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(INW) Custard

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct

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Custard custard custard, sorry no sharks, just almond and cookie!!!


EDIT 4/25/18: I'm editing this recipe to change the percentage of INW Creme Brulee from 3% to 1% (and DIYFS Holy Vanilla from 1.5% to 1%).

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, here, because whatever the unsavory note is in INW CB that so many people are picking up I don't taste at all, but too many damn fine mixers have pointed it out to me for me to not do something.

To anyone whom I might have emotionally scarred with my over-exuberant use of Creme Brulee, I cannot apologize enough. I love you guys, and the last thing I'd want to do is hurt you. Thank you so much for all of the feedback, you cannot imagine how valuable it is to me, because I have no one in meat-space (who vapes) to bounce ideas off of, and reign me in when I start letting my weird palate & kinky appetites take the wheel. You guys keep me sane... ish. ;-)

"Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?"

A rich, voluptuous smoked vanilla custard with a hint of dark tobacco. Tastes like sin.

Cap Vanilla Custard + INW Custard + INW Creme Brulee = My Current Custardstone.
These ratios are more or less my favorite, though if I'm topping this custard with fruit, I normally start the CAP VC at 4%. However, 5% is perfect here, because it really stands up against the smoke notes, and makes the whole experience more... rapturously rich.
Even if you're nervous about tobaccos, do not omit the INW Black for Pipe, please! It keeps the “smokiness” of the recipe from being too one-note, and adds this really bewitching, dark complexity to the vanilla. This is not a tobacco recipe, but it needs the mystery that INW Back for Pipe brings.
FA Black Fire bumps up that pagan bonfire note, and DIYFS's Holy Vanilla has never tasted so unholy. It's as sweet as the devil whispering in your ear.

I'd like to say this recipe has no culinary reference, but one night, about 3 days after I mixed it, I happened upon what turned out to be my favorite episode of “A Cook's Tour” on Netflix.

If you've never seen “A Cook's Tour”, I can't say that I actually recommend it. The production values are horrible, especially in light of Bourdain's other shows like “No Reservations” or the masterfully shot and edited “Parts Unknown”.

Still, food shows are my heroin, and a major source of cooking/mixing inspiration, so even though I found “A Cook's Tour” mostly hard to watch, Season 1 Episode 18 “The French Laundry Experience” is an absolute gem, and is so friggin' hot it pretty much qualifies as porn for me.

Specifically, at one point during the dessert orgy at French Laundry, Thomas Keller serves Anthony Bourdain a tobacco leaf and coffee custard as a sort of cheeky homage to the bad-boy chef, reducing him to a giggling, blushing schoolgirl. It was the first of a few ah-ha! moments for me, because I felt like my desire to include tobacco in a custard recipe wasn't so weird after all. It also made me think that adding a tiny bit of coffee flavoring might be a nice touch in future iterations.

The next ah-ha! moment came when, after 40 days of struggling with my impatience, I cracked open my batch of Black Phillip that I swore I wouldn't touch for at least 2 months, and tested it. Turns out that one wildcard ingredient that might not work, the Inawera Classic Black for Pipe, was right at home in that dark, smoky whirl of decadent custard fog. It definitely wasn't “ready” yet, but it hinted at some unusual and intriguing things to come.

It's now been steeping for about 50 days, and I've already decided I'm immediately mixing 2 more 60ml batches, at least one of which I hope to steep long term, like 3 months minimum, but ideally until late October, early November, when the smoky, lightly sweet complexity should shine like a beacon against a chilly autumn night.

Oh, and another thing, this recipe is a madman with a cup of coffee in the morning.


This goes against my usual mixing style where I love to take a reference from real life and recreate it into vape form. Guanabana or soursop seems to have some medicinal benefits. Never actually had soursop pudding but it is a thing apparently.

If there was a medicine that cured a spectrum of illnesses this is what I'd like it to taste like

I am a pot user, and I strongly believe in its medical properties. I use thc and cbd to treat pain, mild insomnia and hypertension. My wife also uses CBD to treat her anxiety and I must say that it seems to have helped more then her prescription junk.

