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(INW) Biscuit

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery

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My first recipe with more than 3 flavors. Going for an orange zesty cream cookie.or whoopie pie.Please leave any comments to help.

A mix over the famous chocolate. 3 layers, chocolate, biscuit and caramel. Acetyl Pyrazine helps the biscuits become crunchier. Steep 7 days.

I have seen Golden Oreo recipes, so i am gonna try to emulate it to the best of my abilities,, what I got was a nice vanilla sugar cookie with a sweet, but not coil killing sweet
I get the cookie on the inhale and when rolled on the tongue the cookie and sweetness sits on the tongue and on exhale the sweetness continues with a slight vanilla cookie note... It's pretty damn good... But I still feel it's missing a little something maybe it could be a bit thicker, Well After 2 weeks i revisited this Profile, and it worked fine the way it was , however i still wanted to tinker with it just a bit to get some more thickness. so lets talk about why i chose the flavors i chose:

My Cookie Stone - INW Biscuit Has a Flaky /buttery crust and feels light and airy with a small amount of texture i felt 1% was all that was needed for this stone. paired with CAP sugar cookie and WF Graham cracker crust SC , the CAP Sugar cookie is a must IMHO in any cookie type profile it carry's a flaky and buttery note as well and was the highest % used in this profile @ 4% ...the WF GCC sc on the other hand was a little different than what i expected , it had sweetness, texture and a waxiness that fit right into this mix and bridged my cookie with the filling, it gave the filling that Oreo like waxy sugar filling. i used it @ .44% and it slide right in there......
On to the Creamy filling , I Paired TPA Meringue, TPA Bav Cream and TPA Van Swirl , the meringue was used for its sweetness and grittiness and its slight vanilla taste,Van Swirl was used for that creamy Vanilla and Bav Cream was used for a darker vanilla note and thickness... i am really happy with
this recipe ... its very satisfying

Yeah if you couldn't tell by the picture, that I worked very hard on I may add, it's another got damn blueberry cheesecake. https://imgur.com/a/D6n1Oc0

Before we go any further, please note that I am basing a large chunk of this recipe off of Coop34's glorious (and I mean glorious) Creamy Lemon Cheesecake recipe. You should, hopefully, if I did it right, see a link to his original recipe below. To be 100% honest I pulled part of his base as a cheesecake stone some time ago and totally forgot where I sourced it from for a good long while. It is absolutely beautiful and is one of the most accepting plug and play stones that I have encountered. Slap some strawberries, lemon, lime, guava, pineapple, chocolate, etc in to the base, wait a week, and it will be damn good. We omit the French Vanilla merely because I don't have it. Feel free to throw it in if desired. Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

I am a blasphemer and have only recently gotten my hands on one of the most ubiquitous blueberries, not to mention flavors in general, FW Blueberry. I will not repent. At 5% it sits front and center in this mix, as it very well deserves. We get a lovely, almost warm and syrupy blueberry glaze here to the point that it almost suggests blueberries IN the cheesecake as well as a blueberry sauce drizzled over the top of your generously portioned (not so) diet friendly slice.

A sizable dash of CAP New York Cheesecake gives us our cheesecake tone. It fills the gap nicely and in my humble opinion is one of the most forgiving cheesecakes out there, not to mention one of the most accessible. If you must you may sub TPA Garbage Fire CGC here, but this author humbly requests that you don't do that.

One of the worst aspects of CAP New York Cheesecake is the inherent lack of a graham cracker crust. A mild dosage of INW Biscuit resolves this effectively. A mere 1% is a sufficient amount to remedy this gap in our mix, and it adds a nice crispy finish in combination with FA Meringue.

Speaking of which, I love FA Meringue. It is my life blood. It goes in nearly every dessert type recipe that I concoct. It smells like Lucky Charms™ milk and tastes like rainbows after a solid steep. We inject a decent 2% into our slice of cheesecake for a nice hard meringue topping. Meringue is effectively what ties the blueberry to the cheesecake. If you don't believe me, try mixing this up and omit the Meringue. See what you did? You wasted VG is what you did, you silly goose.

