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(INW) Dragon Fruit - Pitaya

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
Buy From: bcv gremlin wizard

Used in 685 recipes at an average of 1.225%.


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Tart lychee and dragon fruit on the inhale followed up by a gooey strawberry syrup on the exhale


A frozen cherry lemonade with just enough dragon fruit to take things in a unique direction.


This is a true muddling of flavors, difficult to nail down exactly what it is, aside from tasty.

The blueberry combo here has Bilberry adding more of the fleshy, more "true" blueberry notes, while FW is almost syrupy, vaguely candied berries. the combination doesn't have a truly dry element to it and leans more toward the sweeter side of what makes blueberries so tasty.

The peach combo was put together as an effort to build more body off of the delicate nature of white peach, while helping pare down the harshness of the peach juicy.

The magic here though is really all on the Pitaya. INW's dragonfruit is sort of hard to pin down, not the emulsification agent that TFA dragonfruit is, and more of a real fruit flavor. It's a potent one, and it sort of turns things in a unique direction here.

The ws-23 is pretty obvious, adding a refreshing chill and really makes this a more spring and summer mix than anything else.

INW mango is actually the new INW Mango & Tango.

Getting ready for warm weather

Pretty simple and tasty melon and cucumber mix. I added the dragon fruit for some sweet tartness. The cucumber provides a juicy and refreshing element to the delicious, delicious flv wild melon.


I'd like to thank u/Foment_Life and u/EdibleMalfunction for the advice that got me started on this profile.

I'm a fan of INW Pitaya and wanted to make a light cream based on it.

At 1.7%, it's enough to be a top note, without being too overwhelming.
FA Bilberry and FW Blueberry are nice side notes that pair well with the pitaya and provide more body to the mix.
FLV Cream, TPA Bavarian Cream and TPA Vanilla Swirl make up a light cream base with hints of vanilla, that doesn't overwhelm the fruits.

Needs at least a week of steeping for the creams to come through.

Any input is much appreciated.


You know me, I go in blind and figure it out as I go. This works for me for now, so we'll see if I can't improve upon it later. Knowing me, this will be average at best until I hit version 26, so do what you want with this shitpost.

Basic idea was to work with a bunch of ambiguous flavors in order to create something reminiscent of a white gummy bear soda. It's on the way there. Notes below.

CAP Silverline 27 Bears - this shit is interesting. I've played around with it a bunch in the last two weeks I've had it, and there's a lot you can do with it. Low percentages just gives a candy citrus note, while the higher it's pushed, the more we get a sort of "white gummy bear" suggestion. It's moderately smooth, pretty low on the chemical taste (good job Capella, you gave us an all in one candy that doesn't taste like the piss from a Chernobyl victim), and has some nice mixed fruit flavor. It's still very citrus/pineapple forward, but there's hints of everything in here. At 4%, it holds weight in the mix as the gummy bear base.

TPA Dragonfruit / INW Dragonfruit - so to play off the pineapple notes of a white gummy bear, without actually using a pineapple flavor, TPA Dragonfruit is the way to go. I find that a lot of the pineapple options really overpower any mix that they're in, so I wanted to accentuate that profile without obliterating the mix. TPA Dragonfruit has some really nice ambiguity to it as you push it's limits. Instead of using it here as a way to bind flavors together or accent other flavors, it's actually being used to add to the citrus/pineapple profile. Using INW Dragonfruit provides us with a bit more body and depth, as that flavor is significantly more "realistic." With that, we get some mouthfeel, a little bit of suggested creaminess, which is crucial to preventing this recipe from just being akin to licking a car battery.

VT Fizzy Sherbet / FW Beetle Juice - so these two work together nicely to create our soda base. VT Fizzy Sherbet is a delicious lemon-lime soda profile, feels oddly similar to if you added Sprite or 7-Up to some sort of fruit punch. While it isn't simply a lemon-lime soda, it definitely gives us a bit of bite and, well, fizziness to the recipe. FW Beetle Juice is here to fill in the gaps and provide a little extra full fruit flavor to prevent the onslaught of pineapple and citrus. I've found in previous recipes that FW Beetle Juice does a great job at filling in the gaps and adding some depth to TPA Dragonfruit, and that's exactly what it's doing here. If anything, I believe we can push this even higher in future attempts, while dialing back a bit on the Dragonfruit(s)/27 Bears.

CAP Super Sweet - I've seen the light last year, and 2019 is no exception. In recipes like this, adding some Super Sweet helps round out some of the harsh edges. Adjust percentage to your own preference, but this seems like a mix that really could benefit from even more sweetener. We'll see.

