(INW) Cherries

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With credit to ID10T for the inspiration, this needed a soda push.

I give you cherry lemon lime soda (akin to 7up)

This is so tastey and saturated and juicy idc if you snv it just mix this up


This tastes GOOD right off the shake!
This was an impulsive mix, first version, off the top of my head that tastes pretty damn good!

It kinda tastes like you put a red, a yellow and two pink chews in your mouth at the same time and got real busy in the chewing department..

It's a fun mix, interesting how you can pick up on the different notes at different times. It's got a nice texture, it's soft and pink and slightly chewy, the cherry and strawberry are somewhat combined and sit atop the "chew" base and towards the second part of the exhale the citrus notes come through, they are a nice mix together - lemon lime and orange. The apple I can taste more after the exhale.

This sounds complicated and I wasn't sure how this would turn out to be honest but I am really enjoying this and it's a wonderful candy vape without being way overpowering and in your face. This is really interesting how these flavours play off each other. SSA Juicy cherry is really nice in this mix. This flavour would pair so well with coconut.

If you've got these flavours, give this a mix and tell me what you can taste! This is a fun and fruity mix for sure!

Super Sweet is totally optional, for reference, I added it at 1% like I do with most candy or soda recipes, but you can add less, or more, if thats your thang. Enjoy :)

Update: After 1 day steep the citrus notes are more prominent over the pink notes and I may try and balance this out, this mix continues to surprise me!

Sweet, tart & juicy gummies.
Impressed at how well melon & cherry play together, been enjoying this one

This is still a work in progress but it tastes damn good as is.

Cherry layer:
Tpa cherry extract is our main cherry flavour.
Inw cherries just helps cherry extract not get lost in the mix.

Lemonade layer:

Flv lemonade is the base of this layer.

WF lemon Lime Soda brings in a sharper lemon top note while also providing some sweetness.

Vt fizzy sherbet is here to just add a slight fizz.

For some reason atf won't allow me to use a picture tho??


just realized this has said tpa apricot the whole time, i use FA not tpa so my bad everyone my bad, it's fixed lol

MB red cherry laid down at 3% to start shit bangin.
Inw cherries pushin to 1.25% keeps it non medicinal, and slaps your tits off.
Fa apricot and fa pear dippin in at 1% moistens and depth-defies.
Flv Moscato is a white grape that slaps your mouth for talkin back to it. .35% gives another layer of depth to the cherry.
VTA sour lemon at .4 brightens and tartens this shit, fire af dont push it too high or YOU NOTICE IT ya ding-dong.
Super sweet gets this lit, fam, at .5%

Now go run a train.

This has no medicinal cherry note. Unless you are an ultra taster or something weird lol

You get cherry, blue raspberry, and a citrus in there somewhere that ties it all together.

.8-1% ss is recommended for this to bring that authentic popcicle sweetness.

.5-1% ws23 would also be really good in this!

If you have been hunting a RED APPLE this is a very red juicy apple. I leave the sweetener out of the recipe but I did use 0.5% FW sweetener to round it out and brighten it up.

Almond. Cherry. Vanilla. Custard. Deal with it. Also some honeysuckle and soho, ALSO deal with that.

This is crazy delicious at 1.5 months, but I'm sure after a week or so this is solid af as well I honestly don't remember.

Recently picked up a bunch of flavors and was really wanting a good cherry recipe. I took the base from u/ID10-T's 1-2-3 Cranberry Sprite and replaced the FLV Cranberry with a combination of INW Cherries and TPA Cherry Extract. Didn't really know where to start with them so I kind of just guessed. The result is my Cherry Sprite recipe.

Good SnV, but after a couple days steeping it really shines. Doesn't have that medicinal cherry taste. The cherries are definitely at the forefront, but the Sprite is there just enough in the background to give it a subtle fizzy lemon lime taste on the exhale. I also added some Polar Blast and WS-23 to really give it that chilled soda feel.

Tested on Citadel with 3.5mm, 0.22Ω, 28ga Badazd Super Flat Quad coil at 55w

A simple yet delicious cheescake word word word word done

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