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(INW) Custard

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct

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Who doesn't like eggnog around Christmas time amiright? The Christmas Mix is amazing!

I always come back to pear. I love the different directions that you can go with it, and I especially like to use TFA Pear. This one I went a different route and based it around FA Pear. I also added INW Pear to complete the fruit part of the profile.
It's that time of the year... When I started working on this recipe it was October '17 and I was starting


I used FA Custard Premium and not the regular custard.

This recipe in no means taste like the Ultramel custard we know in South Africa. Also this is still a work in progress unless you believe its good as is. Anyway what I can say is, is that this is by far the best custard vape I've ever had. I've tried Kreeds and 3rdWorld custard but they dont do it for me. I hope you guys enjoy this one.


This is essentially a chocolate custard style dessert with a caramel sauce. It's not a thick caramel, but more of a brown sugar and butter mixture type sauce.
The custard base here is a combo of both CAP and INW. The INW is more of a realistic egg custard that's true to the dessert. I add the CAP here to lend that buttery note that it incorporates with that rich vanilla. This worked better than trying to add TFA or CAP butter in this mix. That butter note lends to authenticity of the caramel sauce.
FLV Cream helps build on the cream note, but it also works to blend the custard and the chocolate.
JF milk chocolate and HS Australian make a great pairing here. If you have the OG INW feel free to sub that for the JF but the new version doesn't work. The buttery note that's in CAP custard also helps the milk chocolate here. JF milk chocolate is pretty good but it needs some sort of fatty richness to help cream it out if that makes sense, and that's what happens here. The HS gives it a little darkness to the chocolate layer so it's a bakers chocolate and not a Hershey bar.
Overall this is a very decadent mix. It has a balanced creamy custard note with a nice chocolate and caramel back note. If you like chocolate or custard then you need to give this a shot. Best of all it you don't have to wait weeks, I've vaped it after just 3 days but it's blended at it's best after 5 days. I've gone through 3-30ml bottles of this so I figured I'd share it with the world. Enjoy!

A creamy , thick brulee with soft pear undertones - perfect for those indulgent moments...

The delicate notes of the pear is celebrated by a delicious, creamy custard - not too sweet, not too heavy - just so...

The brulee base is my go-to brulee - this ratio is a perfect combination and requires no additional vanilla to enhance the pear IMO. Feel free to add 1% INW Vanilla Shisha for a boost of Vanilla.

FA Pear brings the juicy, run down your chin, pear with INW Pear providing the gritty texture, crunch and mouth feel.

This is good after 3-5 days!!


Note/disclaimer : I know this is my fourth published recipe in recent weeks, but my time to play with flavors and mixes is limited. I teach elementary school and leading up to and being on break this past week have afforded me a little more wiggle room. These mashups/remixes are thoughts I've had while not having time to mix new recipes (usually on the car ride to and from work). Also, my second remix of Cardinal . . . the perfect RY4. I'm still tinkering with some original mixes: a pear/custard cornbread tart and a blueberry-basil/almond pie. I just have more tweaking to do.


Another mash up with some remixing . . . Twisted Obsidian by ENYAWREKLAW (obsidian is black) and Cardinal by Fear (cardinals become Popes).

The name can be seen as commonplace, as it's another name for the head of the Jesuits (or Praepositus Generalis). Conversely, it can be read more ominously referring to St. Malachy's 12th century prophesy that said there would be 112 more Popes, with the last one being the “black Pope,” ushering us toward the end times. Regardless of how you read it, I just enjoyed the play on the original recipe names . . . and the picture is actually Saint Ignatius of Loyola (the first Black Pope of the Jesuits).

Twisted Obsidian: FLV Cookie at 3%; changed up the graham cracker, dropping GC Clear (1.5%) in favor of FLV Graham Cracker (0.75%) and CAP Graham Cracker (1%) . . I like the hint of cinnamon I get from CAP and the additional texture from the FLV; dropped FA Butterscotch for FLV Butterscotch (1%), which I think goes well with the cream, custard, and caramel of the RY4; omitted the RY4 Double (3%) for the superior Holy Grail Ry4 at 4%; dropped CAP VC (0.5%) to amp up the creamy custard aspect with INW Custard at 1.5% and Devon Cream at 1% (automatic custard mixed with the marriage of cream and vanilla).

Cardinal: I used the Holy Grail RY4 as a replacement for RY4 Double in Twisted Obsidian, dropping the original percentage from 8 to 4. It also plays real well with the Custard, Devon Cream, and Butterscotch. I dropped the FLV Red Burley from 0.75% to 0.5%, and omitted FLV Kentucky Blend in favor of FLV Native Tobacco and brought the percentage up to 0.5. Red Burley is great with just about anything you throw it at, and I really dig the slightly spicier note of the Native.

