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(INW) Lemon

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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Used in 390 recipes at an average of 1.333%.


37 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is my version of a cold mixture. Easy to vape when you're clogged up and tasty and refreshing when you're not ill :)

Cookies filled with orange cream, hazelnuts and coconut. Needs good steeping.

This is a very tasty simple recipe that's a little different from my other Raspberry/Citrus offerings. Thanks to ID10-T for the lemonade base. I'm an Inawera lemon junkie. The MF Wild Raspberry is hard to get, and yes it's expensive but it's worth it. While you're at it pick up their caramel. Here the MF Wild Raspberry is the realistic part of the raspberry and also brings some dark sweetness to do terribly good things to the EM laiden Raspberry Sweet.


Sooo... Inawera did in fact reformulate their Lemon. I've searched high and low for a replacement and the best fit seems to be FE Lemon. It's not as potent as the original Inawera Lemon but it is very close in taste (with no off notes). Secondly I would try OOO Lemon (round candy) at 2% as it's even less potent but still close in flavor.

Another sub I often make to take it in an even more candy direction is Hangsens Blueberry at the same percentage.

This is my clone of my all time favorite juice, Seduction by Vapor in a Bottle. A brilliant combination of candy lime, lemon, and berries.

Full notes here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/6n74xv/a_beginners_clone_journey_cajolery_a_vapor_in_a

Peach and citrus, quite creamy but an all round great flavour for the peach lover

perfecf drink,Made of white gin,natural blackcurrant absinthe And lemon

A popular cocktail, the June Bug is fruity and sweet with a slight citrus kick

This is a recipe I've been working on for a while. Once I found Inawera Marzipan it really came together.


This is a nice floral green tea with lemon. The cherry blossom needs a bit of a steep to develop.

A sweet yet tantalizing drink from an oasis in a lost desert...

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