OPTIONAL - WS-23 - I made the recipe, and it's a fruity one, so obviously I'm adding 0.75% WS-23. You don't need to, but a little bit of this will definitely add to the "soda" aspect of the mix.

Alright, do what you want with this. I needed something new to vape, and this does what I needed. You all already know I dial in 95% of the shit that I post on here, so don't take it too seriously.


Not an exact clone of the nectarine/strawberry Pachamama but its damn tasty.

Apple Fuji and Double Apple are the main notes of this vape. To me it brings a nice red apple flavor with out the skin.
Dragon Fruit and Sweet Guava bring in some extra juiciness and some sweetness.
Strawberry (Ripe) and Sweet Strawberry are doing their thing, being strawberry and tasty.
Juicy Orange and Sweet Tangerine aren't on the label on the original, nectarine is, but this is tangy delicious combo.
Sweetener to taste, recommend at least .5% but I just tried it with 1% and its really really good.

Originally I put this on a 3 day steep time but have mixed up another bottle and couldn't wait to crack into it. I now give this a shake and vape certification.

Tested in the Falcon Tank and the Entheon.


The Mixers' Club topic for September was "Back to School", and this was my submission. I wanted to create a fusion of beer and energy drinks to really capture the quintessence of the theme, and I thought this was finished until I read ID10-T's feedback:

Hop infused rhubarb and dragonfruit energy drink is a crazy profile, but i think this just about gets it done. I’ve got like 1,200 flavors and somehow this recipe has two that I don’t have, Green Goblin and Pink Panther, so I was intrigued to try it. It’s cold but not too cold and I’m not sure it’s something I’d want to taste without it being nicely chilled. The green energy drink flavor was never my favorite but it seems to just mostly fill this all out. My favorite thing about it is that after the hit of coolant and in front of this constant backdrop of green stuff I get a progression of flavors, hops, INW dragonfruit, that nifty sort of rhubarb sweetened with red berry juice. All of them intensify with extended vaping like watching a play and getting to know the cast of characters and caring about them so much that the fact that it’s cold in the theater and the curtain is an unnatural neon sticky sweet green isn’t super distracting anymore.

If I could change one thing about this recipe, it’s that the overall flavor is a touch light to me. Normally I appreciate that in that it won’t wear out my palate but this is such an odd combo that I feel like it ought to be LOUD as well as weird. I only tried it in my favorite RDA so this an untested theory, but I have a feeling that if I put it in a shitty subohm tank with prebuilt coils it would taste like cold sweet nothing. I want this to be something that would be plenty of flavor in that sort of setup. I want my face blasted off with these flavors. I don’t want it overdone and throwing up off notes everywhere, but I do want it pushed right up to the limit, just every flavor in here giving me its all. A crazy bold mix for a crazy bold profile, no feather touch stuff, no more Mr. Nice Guy. If I had bought this as a one-shot mixed it at 12%, I’d try it again at 15%. Might wind up regretting it, but I’d at least give it a shot.

After reading this, I knew he understood the vision. So I went back to work and made this thing aggressive, confusing, and obnoxiously loud.. just like it should be. Some of the nuance and layering was destroyed in the process, but that's not what we're here for. I didn't want to add an excessive amount of neon green "Monster" flavor, so I just added 1% to the original formula. I turned the Fizzy Sherbet up to 4% from 1.25%, which is what really makes this thing fight back. Yakima Hops went from 1.5% to 2% to add some bite. Anything past 1.5% with Pitaya made the thing too floral, so that was as far as I could take it from 1%. Finally, the most difficult thing to figure out was Pink Panther. It really knows how to dominate a mix so I could only take it up to .6% from .5% without getting too weird. It adds just the right amount of rhubarb/red currant without covering up everything else.


Watered Melons, is a great Watermelon flavor up front, with a nice sweet melon finish. Plain, Simple, and tasty!

I had stumbled across the DIY or DIE show where Wayne talks about Water Malone. I've always wanted a simple watermelon flavor and never found it. I was super stoked to see all the positive feedback he got on it and wanted to give it mix.

However, I didn't have a few of the flavors so I decided to give it a shot and replace what I didn't have with what I do. I replaced the FLV Watermelon with Cap Sweet Watermelon, the TPA Dragon Fruit with INW Dragon Fruit, and the FLV Wild Melon with TPA Honeydew (because I'm a sucker for Honeydew vapes). I was well aware that changing these flavors around would drastically alter what he intended for the recipe to taste like but I was blown away with what the mix turned out to be.

I've tacked all the missing flavors onto my list to order and am looking forward to mixing up the real Water Malone and seeing how they compare side to side.

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