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(INW) Biscuit

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery

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Our sorbet contains - what else? - Champagne and peach!
fresh & creamy sorbet ''cocktail''

Banana pudding... not much more to say. Good right away.

I mix low percentages so you may need to increase them to suit your tastes

The jam is ready when the bananas are dissolved in a dense syrup
The key is the maple syrup
Give lemon juice
  The Italian [ FA]

It's a revision of my original recipe StrawCo Pie ( which was one of my first attempts of DIY recipes.

Even if I was enjoying vaping the first version, I had a feeling that it could be better with some alterations in Concentrates.

It gives finally a good feeling of a pastry pie with a base of buttery biscuits, a Caramel layer before the cream with the strawberries and a topping of grated chocolate.

It is kinda sweet as is, but for the super sweet vape lovers, you can add some sweetener adjusted to your taste.

On strawberries, after 4-5 months working on this recipe, I mixed with dozens of combinations on strawberries and I ended up on this.

It can be vaped @ 12-15 days, but the perfect result is after 3 weeks.

Mix and enjoy..

The butter tart ... the quintessential Canadian dessert!

Most of these tarts contain raisins, but to that I say NUTZ! A Pecan to be exact. Pecan tarts are my absolute favourite and I could probably live on these if they didn't contain about a million calories each.

INW Biscuit / CAP Sugar Cookie - Make up the flakey goodness that is the outside pastry of the tart.

FW Butter Pecan / CAP VC / CAP Butter Cream / TPA Sweet Cream - The sweet gooey deliciousness that makes up the inside of the tart

FA Almond - Just gives the impression that you are biting into a nut that tops the tart.

This recipe benefits greatly with additional Acetyl Pyrazine - I add .5 - .75 which adds additional flakiness to the pastry.

This recipe was inspired by a friend who made a flintstoned clone. I decided to remix it. This is what I came up with. Again loads of credit to john m. (JFM Dev)
This recipe is basicly a fruity pebbles vape with a hint of ice cream. It is absolutely delicious and if you decide to try it you WILL LOVE IT.

This is a great cookie recipe. Perfect for desert. It has the perfect amount of sweetness. Good off the Shake. Great after 5 days.

Simple graham cracker with a creamy finish. Not too dry not too creamy

This was not meant to be Zebra Cakes.
About 7 months ago I was trying to create different recipe and I come up with this delicious recipe. I have never tried zebra cake, couple of friends try this recipe they said this tastes like zebra cake that they sell in stores. Since I create this recipe, I only use this juice and I hope you guys enjoy it as I do.
You can mix and vape right away but I suggest lease 4 day steeping more you steep it gets much better flavors.

A deliciously delicious orange glazed cookie for the cookie lovers who crave a little departure from the plethora of stock standard cookies out 'there'...

This is a wonderfully rich orange glaze, generously spooned over a hot, oven baked cookie.

The Duck Sauce
INW Shisha Orange has a fabulous sweet Valencia orange syrup profile and gets the nice bittery rind from the goodness of FW Blood orange, forming the base of this thick orange marmalade-type sauce.
INW Marzipan provides the cushion for the glaze with it's unique and natural (bitter) almond profile counterbalanced by the morish sweetness typically found in Marzipan.
LA CCI provides just the right amount tartness and stickyness to bring all the elements together to form a well balanced orange sauce.

The cookie
I went for a tried and tested classic combo - CAP sugar cookie and INW Biscuit - the undisputed Kings of cookies. Period. This is the bed to receive lashings of warm duck sauce and does not detract from the star of the show.

The meringue acts as a bit of a springboard for the glaze and adds a touch of sweetness to the cookie - playing on both sides of the fence in this recipe.

Mix her up and dip her in your tea - you'll be back for more!

7 to 10 day steep for the CCI is play nicely...

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