Finally we dribble a little milk over the whole thing for some reason. 0.5% FA Creme Fresh (or Fresh Cream, or whatever) is the final jagged piece of cardboard that completes the overdone puzzle that is a blueberry cheesecake. Why do we add Creme Fresh you may be asking yourself? Well I'll be glad to explain. I saw Coop34 do it and that guy is way smarter and more experienced than I am, so here we are. I have tried leaving it out and the main aspect that I noticed was a thinner mouthfeel. I only vape cheesecake when I want a nice fat mouthfeel, so we must ensure that 0.5% Creme Fresh makes its way into our bottle prior to filling and shaking. This is of utmost importance.

A grueling ONE WEEK MINIMUM steep is the final tear shed over our now bubbling bottle of goodness. It hurts, I know. You may be tempted to dip into your bottle a little early. You will be greeted with a greasy mouth coating layer of ick from the Fresh Cream, Meringue, and NY Cheesecake. It's unavoidable, truly. I found my tester bottle after about 20 days and that is what inspired me to throw this recipe up for you all, so the longer the better. I immediately threw together a 120ml bottle to stick in the deep dark dungeon that is my steep cabinet, only to be touched when temperature outside starts with a seven.

Further building on my Applebumm pie , and experimenting with different flavors and combinations to find that perfect match

What we have here is a cheesecake but instead of creams we have a stone of yogurts and blueberries at the top with a nice and sweet feeling of a jam. Steep i ll give 2 days or snv it like me! Enjoy!!

Sweet and rich, this caramel forward ry4 recipe is one of my favorite mixes. If your looking for smooth and buttery you came to the right place.
Sweeten as desired.

🏷️ Soft Baked Golden Cookies topped with Matcha Green Tea Cream and Fresh Berries.

This recipe is inspired by the painting “Starry Night over the Rhone” by Vincent van Gogh. I was moved by Van Gogh’s bold use of contrasting color (vibrant blues, buttery yellows, golds, and greens), rich texture, and expressive style. I wanted to pay homage to Van Gogh by creating a recipe that expressed the same qualities.


Top: Matcha Cream, Esai Tea, and Jade Tea combine to create a velvety soft, smooth, and milky matcha green tea cream; with notes of a mild culinary grade matcha, savory black tea, and lightly green and crisp green tea.

Sandwiched inside this fragrant cream are mild notes of freshly picked juicy bilberries. The amalgamation of Bilberry, Blueberry Extra (SL) (CAP) and Blueberry Extra (TPA) makes for a sweet, tart, and natural Bilberry flavor.

Base: Married into the cream, sits a nutty golden cookie. Almond Cookie, Beer Nuts, and Biscuit were combined to make this cookie base. The subtle notes of almond, walnut, and dry roasted peanuts also help to crisp up the edges of the soft baked cookie. Not only does the cookie add texture to the overall recipe, it’s a nice nutty and buttery contrast to the brighter teas and juicy bilberries.

H M Cheesecake. Usually anything with H M in the title would create some anxiety due to it more than likely being a court summons or warrent for arrest! Thankfully this is NOT one of those occasions and truth be told,apparently Her Majisty is quite partial to this paticular cheesecake profile. I urge you all to mix this recipe as this is an absolute revelation. Perfectly balanced creams,fruits and biscuits. Fuck its delicious!!A stunningly authentic,deliciously moorish apricot&mandarin cheesecake.

I used 1 drop (CAP) Super Sweet per 10ml.

Please give me your feedback (good or bad) and I hope you all enjoy this one as much as me! Getting this recipe to exactly where I personally believe is optimal on both flavour and balance took awhile however,everyone that mixes and is as passionate about creating profiles as much as I am will no EXACTLY what I’m talking about when that little tingle in your under garments occurs when you hit the “motherload” and get those percentages right where they should be. 😃 👍🏻
P.S I use an ultra sonic on all of my mixes and generally on desert profile with thicker creams etc i will do 3 stages:
1.) 1hr @ 40 degrees-shake and leave to cool.
2.) 45mins @ 38 degrees-shake&cool
3.) 30mins @ 35 degrees-shake,cool then vape.
This works best for me and really breaks all the creams in and smooths everything out. Ultimately,shaving around 5 days natural steep off which is great when your inpatient fuck like me!!! Enjoy 💙

When most of us start imagining up dessert vapes, there are usually two front runners that are the very first that pop into our heads. #Custard #Cookie 🍮🍪

This mix combines some silky smooth, perfectly sweetened, thick, classic custard with fresh out of the oven cookies to make this dangerously delicious duo that will have your heart beating out of your chest.



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