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Fruit Forward recipe, very simple but yet very complex. Grape in the front, kiwi for the body and mango for the tail. Excellent layered vape


So i think I've finished creating my grape candy stone, if you could call it that. It's just a very sweet candied artificial grape, which is what i was going for.

Then the bubblegum... Another pain in arse. Bubble gum concentrates are generally very dry and powdery, so a gain just the one wasn't enough. Fw jawbreaker really helps bring it all together.

I can't recommend or vouch for any substitutions in this recipe, as I've probably tried them all anyway.

If you like any kind of bubble gum, especially grape. You'll love this. Enjoy!


This is a remix of my grapple recipe. Grapple was the recipe I submitted for round one of diy or dies round one of the world mixing championship. All I changed in this remix is the apple used. In the original I used 3% Fuji apple by flavor art and in this version I used sour apple by flavorah which makes it a sour grapple lol. This is totally vapable after a shake but I find it best after an overnight steep it calms down quite a bit and has enough time to blend perfectly in about 12 hours. Enjoy this sour grapple!!!!

I love Grape Soda, so I had to make something that that I could vape that was similar. Played around with this one for awhile and hit spot on Welch's Grape Soda IMO.

No strange perfume or floral flavors. Not a dry vape, but not super wet. The grapes and champagne flavors play well together and the double apple brings it together. I use two sweeteners because they are different alone,. Together they give me something I like. I may be wrong, but it floats my boat in several of my mixes. A little sour wizard. You can leave it off if you are not a sour fan, but it won't be quite the same.

Nice shake and vape. Better after one to two days. After a week still nice and flavorful. I do let it breathe for a few hours after mixing it.

Tell me what you think and enjoy.

The flavor of your childhood, without getting stuck in your hair! Cloyingly sweet and artificial yet satisfying with a large mouthfeel, and neverending flavor.

A cool grape! add sweetener to taste. It's simple and curbs My "grape" cravings We couldn't have 1999 recipes posted so here is #2000 simple but good.

So grape..... I think alot of us have played with grape and know it can suck at times. Alot of people I've talked to alot of people, friends, mixers and the biggest things I hear is it taste muted or it just not satisfying. That's a feeling I wanted to try and solve and take it out of the box and this recipe is the product of that. Flavor notes below thanks for looking hope you enjoy.

Grape- TFA Grape juice, this is a great grape juice but it has its flaws. In my opinion its too linear by itself and its on the weak side so you have to go a little
higher on it to get what you need.
INW Black Currant&FW Blueberry, these two are used here to help bring up the grape juice and make it more rounded and full.
TFA Greek Yogurt, now this isn't used necessarily to make a grape yogurt but it has that tart or tang note that just helps bring out the grape and gives it
canvas to sit on.
FA Fresh Cream, this is here to help create that canvas with the Greek yogurt.
Cap Super Sweet, I just like a sweeter grape and I think it helps the profile but leave it out if you don't like sweetener

The INW Grape at 3.5% makes it prominent enough to ride right up front with the Wild Melon. The HS Grape is there to give the INW Grape a slight boost of candy aspect. You can sub the HS Grape with TFA Grape Candy. I didn't want to use the TFA because I wanted to gain more experience with Hangsen. The FLV Candy Roll percentage is perfect but doesn't do much in the way of flavor, its more there for the candy like chalky sweet mouth feel. The CAP Strawberry Taffy is rather weak so at 4% the Strawberry flavor is just there to take the sharpness away that the Wild Melon gives and the taffy note is useful in helping along the mouth feel of the FLV Candy Roll. CAP Super Sweet gives the vape a nice sweet candy finish on the exhale.

[Made on Live Mixing: Good Friday]
A bright, fun, grapey, fruit. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you're a Grape lover like me give this a try! An authentic Grape soda recipe with layers and depth. Work in progress for a very long time and I'm glad to release my very first finished recipe. Shake and vape certified but best after 3-4 days.

Since I started mixing I've been trying to perfect this to my tastes. I wanted something that tasted like those KA Grape drinks or Grape Fanta. It's not there, it's close but it satisfies the grape thirst.

I started out relying on INW Grape for the main Grape note but I it always took over and wasn't the same profile I wanted. I then turned to TFA Grape juice with INW Grape supporting but again this came off too perfumy and wasn't the right profile. From there I brought in bilberry to add some darkness, this brought me much closer to what I wanted but that Grape still wasn't right.

After buying all the grapes I could find I brought in WF Sweet and sour purple drink as the main Grape ingredient and this was it man, this was what I wanted to base this recipe around. It has an authentic Grape soda taste with the right amount of sweetness. I used this alongside TFA Grape juice to carry the recipe with a touch of INW Grape to add that artificial candy Grape note and FA Concord grape for little boost of authentic Grape to collectively give a well rounded Grape note.

I chucked in some FW Lemonade to lift everything up and add brightness to the mix.

FA Pear to add a touch of juicyness while giving the recipe a different dimension.

TFA Dragonfruit purely for its emulsifying abilities to give everything a stir.

Lastly Marshmallow, this acts as a smoothing agent while adding more sweetness.

Flavor Notes