FLV Soursop very much like their guanabana but to me has an earthy muskiness to it. The way I see it is, Guanabana is like a finished commercial product of guanabana and soursop is ripping a guanabana off a tree in Puerto Rico and eating it. Guanabana is very acidic heavy which is where the "sour" comes from. Earthy plus acidic brings me to next ingredient.

FLV Yakima Hops, this flavor reminds me a lot of the terpenes that I come across in my THC use. Citrusy, piney and earthy all my favorite characteristics of some medical herb. In vape form it lends a refreshing and interesting mouthfeel. This ingredient is great with tropical fruits IMO.

The tiny amount of coconut plus custard and pudding is what makes up the cream/pudding base.

Honeysuckle was added to this recipe early on because it was the only thing i had close to floral. Turns out I dropped down the % and it instead acts as an "enhancer" to that tropical fruit.

Im interested to see if anyone enjoys this like I do
Concrete River named me "Lord of the Custard Apples" thats when I realized maybe I should throw this on ATF.

From time to time, my wife will simmer a pot of vanilla extract, slices of lemons, and sprigs of rosemary with water to scent the house. It is a delicious smelling aroma . . . and apparently, one of the scents that WIlliams Sonoma uses to scent their stores (hence the name). I've always been enthralled by the scent and thought it might make for an interesting vape. Recently, she bought a cool mist aromatherapy diffuser and got amber vanilla, lemon, and rosemary scents to use in it. I found myself drawn to it. The amber vanilla added an almost bakery type aroma to the mixture, and I decided to get some rosemary concentrate to try my hand at this flavor. I got into DIY to scratch the itch for flavors that I could not readily buy . . . and this is something I've been wanting for quite some time.
I wanted vanilla to be dominant with lemon and rosemary falling in line behind it, so I went with parts in a 3-2-1 format (3 parts vanilla, 2 parts lemon, 1 part rosemary). This may be nonsensical, but I'm new to this and was trying to recreate the notes I get when inhaling the simmering potpourri/cool mist diffuser scent my wife concocts.
I went with DIYFS Holy Vanilla and INW Shisha Vanilla weighted evenly because I wanted a light, creamy vanilla that could hold its own against the acidic bite of the lemon and the herb notes of the rosemary.
FA Lemon Sicily and CAP Juicy Lemon were used based on lemon flavors I already had. I didn't want this to be too lemon forward so I tried to keep it light and bright.
INW Shisha Rosemary was the only choice that I found for this recipe and (so far) is not too strong in comparison to the other aromas.
FA Meringue and INW Custard were used to add a little bit of that bakery note I was getting from the amber vanilla scent my wife was using in the diffuser and for mouthfeel.
TPA Sweetener was used just to round everything off with a last slight touch of sweetness.
In my opinion, this is exactly what I was looking for in the flavor. I mixed it up, shook the crap out of it, and gave it a try. I'm pleased and very interested to see how this changes with time.
I know my notes are fairly sparse in description, but I am working on getting better at describing how and why I chose the flavors/percentages . . . this is my first published recipe. If you mix it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

This is a nice creamy base for multiple uses and its yummy on its own.

Mix it
Shake it
Age it
Vape it

Looking to create that perfect mix of caramels that is so rich most people wont want to vape it. Coil killer, sweet tooth, smile on my face, good stuff. Definitely a work in progress. Open to suggestions, but only from those of you that have a sweet tooth to rival that of my own. :)


Banana Creme Brulee. Thanks to my new favorite INW Custard this is good even as a S&V. 3 days its gold.

This entry is a twist on two classic recipes combined into one, strawberry's and cream and banana's and cream, but the twist is.. There was never any banana! And Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!

I had never played with TFA Quince until recently, and realized its potential with the correct strawberry as it has a smooth and slightly over sweet flavor. The TFA Organic Strawberry was my first thought as it has a slightly tart taste to it that compliments and lightly tones down the Quince while adding light notes of banana while the INW Custard leaves a creamed distinct finish.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 1

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