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(INW) Biscuit

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery

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This is a proper strawberry shortcake, made with SHORTBREAD biscuits. Not that bloody actual cake rubbish (what is that about!?). I wanted the main profile to be lovely jammy strawberry sitting on a sweet, buttery shortbread, with just a smattering of cream. A classic afternoon tea treat.
Good things come in threes! We've got the INW biscuit, CAP sugar cookie and TFA butter making that lovely biscuit base. I struggle with tasting strawberry at times so opted for a trio of strawberry led by CAP sweet strawberry, fleshed out by FA red touch and TFA organic strawberry. Then last but not least OOO cereal marshmallow, INW shisha vanilla and LA cream cheese icing to give it a subtle clotted cream to round the recipe off. Cereal marshmallow could be subbed with any marshmallow, I was just feeling experimental and liked the sweetness of it. You could probably add a little sweetener if you wished but I don't think it really needs it.
Does require at least a week steep to get the best out of it.
Might decide to up the biscuit by half a percent to make the shortbread more prominent next time.
Unfortunately I'm vaping this in a tfv8 tank at 70w. After 6 days it's tasting damn good though, only mixed 30ml and nearly half down in an afternoon. Does what it says on the tin really, pretty accurate representation of the flavours of the real thing, quite smooth. Pretty pleased!
Suggestions/ criticisms welcome 👍

This is a moist maccoorn cookie with a slight hint of chocolate. This is my first attempt at making this. Flavor off the bat is good. I will let it steep a week to see how this recipe develops. What i am expecting is the sugar cookie to give off that nice cookie taste. The cookies and cream and a nice balance to the cookie to give it some cream with slight notes of chocolate. The Vanilla cupcake is there to give that nice moistness needed to make that it a true macaroon flavor. I added the Shisha Vanilla as it adds the vanilla that you would find in a macaroon cookie and at 1% it does not overpower the recipe but adds a great vanilla flavor with some nice sweetness. The meringue gives it just enough of the eggy flavor you need to have in a cookie. Many Macoroons have a Almond element to them so I used .5% of RF Almond, this was mainly to taste this Almond flavor against its competition. The Paradiso is the star of the show to add that slight coconut flavor of the cookie without being to overpowering on the coconut. The biscuit is thier to give the nuttiness or crunch to the cookie, I thought about using toasted marshmallow in its place, but after a steep will see how these flavors blend together. For now as a Shake and Vape it's not bad. Taste really good but the cookie is not there yet it needs at least three days to stand out and do it job in the recipe. I will update once this recipe has steeped.

Cherimoya produces a great accent note to the gingerbread. Texture is gritty and wet at the same time

Crème Jeans....So good, it'll make you crème your jeans!
I was going after a cookie dough base though I didn't have a cookie dough flavoring. So I used INW biscuit, Cap vanilla cupcakeV2, and CAP vanilla custard to simulate the cookie dough. I think it's pretty close. I also wanted to add a side note. Instead of using chocolate for a chocolate chip cookie dough, I used banana and banana cream. I think it's a well balanced pairing, although unusual, with a cookie dough taste. Banana is not over-powering and that's the way I like it, hope you do as well :)
Shake and Vape

I wanted to change up Mustard Milk with a blackberry flavor. I started with 5% Blackberry and 8% VBIC, then altered the recipe several times. I added Custurd to enhance the blackberry and balance out the VBIC. INW Raspberry is there to add a complimentary flavor to blackberry. I've tried CAP VBIC but it doesn't give the same profile. I have tried cookie when I was out of bisuit not bad. I've thought about subbing INW Raspberry for TFA Sweet Raspberry at around 2%. Hope you like it. The INW Raspberry needs a few days to settle down.

WOW! cap apple pie v2 and fa Fuji apple with this % makes a good blend of apple pie together
inw biscuit makes a good flakey crust and the sugar cookie helps out brings out the biscuit makes a nice outer crust
cap graham cracker v1 really thickens up the crust
cap vc v1 helps too smooth out the apples and makes me a smooth and nice apple flavor
so I had too add alil cinnamon Ceylon because I thought that the apples had no spice too them and now it tastes like an apple pie

Simple, dense and flavorful.

Don't really feel this one needs flavor notes since everything pretty much speaks for itself as far as where each thing fits in to place. I think this one with a little tweaking could turn into an amazing key lime pie. Some day I'll get around to it and nail the unicorn flavor that got me started on diy to begin with. Until then enjoy!

This is my peach cobbler recipe. I was inspired by steam room vaping's not your grandma's peach recipe. I am trying to make my flavor notes easier and better and more to the point. This is just the peach cobbler you will have to add your favorite whipped cream base or ice cream base if you want that aspect. I just found this recipe tasted so damn good without adding any whipped cream or ice cream that I didn't add it into this recipe but it does taste amazing with a ice cream or whipped cream base added on top.

The peachy filling:
Juicy Peach by TFA = 2.5% White Peach by FA =1.5%
Cactus by INW =.25% Added to make the peach juicier and I strongly believe this flavor is necessary. it enhances this recipe so much and also makes it unlike an peach cobbler on the market.

The Cinnamon crumbly Goodness:
Cinnamon Crunch by FLV =2.5% Yellow Cake CAP =2%
Brown Sugar TFA =.50% Biscuit =.50%

I just felt this recipe needed to be posted just the way it is because me and my wife absolutely love this recipe I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. This recipe changes with a longer steep I am told whenever I make it for my house we end up killing a 120ml bottle by day 7 LOL. I AM LUCKY TO EVEN GET TO DAY 5. ENJOY!!!!!!!

I really enjoy this as a sweet peanut butter cookie.
To me the Apple Pie, Biscuit, Cookie and Butter bring a delicious buttery cookie flavor combination,
with a slight hint of apple.
The Peanut Butter pairs well with the tiny hints of Apple from the Apple Pie.
With the Vanilla and Caramel from the RY4 Double compliments just about every flavor in here.

Please Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Kame =)

Delicious donut with a nice Blue raspberry taste on the inhale with a maple donut on the exhale. Just a nice blend. Has a pefect amount of sweetness.

This stuff is super weird ... and a little bit addictive. Sweet, salty, spicy, sour ... and it annihilates vaper's tongue. Shock your palette and get flavors working right again. Pretty cheap, too.

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