I'm calling it a shake and vape even though I mixed it up yesterday while watching football and waited until today to try it. I mixed it 60vg/40pg. Another dessert vape . . . creamy, caramel custard with some spicy notes of tobacco and cookie.


It's getting wintry here, bringing memories of winter evenings in cozy pubs.
Peat fire blazing, whiskey and conversation flowing in equal measure.
Warmth and comfort and ease.

I love whiskey, I'll drink the good ones neat and mix the not-so-good ones with ginger ale.

I also love ginger cake with custard.
Let's be real: I love custard, and ginger, and whiskey.

I'm a fan of Coop's Kiwi Bourbon, the toasted marshmallow and bourbon really sing together in that recipe, which got me to wondering about where else they might shine together. (Coop tells me that ID10-T was the one who first mentioned the combo - so hat tip to him too!)

I recently got some INW Custard and it's the perfect custard to me, it's not overly eggy, it's not terribly sweet, it's velvety and just the right amount of heavy. It doesn't even need to be steeped, which is some kind of miracle in and of itself. I'm using it here for both flavor and for mouthfeel.

Because it's holiday season, I wanted to add a little spice, another layer of warmth. I wanted something that'd be well-served by the other aromas, that could add another flavor dimension without being getting lost in the mix or taking it over completely. CAP Gingerbread fit the bill perfectly.

This has a decadent boozy sweetness on the inhale, with an almost candied ginger tang that lingers after the creamy custard on the exhale.

You can dial back the custard a little if you're not as big a fan as I am (0.75% still works fine), but I wouldn't recommend any substitutions.

You can shake and vape if you don't mind a strong bourbon kick, but steeping for 72 hours to let everything come together works better.

Remixed my White Hummingbird, which was a cross between ENYAWREKLAW’s Yeo Layer and ID10-T’s Longing. I traded out FA Coco’ for FLV Coconut (at 0.5% . . . more on this in a bit). Dropped FLV Cream and FA Cream Fresh (1% each) in favor of OOO Cream Milky Undertone at 1%. I kept FE Sweet Rice (5%), TFA Honeysuckle (3%), and DFS Holy Vanilla (2%) where they were from the White Hummingbird.

I moved away from FA Meringue and TFA Vanilla Swirl in favor of the concentrates that make up Deejay_mills pudding stone (search /r/DIY-eJuice for pudding stone), changing up the percentages a bit. I went with FLV Vanilla Pudding at 2%, INW Custard at 1.25%, and (here’s where the coconut comes back into play) the aforementioned FLV Coconut at 0.5%.

All of this was attempted to make use of a new concentrate (and subsequently turn the white hummingbird pink) . . . FA Red Bean. Red Bean (adzuki/azuki) paste is a staple in Asian desserts . . . it is also in some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had (Red Bean Ice Cream from The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory in NYC). I’ve been obsessed with red bean desserts since I first tried the ice cream in 2000. It is a sweet, savory, earthy flavor that just speaks to me . . . it almost reminds me of a sweeter, softer, raw red-skinned peanut.

Red Bean is a natural pairing with sweet rice and custard/pudding. I started out at 0.5%, but that was way too forward. It overtook everything. I halved it, and it seems to be sitting pretty at 0.25% (I should have just taken Wayne's advice in his Red Bean Ice Cream recipe and not wasted my time and nicotine being hard headed). The sweet rice and creamy, vanilla custard/pudding make up the foundation and rides the front of the exhale. The earthy red bean paste gets swirled into the rice custard as you hit the midway point of the exhale. Finally, at the end of the exhale the honeysuckle just peaks through in a beautiful way.

Mixed 60vg/40pg and shook it up. This is definitely a SNV given the FE Sweet Rice. I will update as it steeps, but, off a shake, it is extremely well layered: starchy, sweet rice custard upfront . . . savory, earthy red bean in the middle . . . sweet vanilla-honeysuckle on the end. It is creamy throughout and, in my opinion, extremely enjoyable. I know it’s not for everyone, but, if you are a fan of red bean/red bean paste desserts, the FA Red Bean is a must have.

Inspired by Fear's Cardinal (a cardinal is a Prince of the Church) crossed with Bigglesworth's Prairie/Grizzly Vapes' Nanner Bear (prairie = the Great Plains). Throw in a little FLV Tatanka Tobacco (tatanka is a Lakota, a Great Plains Native American tribe, word referring to the buffalo) mixed with some creamy, custard, and we have The Prince of the Great Plains.

