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Just a simple delicious tropical vape that I hope you like :)

This was just a "oh these smell like they would go together " recipe and it does go together.

Tropical, guava and watermelon fans will love this...well I hope

And it's a good base. You could add a ton to it. Strawberry. Hibiscus. Honeysuckle. Mangos. Theres so much i want to explore.

WF has entered my favorite brand category with flv lol wow

Also, clearly, I'm running out of names. Idk how you smarties do it

A black and blue recipe ive been enjoying.
The main body comes from LB blue razz, at this % theres all we need from this and buddied up with some hibiscus just helps lift it up and brightens the flavour i feel.
Multiple darker berries help to turn the blue into black as such whilst keeping a little of that artificial fruitiness with blackcurrent and boysenberry.
Cactus and citrus soda are just enough to keep it juicy and keep it bright and beverage like.
Could benefit from ws23 if thats your thing.

Always loved INW Cactus but didn't like the recipe I got it for. Mixed this up and have been enjoying it quite a bit. I realize the cactus is way above typical but I found any lower it loses that edge of freshness I love about the smell. Would love to know what you think or ways to improve the recipe!!

This is a boozy citrus based recipe, lime basil and orange gin cocktail.
The orange, lime gin cocktail is the main profile with the basil and juniper notes keeping it quite fresh.
The orange juice is just used as a booster for the orange and the cactus is used to lift the fresher notes and keep things juicy as such. Little step out the comfort zone from custards and desserts but so far i quite like it.

Made for a coworker.
Working on a pineapple coconut vape, goes well after a few days on the steep. Added cream and cheesecake to hide the coconut off flavours. Still needs some work.

Green tea infused with cactus and lime. Ginger spices up the mix.

Simple tester showing the beauty of ripe strawberries by cap. It's a really beautiful and rare strawberry. Highly recommend it.

This tastes like you squeezed all the juice out and gulped it down


This is a nice simple recipe for beginners to try out the sweet guava. This is a great tester to see the glory of cap sweet guava and see how beneficial cactus can be. Especially with the tropical vibe here. It's a perfect base to add to and adjust.

I am blind to most berry flavors, but I can taste this. Maybe this blend will give hope to the other berry blind folks out there. The alpine strawberry percentage is undiluted, straight out of the bottle it came in. Hope it works for you as well as it worked for me.

I figure if I bring 1 recipe over here. It should be this. One of my favorite creations using one of my favorite flavors. Cap hibiscus and SSA raspberry syrup

After trying a hibiscus drink with cbd, I knew I wanted to create this. It was a syrupy hibiscus and didnt taste like tea at all.

So I grabbed cap hibiscus. Studies say around 2% is perfect for a main show. I wanted to compliment it though. Raspberry syrup brings thickness to this. The honeysuckle helps brighten up the hibiscus getting rid of any odd off notes and gives a slight floral taste. Cactus to make a tropical vibe and add juiciness to the recipe. Strawberry ripe is also there to brighten and bring this hibiscus drink to where I want.

Perfect for beginners who are afraid of florals because this is more tropical than floral and absolutely a joy to vape.

Super sweet to your preference. I prefer .5 to 1% and rewick every 5 hits. 😇

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 1.5% Mix: 0.5% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 70 / 100

Super sweet with an earthy floral accent. Savory and Light with just a touch of bitterness gives it completely and contrast. More of a natural syrupy sweetness like stevia or agave not sugary.

Relatable Flavors Reminds me of drinking agave nectar with a touch of rose water, or orange blossom.

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