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(INW) Biscuit

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery

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Test batch for Tea and Biscuits with Alterna. For Alterna mixing ratios follow these guidelines:

For your preferred level of nicotine measure PRECISELY 5 times the amount you would use in nicotine:

Just measure the Alterna out at 15% in the calculator as you would if it was nicotine (Strange, I know)

Accompanying video testing Alterna: https://youtu.be/XNgTqMEFzkI

This is my Adv. I vape about 180 ml of this a week. Mostly in the fall thru the winter. Very good with coffee. I like it off the bat. But it seems to age very well. After 5 days very good. Mix at 60/40. Been making this recipe for about 5 years. Absolutely my all time favorite vape. Give it a try. It's nice and sweet. Taste like a wonderful light vanilla caramel coffee. The biscuit is optional. I just like it cause it adds a bit of grain to the texture that I enjoy.

The butter tart ... the quintessential Canadian dessert!

Most of these tarts contain raisins, but to that I say NUTZ! A Pecan to be exact. Pecan tarts are my absolute favourite and I could probably live on these if they didn't contain about a million calories each.

Version 2, Removed CAP VC1 and replaced w/ INW Custard, Added sweetness with Brown Sugar and added Pie Crust for more texture.

INW Biscuit / TPA Pie Crust / CAP Sugar Cookie - Make up the flakey goodness that is the outside pastry of the tart.

FW Butter Pecan / INW Custard / CAP Butter Cream / TPA Brown Sugar - The sweet gooey deliciousness that makes up the inside of the tart

FA Hazel Grove - Just gives the impression that you are biting into a nut that tops the tart.

This recipe benefits greatly with additional Acetyl Pyrazine - I add .5 - .75 which adds additional flakiness to the pastry.

Blueberry jam with creamy buttery toast . Blueberry jam only at 2.5% you can bump it up if you want. Acetyl parazine ONLY .15 gms in 60 ml . So 7.5 for 30 ml

Just a Simple Chocolate chip mint ice cream Cookie. The biscuit adds to the crunch of the chocolate chips from FLV Cookie dough and JF Chocolate Steep 1 week. For perfect winter time ice cream Vape. Mixed at 70/30

Fresh baked Cran-Orange Granola Scone!

Zep/Biscuit: The scone base

Pralines: A very forward pecan. The cream sits in the back and pulls everything together

Cran/Orange: A wonderful flavor combo

I came up with this recipe after a friend asked me to clone some e-liquid (Savage's Harley Quinn). He ended up liking this better than the original, I'll just take his word for it :).

This is a raspberry shortbread cookie that has a slight nuttiness to the cookie part. Think of an English or Scottish biscuit cookie with Raspberry. If that's not your thing, just drop the AP and you will still end up with a solid vanilla cookie base. The vape experience is cookie up front as a "low note" and raspberry coming in as a "top note. On the exhale, you get a nice raspberry jam flavor.

The Lemon Sicily is here to lift and separate the Raspberry sweet from the cookie.

Berries ice cream. Used the usual ice cream stone. Don't go very high with the raspberry (INAWERA).

A key lime cookie. I like the rich Catalan cream in this recipe.

Berries and strawberry on a cereal/biscuit base with creams.

Flavor Notes

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