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I was looking for a nice mix with Elderflower as a base, as I didn't find one that suited my needs I created this one with the help of a few experienced Mixers. Hopefully other people will like it as much as I do.

Sarsaparilla tastes similiar to Root Beer, but different in nature! The old West was known for Sarsaparilla along with their tonics, elixirs and remedies. What better time for the the song by Bon Jovi to come on “Wanted Dead or Alive” LYRICS: “It's all the same, only the names will change” No need to steep this just shake and vape, but in three days it will be a little thicker and fuller. Mix this, listen to the tune, kick back and vape… Enjoy!!!

So J2O is a non alcoholic range of fruit drinks popular at bars and clubs in the British Isles (and Chicago for some reason) for designated drivers and teetotalers. The orange one is a very rich, and very sweet blended drink and my personal favourite, after a few variations and some help from the subreddit's Discord I think I have got pretty close to the profile I want.

FW Blood Orange/FA Mandarin/SSA Nectarine - This makes up the main orange component. Blood Orange for the main fresh juice body with FA Mandarin supporting the other two and filling in the blank notes. SSA Nectarine is the star and hits the perfect top note of the orange profile I'm looking for. Tried a few other subs and combos but this one hits the right chord.

CNV Passion Fruit - Beautiful flavour; this pairs with the SSA really well and the two compliment each other. This helps a lot as the original drink has the Orange and Passion Fruit notes very much blended together.

INW Cactus/TPA Marshmallow/CAP Super Sweet - In the original drink the fruit is sweet and then has added sugar on top, hence the marshmallow and super sweet. The marshmallow also helps to bring all the fruit together and let them get to know each other. Cactus to wet things up and turn it closer to a drink profile.

Give it a go and I hope you like it!

Image by Matty Ring @ Flickr used under CC Attribution

Still a work in progress, but I'm happy with it where it is now.

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March 2021 - Sunshine

When I think of sunshine I think of the time I lived in Phoenix, AZ. I also think about tasty drinks on a nice patio.

There used to be this little place called Sierra Bonita (R.I.P. Thanks 2020) that my ex and I loved to go grab brunch once in a while when I happened to have a weekend off. On top of the bangin' Mexican food they served a mean drink. My favorite was their Paloma with a cayenne rim.

This is my attempt to relive that a little bit. This doesn't vary too greatly from it's early iterations. The only real big change here was trying to pump the grapefruit up a bit to hold up against everything else and a little bit of cactus, which I usually hate. I can taste it in anything it's in and it's gotten stale. Here I think it blended in well enough to help the recipe along and hide in the background with the citrus and tequila.

I hope you enjoy it! 🔥

Feel free to add more Heat if you are so inclined. I haven't tried this with cooling, but if that's your thing I'm sure some WS-23 would be just fine.

This was an accidental mistake, I've never had a juice that tasted truly 'sour' i guess the sour taste doesn't translate well in a vape.

Whilst waiting for my tobaccos to steep, i needed something that would be good to vape off the shake.

Actually i never really vape fruit juices, nothing against them i just sorta get bored of them pretty quick.

Also i never really share recipes due to not being a great mixer :)

However i think this one warrants a share, due to the sour component of it. This is a sour, grapefruit and orange vape, the inhale is a solid grapefruit, then on the exhale you get the sour tangy orange. The orange is there, but its chilling in the background with the sour tangy note at the front.

Truth be told, as mentioned above little development went into this and calling it a fluke would be fair. However the flavours chosen were all obviously chosen for a reason, even if the sour outcome was unanticipated.

FA Sicilian is the foundation here, it’s a forgiving flavour that’s hard to fuck up when used. As far as fruits go its complex enough on its own, therefore I aimed to highlight some of the tangy notes by using the other flavours whilst keeping FA Sicilian at the dead center of it all.

CAP sweet tangerine is a zesty, wet sweet orange to the point of coming across as slightly artificial, this was used for two reasons, firstly it’s wet and at a low percentage we just take the tangy / zangy taste to add some zest to FA Sicilian whilst avoiding plastic sorta orange flavour from it.

FW blood orange isn’t zangy or tangy..far less artificial than CAP sweet tangerine, this is where we will take our orange from. It’s used pretty low here for one simple reason - I’m not a good enough mixer to avoid muddling, so it’s used sparingly here just to take the orange and avoid pushing it too far so that it steps on FA Sicilian’s toes.

CAP juicy lemon...to me at least CAP sweet tangerine a lemon flavored cousin, artificial, zesty, tangy...and it’s used in the same way, I don’t want any lemon from it but I want the tangy zest it has, just a drop gives us that and avoids introducing the lemon.

INW cactus...it’s cactus init, I anticipated without it, the juice would come across as a hard boiled candy, a drop of this avoids that issue, and keeps it wet.


Not my recipe. I just turned it Purple and I like it lol I subbed VT bilbery ripe for INW purple rain

I wish I could tell you more about how I created this but in reality. I coulda added some "blue" to it but I just got purple rain by inawera. I thought to myself, this tastes like it would fit but I wasnt sure. Turns out, it tastes really good.

Sometimes when you're really tired at 12am, u make some good mixes lol

Something different, Something delicious. Take a Prickly Pear and scoop out the insides. Blend that with Ripe Figs and a little Persimmon. Use Cream and Cold Yogurt to make a puree stuffing, put back in the half shell and serve chilled. A real recipe first made in Sitka, Alaska. Made this awesome treat to vape...Enjoy!!


To be clear, the (INW) Raspberry is actually Raspberry concentrate. But it was not listed. Anyway. This is, what I consider, my first successful original recipe. I would love to have some feed back if anybody stumbles upon this. Thanks

Tastes like those small Lime jelly pots you can get in supermarkets in the UK.

Tastes great off the shake but a day to steep makes it better.

Super juicy sweet lime flavour with a hint of zest

This is my favorite recipe I've ever made lol just pure funk and joy.

You can check it out here as well


Flavor Notes

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Super sweet with an earthy floral accent. Savory and Light with just a touch of bitterness gives it completely and contrast. More of a natural syrupy sweetness like stevia or agave not sugary.

Relatable Flavors Reminds me of drinking agave nectar with a touch of rose water, or orange blossom.

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