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A smooth blended red bull & creme drink, perfect for a summer day or whatever. inspiration from a coffee house in my region

If you like the original Lava Flow then you'll love this. A sweet strawberry, pineapple, coconut vape sure to put the original to rest!

Smooth, white coconut flesh with a sweet, juicy pineapple bite wrapped in a red strawberry dress. Enjoy this strawberry pina colada vape!

My husband got the real New York to Paris juice in a VapeBox back ages ago when he was still getting it and he LOVED it. So I was given the task to try and come up with a mix like it. It took a long time to find the right brands of each of the flavors but I am certain and so is my Husband that I have found the right flavors. He couldn't be happier about this mix. He says it is so close to the real thing. He has vaped 2- 60ml bottles of it over the last few weeks. This one really was a labor of love and I am glad I have finally gotten close enough to be able to lay this quest to rest. lol...
Lindbergh Vapor Company New York to Paris: Flavor Description- Exotic Fruits and Cream. A sweet unique blend of Peach, Lychee, Coconut and Cream.
We smell and taste a light Graham Cracker finish in the original as well so that is why there is Graham in this mix.. Give it a mix and let me know what you think, have I gotten as close as my husband says I have?

This a truly creamy coconut cream meringue. I took inspiration from various lemon meringue pies but I was looking for something less pungent than straight up lemon meringue. I think the whole secret to smooth pout the lemon flavor in general is FA Apple pie and FA meringue. For the coconut side FLV Sweet coconut is unbeatable but I wanted to help with the other 2 coconuts I had for different notes. To add creaminess FA Custard premium is my favourite and FW coconut cream pie give a good base. Probably all this could be done way easier and with fewer ingredients by an experienced mixer. After a few attempts I love the result. It needs a few days to settle up but after that it's creamy goodness. The % are a bit high for somebody but I feel they work for me. Sweetener is also optional but after trying both I prefer it with.
I would like to thank many mixer who I took inspiration from , expecially DazCole, but I don't remeber all the recepies I looked at, so thank you mixer community!
p.s . If you feel the lemon still pungent, add a few drops of TFA Smooth or similar.

No Description Needed.
it's Coconut 🥥 Cream 🍦 Cookies. 🍪

Enjoy!!! 🍦🍪🥥

This is my first mix with FA Mango and INW Coconut. So far this has balanced nicely. A nice tropical flavour that is full bodied.

FA Mango is the main flavour here.

INW Coconut is here to add sweetness and creamyness to the mango.

TPA Juicy Peach is added to try and 'ripen' the mango flavour.

You could use this as a SnV but I'm letting it steep for 5 days to see how the flavours settle. So far it is a full body flavour with only 5% flavouring.

HC Mango is actually HC Malaysia Mango!

This is a Virgin mango pina colada. It was inspired long ago by this recipe by Jwdman in /r/mixersclub (join today!)

As you can see, it ended up not really resembling that recipe all that much.

The real star here is HC Malaysia Mango. It’s got a really subtle cooling sensation with a sort of mango nectarine type of juiciness. Earlier versions I played around with SC Island Tobacco and INW Cocopilada to get the pina colada stuff in there, but in the end decided to do more of a “build your own” pina colada-esque thing with INW Coconut and Pineapple.

The Malaysia Mango on the coolness scale I would say is around FA Polar Blast at .5-.8%. Hard to say for sure because I don’t like that cooling sensation all that much, so I don’t use those additives. But it’s not distracting here. If you really, really don’t like it, replace the Malaysia Mango with FE Mango at 2-3% and cross your fingers that the FLV Cream will help it keep from fading too much.

I don’t do a lot of fruit stuff, so my description is probably lacking a bit. Just try it. Or don’t. I like it.

My version of the traditional Indian drink "Mango Lassi". Rich milk/yogurt taste combined with mangos, honey , coconut and cardamom.

An exotic mix with bananas, coconuts, pineapples and limes. A little rum and vanilla flavor. Note there is also on it Mississippi (INAWERA) 1% but I can't find it in the database.

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