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(INW) Coffee

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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Used in 105 recipes at an average of 1.682%.


7 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Sweet, creamy coffee.....I love Thai Coffee. It’s an indulgence that I cannot have anymore so I had to make it into vape form. A work in progress.....but I like it as it is right now. Might need a touch more coffee, but we shall see.

Kahlua Chili Chocolate Coctail. Mexican Coctail with milk, kahlua, chili and chocolate.


Needs about 10-15 Days for the creams to blend and the coffee to pop!

Coffee INW is KAWA


(Coffe (INW) is Kawa (INW)
NOT to be confused with Inawera Coffee. This one will have "Kawa" on the label, it is much milder, will have a very light brown color and can be used at higher % then their much stronger Coffee.

i added 3 drops Super Sweet (CAP) @ 30ml
Livε Mixεd @ Vape Alchεmists Discord Channεl 04/Fεbruary/2018

Vanilla cream cookies dropped in a cup of coffee.
P.S. INW Coffee in the original mix is INW Kawa at the same percentage. INW Kawa, unfortunately, is missing from the All the Flavors data base.

Simple recipe with some burley tobacco, coffee, caramel , biscuit and vanilla (creamy). The coffe flavor used is Coffee Kawa (INAWERA).

A recipe based on tobacco , coffee and biscuit. Ideal for all day vaping. The coffee flavor used is Coffee Kawa (Inawera).

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