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(INW) Cherries

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One on one makes the cherry blossom tea which is a nice flavor imo. It's a light, soft and sweet with a hint of cherries in the aroma. It has a slight black tea bitterness which I like in a tea. Inewera cherries just make up the body with a sweet cherry flavor without the medicinal off note. I like a bit of cream and sugar with my tea hence the rest of the ingredients. I love Cherry's and this is a nice easy tea recipe with a fantastic aroma. Regards all. (Hangsen vanilla is a better vanilla in this recipe imo. Increased the cherries to 2.5 and added inawera marzipan at .5 to fill in the base with an extra cherry note) Regards all


Uses Obsidian base by Wayne Walker https://diyordievaping.com/2017/05/01/obsidian-cookie-ry4-by-enyawreklaw-diy-e-liquid-recipes/

I think Obsidian is really a pretty well thought out recipe and appreciate the way that it's been designed to be bent and added to in simple ways. The cookie dough in it might be a bit polarizing depending upon your tastes but it does really need to steep a bit.

I didn't want to make "toppings" as Wayne suggests. Instead I wanted to push the envelope on it's profile a little further and make it more rich and decadent. Deeper and richer. I'm a big fan of the deep caramel and rich bakery notes that Obsidian has already and I wanted to push it a bit further without mucking up the caramel and brown sugar notes that were already there. I turned to fruits that fit to try and accomplish that. Ones with juiciness and dark sweetness. They may seem like toppings in the recipe but once you taste it you realize they snuggle right in pretty well.

For flavor notes I'm only going to comment on the concentrates I've added to the Obsidian base for this recipe.

FLV Fig - I've been messing with figs since I started DIY. I love this fig. It's what I expect from a fig. It has a cooked(ish) fig flavor that's really rich and dark. It brings a bit of natural sweetness and serves to deepen and sweeten the caramel/brown sugar notes in the TPA RY4 Double/Pie Crust. It also reinforces a little bit of earthiness in the tobacco perfectly. I feel like it makes it that much more rich and luxurious.  This IS the fig I've been looking  a long time for.

INW Cherries - I've only used enough here to lend a hand to the fig and keep it away from getting too earthy and muddy. Keeping it low here helps brighten up the dark sweetness of the fig a bit without getting a medicinal cherry note.

FA Pear - This ingredient completes what I consider to be the "hat trick" that makes these 3 additions to the mix work.  This particular pear has some juiciness that blends with the caramel to get sweet and a bit sticky on the end of the tongue. It also helped to brighten the fig a bit more. It blends here very well. You don't really taste pear, but it's there doing its job.

Sweetener - I've left out the sweetener. I'm not a big fan of it and more than a few drops per 30ml takes over a mix for me. Feel free to sweeten for your own palate but I find it sweet enough already.

I have to give thanks to Wayne of course for the Obsidian base. It's a pretty stellar base to build upon. It's very rich and has a lot of depth. I'm not a huge fan of many of his recipes but this one I definitely like and can get behind. I'm actually a bit surprised that I haven't seen many recipes building upon it yet. It's really just begging for it.

Give this a mix and let me know what you Think. Feel free to make adjustments to the fig/cherries/pear combo. Turn up the fig, turn up the cherry, whatever you want to your liking, but I think the pear should stay where it is.  You can shake and vape this pretty much but it's going to blend together a bit better after a few days. Wayne suggested 7 days for Obsidian but I think it's pretty good at 3 or 4. Cookie dough can be a little weird and soft/airy when it's fresh. If you're getting that, let it steep for a few days and come back to it.

You can try subs for this recipe but it will surely end up far from its intended results.


Simple Clean Vanilla Cherry Ry4 Recipe.

I think he would Vape this recipe


I wanted to create that perfect summertime vape that is more on fruity side with a nice a good amount of sweetness while being sour enough to really make the perfect blend of fruit meld together
AR-Blue Rasberry is a nice flavor that has a strong blueberry/ Raspberry profile that has a great amount of tart but also a nice sweetness to it.
Dfs Sour candy is not overly sour but it bring just a little more bite to recipe to make the flavors really pop out.
FW- Green Apple is like a very sour Granny Smith apple this flavor adds some tart and some great flavor to the mix at 1% it works perfectly as you can taste that apple flavor without completely taking over the recipe.
TFA Strawberry ripe adds a nice brightness to the flavor keeping it more of a candy profile while still adding a great fruit note.
TFA Raspberry Sweet is a nice flavor that pushes the Raspberries to thier poentential in this recipe at 1% it really helps to make the recipe shine.
Inw Cheeries is a great flavor that brings in some much needed tartness while putting of a great Spicy authentic cherry to the recipe.
FW blackberry is a very strong flavor but is also really good in flavor and really helps to balance the whole recipe out to really give this recipe s strong nice sour flavor.

Great as a Shake n Vape but best after 3 day steep. If you like your sour a little sweeter like me, add .3% of Cap Supersweet.
(You can substitute with osdiy blue Rasberry slush as well. Also you could use Sour wizard at 1% in place of sour candy. I just prefer this version more.)

It's a cherry limeade. Get over it. I like to mix it at 75/25. Not totally finished but tastes great.


A fruity fun punch recipe just in time for spring weather

FLV Tropical Punch makes up the majority of this juice. It's weaker for FLV, so at 4% it's just enough to give a full bodied fruit punch juice type flavor, but the "fruit" is a little vague so we're adding some friends to help it stand out a bit.

LA Watermelon Clear comes next, adding some sweet, semi candied back notes to the juice, helping both the mixed fruit profile and giving some life to the nectar/syrup body of the juice.

INW Cherries boosts the cherry ntoes I get from FLV Tropical Punch. Any higher than .5 results in instant robotussin flavor, but it balances nicely.

FLV Blueberry is the last fruit additive, giving some depth the the watermelon and mixed fruit.

INW Cactus is here at .25% to stay hidden while still adding some juicy mouthfeel

FLV Guava adds a nice tart finishing note to offer balance to the ultra sweet and syrupy juice.

No Description.

An Apricot Black Cherry Macaron made for a King! A French style delicate macaron with apricot and black cherry notes.

7 Day Steep Recommended

Wiśniówka (Kirsch) Nothing else to tell, just pure cherry alcohol ;)


It took about a month just to figure out the ingredients for this recipe. @jbird worked with me for another month helping me create the finished product.

JF biscuit= A great cookie or great for a pie crust or just to hold other bakery notes that fall apart easily.
Flv rich cinnamon= A very great cinnamon, imo the KING. Although it's not right for just anything but when it works it is unbeatable.
TPA butter= Melted butter.
FA almond= A great almond I normally prefer TPA toasted almond for being even more authentic to the profile but most people don't have it anyway.
SC blackberry= A very nice flavor but almost impossible to use, it's a very bland canned blackberries with a floral note.
INW cherries= Very bright also sweet and spicy but again... very tart imo it's the perfect pairing for sc blackberry two complete opposites that play well together.

It was a huge balancing act trying to get the fruits just right and have the mix not taste linear. I really hope everyone picks up these 2 fruits they are very useful esp the cherries . This vape is not dry these are very bright and wet fruits and you can shake and vape this but at around 3-4 days it gets really good. Hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. Thanks again @jbird. Also adding 2 drops of CAP SS is pretty dope.

Flavor Notes