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This is a nice simple recipe for beginners to try out the sweet guava. This is a great tester to see the glory of cap sweet guava and see how beneficial cactus can be. Especially with the tropical vibe here. It's a perfect base to add to and adjust.

Add sweetner to your preference



I am blind to most berry flavors, but I can taste this. Maybe this blend will give hope to the other berry blind folks out there. The alpine strawberry percentage is undiluted, straight out of the bottle it came in. Hope it works for you as well as it worked for me.

I figure if I bring 1 recipe over here. It should be this. One of my favorite creations using one of my favorite flavors. Cap hibiscus and SSA raspberry syrup

After trying a hibiscus drink with cbd, I knew I wanted to create this. It was a syrupy hibiscus and didnt taste like tea at all.

So I grabbed cap hibiscus. Studies say around 2% is perfect for a main show. I wanted to compliment it though. Raspberry syrup brings thickness to this. The honeysuckle helps brighten up the hibiscus getting rid of any odd off notes and gives a slight floral taste. Cactus to make a tropical vibe and add juiciness to the recipe. Strawberry ripe is also there to brighten and bring this hibiscus drink to where I want.

Perfect for beginners who are afraid of florals because this is more tropical than floral and absolutely a joy to vape.

Super sweet to your preference. I prefer .5 to 1% and rewick every 5 hits. šŸ˜‡

Unintentional juicy chewing gum was aiming for something completely different and ended up with a copyrighted chewing gum.


Refreshing fruity Lemonade. Feel free to add some WS-23 or Menthol

https://discord.com/invite/zgkx7yT Vapedia, German DIY Discord Server

Refreshing Summer Mix. Inspired by GT3 from Smokerstore in Germany

https://discord.com/invite/zgkx7yT Vapedia, German DIY Discord Server

Andromeda is my newest installment of my Fruit from the Stars line of e-liquid. The flavor profile is an exotic blend of deep, bold lychee, mouth watering guava, and juicy, tangy orange. These three are all balanced beautifully with lychee being right up front. The guava carries all the flavors underneath. The orange is that heavenly bridge between the lychee and guava the just really seals the deal on this whole thing. I hope you guys find this as addicting as I do!

And please remember to give me constructive criticism if you have any issues with the recipe :)


1 drop of cactus pr. 10 ml!

I have a really hard time explain this,l. All the flavors blend really nice together, creating a very unique taste, which to me is really tasty and really addicting.

So what is a Amethyst?

ā€¢Itā€™s up to you to decideā€¢

Tested on a Hadaly, Ni80 flattened wire, 3.5 mm, cotton bacon, 35-45 watts.


Quick, easy mix. Smooth fruitful medley. Cactus isn't overpowering and the orange is a nice subtle background note.
Doesn't lose any flavor over a week. Mixed at Max VG

Using the original Beast Mode recipe as a base, added some INW Cactus to change add some extra juiciness to the recipe.

-TPA Papaya - I wanted Papaya to be the top note here, and being such a strong flavor, 2% fits the bill. It's a nice almost candy like Papaya flavor

-TPA Cantaloupe - Helps brighten up and add more tropical notes to the Papaya

-TPA Pomegrante - Adds a little bit of tartness to the overall flavor

-TPA Dragonfruit - Used as an emulsifier to blend everything together

-CAP Super Sweet - Use at your preferred level.

-INW Cactus - levels out the rest of the mix a little and adds some juiciness as well

Tested on Citadel with 3.5mm, 0.22Ī©, 28ga Badazd Super Flat Quad coil at 55w

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 1.5% Mix: 0.5% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 70 / 100

Super sweet with an earthy floral accent. Savory and Light with just a touch of bitterness gives it completely and contrast. More of a natural syrupy sweetness like stevia or agave not sugary.

Relatable Flavors Reminds me of drinking agave nectar with a touch of rose water, or orange blossom.

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