The Cardinal inspiration - DFS Holy Grail RY4 (4%) and FLV Red Burley (0.5%). The original Cardinal (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/24962#cardinal_by_fear . . . which is outstanding) was 8% Holy Grail RY4 and 0.75% Red Burley with 0.25% FLV Kentucky Blend. I cut the Holy Grail in half to make room for DK Tobacco from Prairie . . . lowered Red Burley to 0.5% and switched Kentucky Blend out with Tatanka (bumping the percentage up to 0.5%) Tatanka really adds to the nutty, caramel vibe, which steers this even father away from a tobacco and more towards a dessert.

The Prairie/Nanner Bear inspiration - /u/project_twenty5oh1's Nanner Bear clone, which became Prairie (see edit below) was a revelation when I first tried it. So earthy and different from most of the other commercial juices I'd tried (with the exception of Grizzly's Nanner Bear). I subbed out TFA Peanut Butter in favor of TFA Toasted Almond (1%) for the nutty aspect of Prairie. I kept TFA Banana Cream and Banana Nut Bread but dropped them to 1% each (as opposed to the original percentages 5 and 3, respectively). The flavor that really sets Prairie (and I assume Nanner Bear not knowing the recipe) apart is TFA DK Tobacco Base. It's odd and earthy but not necessarily what I think of when I think of tobacco. However, it is delicious nonetheless and necessary, in my opinion. I dropped it from 6% to 3% to make room for the Holy Grail RY4.

Because this is a dessert, I wanted to wrap it all up with a custard. I went with CC Devon Cream (1%) and INW Custard (1.5%) to smooth out the base of the custard. The TFA Banana Cream also plays nice with the custards/creams. INW Custard is an instantly vapable custard, but I'm intersted to see how/if this changes with a steep.

With that being said, I mixed up a 10mL tester of this at 60vg40pg and have plowed through about half of the bottle dripping it in my Hadaly clone . . . so it is definitely a SNV. It checks all of the boxes I was hoping for: a creamy, nutty caramel custard with notes of banana and the earthiness of tobacco floating around in it. When I finish this bottle, I plan on throwing some FA Polar Blast at it and, possibly, a drop or two of Axiom's Icicles to complete that ode to Bigglesworth/Grizzly Vapes. I think it will play well with the caramel aspect based on how much I loved BDY's K2, a Canadian juice that was a caramel-vanilla tobacco with a kiss of icy menthol. I'll also mix up a larger batch of this recipe by itself and see how it steeps, as this tester will not see tomorrow. I will update when I figure it all out.

Edit - try this url for twenty5oh1's original post: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/2luk9u/project_twenty5oh1s_nannerpolar_bear_clone_xpost/


This is a eggnog custard pie with a graham cookie crust!!! I figured with the approaching holidays why not put out an eggnog recipe!! I made 7 different profiles and it was between this and a boozy eggnog ice cream that I enjoyed the most. I may still release the other eggnog profile I liked but for now this one takes care of my eggnog cravings. I hope you enjoy or at least get some useful ideas from this recipe.

The graham cookie crust:
I used a combination of flavorah cookie and graham cracker with a little help from flavorah pastry zest. Pastry zest has a dual purpose it helps spice up the eggnog custard filling as well as the graham cookie crust. I find pastry zest likes to be used at a bit higher of a percentage for an additive ingredient like it is I think it shines in the 2% - 2.5% range here I used it at 2.5%.

The eggnog custard filling:
For this I used a combination of flavorah eggnog and inawera custard with a supporting hand from flavor art Vienna cream and a sprinkle of flavorah rich cinnamon. I made 7 different eggnog profiles while developing this recipe and I found that flv eggnog is much better in the 3% - 3.5% range when most are using it lower I think they are missing out because it is a much Fuller flavor at 3.5% and it is creamier as well and out of all seven of the profiles I ended up bringing the eggnog up to at least 3% because once I knew the difference in using this ingredient from 3% -3.5% there was no going back I had to use it at 3% - 3.5%. I used inawera custard because I wanted a creamy custard with no vanilla I only wanted the creamy custard and that's what I got at 2%. I used Vienna cream by flavor art because it is known for having eggnog like qualities at higher percentages. Now I didn't need any more eggnog flavor so I used Vienna cream at a standard 1.5% just to help conjoin the eggnog and the custard and help make them both creamier and it doesn't hurt that its an eggnog style of creaminess.

Steep time:
This recipe tastes decent on day three but take my word on it just let it sit for 10- 14 days because once all the flavors conjoin together and become one this recipe really comes alive.

Like always sweeten to taste me I use flavorah sweetness anywhere from .25%-.50% in almost all my mixes. I am not putting it in the ingredient list because most of you use a different sweetener and that's fine that's what's great about diy no one can tell you how you want it!!! I used flavorah sweetness at .25% in this mix because it doesn't need to be overly sweetened and .25% seems to be just right for my taste preference.

Flavor Notes