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(INW) Biscuit

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery

Used in 5411 recipes at an average of 0.904%.


291 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Nice Canadian holiday pie.. gooey pecan goodness in a vape.
Both of the pecans play off each other with the toasted almond adding the extra hint of smooth nuttiness with the Biscuit, Fried Dough. Golden Butter and Pie Crust bringing up the rear for the flaky crust.. Accented with AP, Sugar Daddy and Vanilla ( Bourbon ) to blend everything oh so well.
This can be a desert vape or an everyday vape with ease...

Suggested Steep Days: 7 (SNV)
Description: Thick Strawberry Cream

●ELR Recipe Link: http://tjek.nu/r/kdDP

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[After 36 hours, i want die for!
Its a steeper. 10days+]

-FA Custard Premium
A wonderful flavour! I use a high amount, that it can stand up against the other heavy creams.

Let's try some Angel Cake...
Supposedly an Angel Cake is virtually fat-free.
Well, F that, I like a bit of butter, hence the 0.25% Inawera Biscuit. ;)

Tasted good as a S&V but give it some time for the recipe to tell it's full tail.
Wonderflavor Angel Cake SC at 3.5% is as high as I want to take it. Aside from that, it doesn't really want to play anything more than a supporting role going below. Strawberry Jam with Toast will assist here perfectly.


This started as a collaborative input recipe concept I put up on our DIY Downunder FB page. A lot of us contributed with our thoughts, opinions, experiences and with that along with mine I came up with this beautiful rendition of the Aussie Bakery classic, passion fruit tart. This is seriously the best recipe I have crafted to date. Thank you to all those who contributed with their thoughts and ideas on our page!! This is for you and I welcome everyone to not only try this but see if it can be improved.

Down to the what & why:
This is a childhood memory and a profile I know very well. To have nailed this profile brings a smile to the dial.

The Base:
This combination of concentrates IMO is a perfect 10/10 bakery crust stone for a citrus style pie bakery.
The FLV Pastry Zest, INW Biscuit & TPA Pie Crust works together as a beautiful team that delivers the
perfect flavor and textual mouth feel to deliver the base for this profile.

The Fruits:
The fine balance of a little lemon and a kiss of tangerine really are the hero's that lift the mouthwatering
passionfruits to an amazing level of authenticity. The Yellow Passion by VT is the most beautiful Passionfruit
I have ever SF tested but half/half with the "VT Passionfruit" it is out of this world!

The Creams:
The Use of FA Custard is the most reliable and beautiful custard that offers that hint of brightness on the end
that IMO makes it a must to utilise in any citrus style recipe that call for a custard.
The Capella Butter Cream pairs perfectly and delivers the glossy sweet texture that this profile was calling for.

Give this recipe a mix whether you have had a chance to try the "real thing" or not.
If you have an appreciation for this profile please let me know what you thought.
Most of all enjoy your mixing journey! & Pash That Tart!!!! lol

Watch it being mixed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qao7pYt1sq0

I love Irish soda bread and it is a tradition at this time of the year for me to seek out some ( because heck no - I do not bake)

Anyone that has had Irish soda bread recognizes that it does not really have a soft bread texture but a texture that is similar to a scone, dry and crumbling. So in order to achieve that I used RF baked bread which is more of a white fluffy bread with cap 27 and INW biscuit for the grainy dry back note that works well with the RF baked bread. to leave that dry finish.

There is also a sweetness that raisins or currants add to the bread so using sweet fig and apple cranberry I was able to add that slight top note of sweetness I wanted along with the brown sugar at the back end of the exhale.

The cap yogurt adds that slight sour note that buttermilk would add in a soda bread along with some mouth feel.

My favorite thing to put on warm Irish soda bread is butter and VT butter base is perfect for that .

This is a winner and I am really happy with it - it is spot on - I hope you enjoy

Note-The above VT coffee is Caffè Latte not Arabica Coffee

So far, the best Coffee Eliquid I have made!! As we all know, coffee is a bitch to get right!! VT has crested a fantastic coffee, which, when used at a low % creates a beautiful creamy coffee mix.

Let me know your thoughts, and any adjustments you'd recommend :)

A creamy caramel cheesecake with a light coffee note.
This one was hard to balance and I ended up having to beef up the cheesy notes to get the cheesecake flavor to come out. I kept the coffee light, but coffee is such a distinctive flavor it still comes out in the front along with the caramel. I went lighter on the bakery side and brought in some creams to tone down the coffee. Great vape with your morning coffee.

Deliciously creamy custard with a vibrant strawberry throughout, finished off with a biscuit crunch.


FA Custard Premium/INW Custard

Custard Premium gave me a nice creamy custard, while combining it with INW Custard turned it into a truly deep, rich custard base for this particular recipe. It's creamy, strong and a natural sweetness comes through.

INW Shisha Strawberry/FA Juicy Strawberry

Juicy Strawberry is another great strawberry flavouring from FA. It gives both a ripe and sweet taste, so really the best of both worlds. Shisha Strawberry I added to give vibrance and a long lasting strawberry flavour.

FA Meringue

Meringue adds a touch of natural sweetness to the mix, while adding a creamy feel and also a bit of texture to the finished juice.

INW Biscuit

This flavouring speaks for itself and adds the biscuit crunch I wanted to implement to the custard and strawberry profile.

CAP Super Sweet

Besides adding a little more sweetness to the mix, it also gives me a great mouthfeel from the juice and bit more vibrance.

A pie with apricot filling and a meringue top. Tasty by my standards, how bout yours? Try it an let me know.

FA Apple Pie is the base for the crust and INW Biscuit is there to give it a crunch.
TFA Apricot faded into obscurity after a steep so FA Apricot helps prop it up.
FA Meringue is the meringue.

Flavor Notes

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