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My take on an Arnold Palmer. While described as a concept mix, it suits my tastes for real and if you try it, I hope you like it too. This is also a tribute to my now ex wife who, after close to 700 days of her dragging her feet on the divorce, has finally let it all go. I give you this tall dry drink in honor of our time flushed down the drain. Full notes here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/8zlp5l/my_first_shared_recipe_arnold_plumber_unclogging/

Main Note:
INW Plum/Grape - Not very many recipes use Plum, but I loved its dryness, yet it was just a hair short of full. Which seemed appropriate to describe my ex so, rather than flesh out the insides (because there's none there), I decided to sweeten it up a bit. INW Grape carries some sweet, some purple but fades enough to let the dryness stand but occasional hints of sweetness keep you staying longer than you should. They help you forget this is mostly peel with no juiciness. Like an artificial sweetener that gives a hint of flavor which, at 1%, has no real substance.

FA Black Tea/LA Lemonade/FA Lemon Sicily - Black tea is dry. It needs some love. Here comes LA lemonade at 4%. Guess what? It's not enough. It's just enough sweetness for you to take the next drag, hoping, wanting, fingers crossed... Don't hold your breath. FA Lemon Sicily is that new Italian woman you've been seeing but she's just a hint compared to the baggage of your past. Sure, she's nice and sexy, but 0.5% is all you're willing to chance at this point. Maybe, eventually you'll up her to 0.75% but she shouldn't get her hopes up. She should enjoy the fact that you have healthy boundaries now.

TPA Honeysuckle - This adds some perfumic sweetness to confuse you. It's gaslighting at its finest. You keep saying, "But why are you so dry to me?" The flavor answers, "But I'm right here!" You can sense it, but it's got no mouthfeel -- just an ethereal empty promise of joy.

FLV Yakima Hops - This was the missing ingredient. It is the beer you wish you could use to wash away the misgivings. Instead it has turned to an earthy homage to humility that has brought you to hell and back again. It's there to remind you that you are now the salt of the earth. Hold your head high.

(Optional) Coolant:
FA Polar blast - I also mix this with Polar Blast at 0.5%,a necessary cold shoulder to her narcissism, that slight numbing coolness to wash it all down the drain like a dead goldfish that will become a radioactive monster in the underworld of the sewer system in some B movie. You survived, but there is no hero here. It was all dumb luck. Only time will tell if it was good or bad.

Let's hope the plumbing can handle the strain of the flush.

Additional Notes: This is good off the shake, but after 2 days the flavors all settle in to me enough and the hops begins to lend that slight fermentation hint.

Variations: One version that I liked, maybe a bit more, was with the addition of FA Bilberry at 0.5-1%.

The name says it all.
note on cooling agents: these levels assume you've built up a tolerance. It's meant to be brain-freeze cold, but not lethal. Tone it down if you regularly vape uncool juices.

An elegant Bellini infused with fresh mango, pineapple juice and coconut, kissed with a sprig of mint and a squeeze of fresh lime.

The inspiration came from a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly (why bother?) at my local grocer. The challenge was on to recreate this intriguing combination and this is the result...

TPA Champagne does a good job in providing the base of our Bellini but it lacks the authenticity needed for that that deep, refined, sparkling wine vibe. INW Grape boosts the grapiness of the Champagne and lays the foundation for the drink.

The fruit infusion comes with the compliments of the best mango and pineapple around... FLV Mano is revered for its pure mango goodness and combined with CAP Golden pineapple, provide a fantastical fruit melange.

FA Coco does a superb job in proving that real, creamy coconut milk type flavour without imparting any candy-like notes and sits beautifully I this mix at 1.5%.

The Cap Cool mint provides that delicate ‘real’ mint flavour which, combined with Lime Tahiti CP, provide the finishing touches to our Bellini.

Give this baby 5 days to fully come together before sipping gently on her...


An unashamedly fantastic chilled grape vape...

This is a continuation of my Icee range and compliments the rest of my chilled fruity range magnificently. Grape vapes are often taken for granted as they seem to be a ‘common’ fruit... BUT, when used correctly, it pays homage to the magnificence that is the humble grape.

Inw grape celebrates the grape, in its full glory, with a master stroke. Inawera has a nack for creating the most authentic fruit flavours and this is evident in INW Grape. It is a well balanced authentic grape with no profile dominating (sweet or acidity) which creates the most incredible, busts in your mouth, true grape flavour. This beauty does not contain the skin nor pips, which can often bring an unwanted bitter element.

The Fuji and Cactus provides a little juicyness and prevents linearity, often present in simple fruit vapes.
The cream adds a touch of mouthfeel to provide a bit of body and adds a little intrigue.
WS23 (or cooling agent of your choice) can be omitted or altered, depending on your taste profile.

Give this one 3 days to settle and she’s ready to go!

Spot-on to the picture
word word word word word

One of my first go to vendors was MBV. I always ordered their Thug Juice. I wanted to take a trip back to the roots of my vaping journey. This is a remix of my first ADV - Thug Juice.
OOO grape is the only grape i currently have in stock. I am quite sure that there are other grapes that may work in its place. If so, please let me know! :)

inspired by mountain dew pitch black. credit for the name goes to my friend Neil.

I wanted to make something of a Candy/Drink flavor with this batch something mellow, and sweet to calm my cravings. you can make this and tweak it a bit i want to perfect this so any recommendations or advice would be nice

This is my remix of SilverBack Boo Boo.

Its a nice, Light and Sweet Blueberry Grape.

I've been working on this for months. My best description is grape hubba bubba gum. It had to find a good grape combo. These grapes work well together. Comments are welcome.

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