste
This is just a lovely mix that is well balanced and addictive for me

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So, @Shyndo and I were talking. It came into conversation that I would do something fun with one of his recipes. This recipe is a remix of his Cantrips:


In Cantrips, he pairs Honeysuckle with flavors that bolster that Honeysuckle up, making it a little more prominent in the vape; that was how I felt about it. It had good flavor pairings. My take on this, isn't to bolster the honeysuckle to the top and leave it there, but to pair it with items that play well with it, for more of a slight Honeysuckle forward vape, with support flavors to add a wild complexity.

My version of the traditional Indian drink "Mango Lassi". Rich milk/yogurt taste combined with mangos, honey , coconut and cardamom.

An approach to clone the "Blue magic" from American Stars.


I absolutely CRAVE a cool menthol vape after a meal. I was out and needed to find something that I could SNV. I usually do a banana menthol, or a Thug Juice Clone, but I like to let both of them sit. I figured this would be worth a shot. I thought that this Creme de Menthe was a little risky, but I'm really enjoying this. Please let me know what you think. :)

One of my favorite Youtubers has a flavor that I really enjoy, but I always had things that I said I would change about it. Once I entered the DIY realm I had my chance. This is a cool vape for after you've eaten a meal or brushed your teeth. I always have this on hand ready to be dripped. No steep necessary, but I like to let it sit for a day or two. Great on a series box. :)

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