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(INW) Lemon

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I made a couple of tweaks to my last iteration of this recipe, and this new version is much better. First, I lowered the CAP Juicy Lemon and raised the INW Lemon. INW Lemon is really my favorite straight lemon flavor, but the INW Juicy Lemon adds some juiciness. Next, I dropped TPA Berry Mix in favor of INW Raspberry. I was just recently smelled INW Raspberry and I really wanting to use it in a recipe. I think it works really well alongside the Forest Fruit. The last change I made was to add some TPA Sweet Cream on the suggestion of a redditor. which added some sweetness to the cheesecake base.

Overall I think the lemon pairs up with the sweet berries very well, adding a nice tartness, while the cheesecake is more distinct than the last iteration. I'm really enjoying it after a 7 day steep.

Just a note...at lower temperatures, the lemon will be stronger and the berries will be weaker. If you usually vape at low temperature, you may want to cut the lemon in this recipe. Also in general the lemon will start stronger and mellow out the longer the juice steeps.

I published a recipe a while ago called Lemonberry Cheesecake. It was inspired (but not cloned) from a commercial juice of the same name. I never really thought the base was perfect, though.

I recently tried Simply Cheesecake and like it a lot. I think it comes together a lot better than many other cheesecakes I've tried. So I added the lemon and berries from my other recipe to it. I think the end result is pretty good. The lemon really serves to highlight the berries.

I debated whether to use just the Forrest mix or to mix TPA Berry Mix together with it. If you prefer you could probably leave out the TPA Berry Mix and double the Forrest Mix.

This is vapable after a few days but the cheesecake takes a bit of a steep to get its full depth.

This grape lemonade is the perfect vape for these hot summer days


This is a grape lemonade recipe designed for low voltage pod systems using nic salts.

Children of the eighties know that before Barney, there was the OG purple dinosaur. Purplesaurus Rex didn't show you he loved you with a great big hug; he crashed through your wall with his pal Koolaid Man in a face-melting blast of super fruity flavor. This was one of my favorite summertime drinks as a kid, second only to Hi-C Ecto Cooler. This mix hits the flavor profile perfectly.

FLV Grape has an artificial/candy grape flavor, like grape bubblegum or grape Kool-Aid. An obvious choice here.

Thanks to Botboy's original INW Lemonade combo (and to ID10-T for pointing it out in the r/DIY_eJuice FOTW Lemonade thread), I used INW Lemon Concentrate and INW Lemon Mix at a 3:1 ratio for a great lemonade base. The Lemon Concentrate is a sweet candy lemon flavor, and the Lemon Mix adds a touch of tart lemon zest. This is actually a more authentic lemonade than is probably called for in a Koolaid flavor profile, but with the FLV Grape on top, I think it still works best here. If it's too lemony for you, try leaving out the Lemon Mix.

You can adapt the recipe for sub-ohm vaping by reducing the fruit flavors by 30% and the coolant by 50% (FLV Grape 1%, INW Lemon Concentrate 2%, INW Lemon Mix 0.7%, Cap Super Sweet 0.25%, WS-23 1%).

Our hero Bogan Blackberries has arisen from the depths of Valhalla, with his trusty sidekick Ina Lemon to spread truth, justice, and the bogan way. Utilizing the power of Super sweet and creams, giving our hero the power to fight all evil.

This is a deep fried cherry pie, just like McDonalds used to make

theyearofmixing #mixinvixins

The name has changed but the taste is the same. I was going for a lemon pudding filled powdered donut, but ended up with a lemon chess bar. Not expected and maybe better than the original intention.


I smooth iced lemonade. My Daughter wanted a lemonade but different than what she has had before was hard for me to make as I love lemon but vaping lemon I just haven’t been able to do as most companies have it too strong for my tastes I started off small doses and found the perfect match I hope you enjoy it

For all you lemonade lovers, here is an elevated lemonade I know you will fall in lover with. Enjoy ...I would let the recipe breath 4 to 6 hours .

I used my cream base to make a sweet (with a bit o tartness ) Blackcurrant Ice Cream.

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