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Got idea for this a few months ago when weather started warming up. Add coolant as option. This is refreshing light but full flavored juice. I seldom mix recipes twice as I am part of that ADD group of juice mixers and have amassed alot of flavors constantly chasing new juice. This one was in a batch of 15 or so mixes I made up over a week and didnt get to it for 3 or 4 weeks so thats what I'll recommend for a steep but its a fruit mix so I also need to try it off the shake. So any ways I probably go thru 20 or 30 juices without remixing anything cause it didn't trigger my "oh man thats good" reflex. Well this one did and when I looked I couldn't believe it was one that I mixed up personally. So enjoy. Also, thanks a ton to all the mixers out there that take the time to post their craft on pages like these. Literally teaching people as they go is awesome and I for one appreciate you.


Prickly Victory with a tropical twist.

Got this idea from Wild-Manufacturer-64 on reddit and remixed Prickly Victory with some tropical goodness. I always liked Prickly Victory years ago but grew out of the Sweet Guava flavor. Dropped it down a bit and added two of my all time favorite tropical fruits. Worked out well. SNV certified.

Cherry Limeade Test! Cherry Limeade Test! Cherry Limeade Test! Cherry Limeade Test! Cherry Limeade Test! Cherry Limeade Test!

Pink panther is a full body flavour I believe that using another flavours like kiwi and strawberry makes it bright more and more
Cactus adds the required tart and juiceness to the mix.
You will taste a great mix like eating a bunch of berries ,strawberries and kiwi . Strong flavour and suitable to be ADV . Enjoy 😉
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This recipe started off when I was riffing on solo flavors, and threw together my SFT bottles of MB Soft Banana and LB Pink Lemonade. To be honest, I expected it to end up in the garbage.

However, I absolutely loved the result. Turns out banana and lemon make for a super-interesting pairing. For some reason, the combination definitely creates delicious pink bubblegum side note! I would even venture to say that the bubblegum vibe is almost as strong as the main players!

Tart and bright, this mixture has just enough Banana (with zero Runt-i-ness to be found). If you have a sweet tooth, a bit of sweetener might be a nice touch. LB Pink Lemonade seemed to work better than other lemonades for this mix, adding a nice tartness but never getting astringent. CAP Sweet Tangerine is amazing for adding a bit of fullness to fruit mixes, while VT Yoghurt Drink gives off a subtle, citrusy creaminess. The recipe ended up pretty sweet, flavorful & well-balanced. If yer lookin’ for something more complex & advanced than Lemonade 101, this one is a sweet, strange change of pace!

This is a grape-cactus that is as disturbing as it is delightful. I really can't say more about what it is 'supposed to taste like.' It is an experience unto itself. I've replaced the meringue with Italian cream the cap sweet strawberry with decadent vapors strawberino and the grape is bickford, please note the dragon fruit is one on one ATF isn't allowing me to choose that option

Cucumber and Rosemary play together for a summery refreshing combo, with Cactus to add some depth.
Perfect for a Midsummer day.

I know, it is kind of corny but I was bored and wanted to entertain myself with a nice SNV. This recipe is something to interest some odd ball taste buds, the reason for this is cause after it steeps a good four days all of it blends together in a good sense. Every time I vape on it I taste something I little different. I hope everyone likes it and enjoys it like I have.

A juicy strawberry kiwi. Feel free to not add or tone down the sweetener! Give a couple of days for the kiwi double to tone itself down. Lmk what you think!

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 1.5% Mix: 0.5% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 70 / 100

Super sweet with an earthy floral accent. Savory and Light with just a touch of bitterness gives it completely and contrast. More of a natural syrupy sweetness like stevia or agave not sugary.

Relatable Flavors Reminds me of drinking agave nectar with a touch of rose water, or orange blossom.

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