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(INW) Milk Chocolate

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery chocolate dessert

Used in 694 recipes at an average of 3.022%.


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Take me back to the 90’s! Big M Choc Milk!

Allow at least two weeks to steep if you want the juice to be nice and creamy.

Mix it up leave me some feedback ✌️

Choc-mint slice, just like Grandma used to make.

I have been through a few versions of this flavour and still feel as though it’s not quite finished.

This has a strong biscuit flavour, a rich chocolate note, and a lingering freshness from the mint. The creaminess tends to get lost a bit behind the biscuit, but I’ve used it to try to tie all of the flavours together.

Please give me your feedback 😊


Very nice smooth and creamy banana milk with honey , after 5 days steep it's very delicious.


Because we can never have too many s'mores-flavored treats in our life.Enjoy, and feel free to rate it


Toasted Marshmallow squished onto a Graham Cracker and drizzled with Chocolate.

Was watching Wayne’s Let’s Mix video the other day and realised I’d never made a S’mores vape. Didn’t have FW GC so I left that out and tweaked his recipe slightly to get as close as possible to my ideal s’more.
If you want his exact recipe you’ll have to watch the vid as I don’t think it’s on ATF.
Anyways, I kept the FA Cookie, TFA GCC and AP the same as his, banking on it giving me enough Graham without using FW, which it does... just!
For the Marshmallow I opted for FW instead of FAs because it’s a more authentic artificial/gooey marshmallow flavour in my opinion. I love FAs but it wasn’t the type of Marshmallow I wanted to taste in this recipe.
I had to add some TFA Toasted Marshmallow to ‘toast’ the Marshmallow, gives a little diversity to it as well as the obvious toasted notes that I think helps the Cracker out a bit too.
Totally agree with the FW VBIC. Gives a bit more weight to the Marshmallow and very subtle vanilla, without smacking you in the face with it like TFAs.
Dropped the FA Meringue half a percent, so it’s an almost imperceptible sugary little accent.
I used the old INW Choc, but JFs would be fine in the same percentage. It’s not enough to scream Chocolate, but it’s there sitting nicely at the back end of the vape doing as it’s told.
Super Sweet to enhance the perception of chocolate. Adjust to preference.
And that’s that!
It’s still not what I would consider ‘perfect’, the only thing I think it’s lacking is the Graham Cracker. It’s there, underneath the ‘Mallows but it could do with a boost. The Marshmallow and Chocolate are spot on in my opinion though. Benefits from at least an overnight steep, more if you don’t enjoy fresher flavours.
Big thanks to Wayne for the base recipe to tweak from, legend as always! 👏

This is a smooth buttery chocolate vape. Thick and milky mouthfeel and smooth chocolate exhale. INW milk chocolate brings in the CAP vanilla custard making this smooth and tasty. Cap sweet cream and golden butter brings out the custard making it smooth on the inhale. TPA Graham cracker gives it a hint of Graham to complement the chocolate.

Best after 5 to 7 days steep!

Chocolate biscuit and tea.... what else is there to say....


huge shout out to www.bullcityflavors.com for the flv peppermint sample.

This is what I vape when I have vapors tongue and have trouble tasting things.
Make sure to drink plenty of water.
EDIT: it's also very nice on a hot day.
EDIT: Nothing is ever finished until it is done.

ORIGINAL BLEND- replace the flv peppermint with tfa peppermint at 1% for the original recipe.

In this recipes the creams will make up the marshmallow fluff, the peanut butter and marzipan makes up the nutty part of this together makes a nutty peanut butter and the caramel & butterscotch ripple makes up the top layer in the snickers bar. The milk chocolate is the outter shell of the snickers candy bar

I've been mixing with passion and determination for 6 months now. This is my first share here on ATF because this is the first recipe I've created that I place enough confidence in to share publicly. Just a simple combination that's been running around my mind the last 3 days that pulled at my curiosity enough to have me finally sit down and at least give it a one shot attempt. Turns out that's all it took for myself to be satisfied with the flavor of this mixture. "Chocolate-Hazelnut-Almond", and that's the just of it. That rich, robust, authentic, somewhat tart body you get from a good dark chocolate all the way through initially, and on the back during the inhale. Then an even more rich, "cocoish", sweet chocolate still holding on to its authenticity along side a dark, roasted, nutty aroma that both the hazelnut and almond create; but hazelnut lingers its unique and prominent impression here and throughout the exhale.

I'm very much an entry level novice and would very much accept and encourage criticism and guidance. You kinda have to enjoy hazelnut to find this mix desirable but when considering its simplicity the hazelnut could more then likely be tweaked to sit not so potent. Mix it up, remix it up, and build upon. Please let me know how you've enjoyed this and what changes you possibly made to further enhance it. I have mixed this both max VG and 70/30 it was enjoyable on both attempts right off the scale.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 85 / 100 Solo: 6.0% Mix: 3.0% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 70 / 100

Light and smooth milk chocolate with just a hint of bitterness. Slightly buttery and semi-sweet.

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