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(INW) Biscuit

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery

Used in 3283 recipes at an average of 0.926%.


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This is my take on a strawberry cheesecake. The flavors kind of speak for themselves but I chose JF Sweet Strawberry because it is one of the few strawberries I can taste. I think the CAP Sweet Strawberry helps out the JF and adds some sweetness.

TFA Cheesecake GC, CAP NY Cheesecake and Sweet Cream make up the main body of the cheesecake it's creamy, rich and delicious.

TFA Graham helps boost the graham in the cheesecakes and Biscuit and Acetyl Pyrazine are there to give it some more grainy, buttery goodness.

I love a bit of FA Coconut so I added it for something extra.

This is the first recipe I have made that I feel is worth sharing so feedback is welcome.

I like my recipes strong so I think the 20% flavoring is necessary. Sweetener is optional.

I recommend at least a 2 week steep.

Please rate it if you mix it!

Caramel-Cream/Apple-Berry Cheesecake .
First official flavor. I just went with Wayne's advice, and a few others and this came out. I've tweaked only three times, and I said if I wasn't even close on the third attempt, I'd give up - hence the name.

IT'S RICH...but you need one of those in your cabinet. I loved Forest Fruits so much, and wanted it in a cheesecake.

The apple and caramel and cream hit the spot to take down the bite of the Forest Fruit. The cheesecake is heavy with the Vienna Cream but in my opinion, it balances really well. Like, real well.

This one goes great with coffee - and I wanted one of those.

Bring on the help!

Updated: 6/15/2017 Added Caramel to the base of RY4 double, and Bavarian Cream to the top layer of Banana.
This is a great after dinner dessert vape. Creamy flambéed bananas with a touch of tobacco.
I used Monkey Fart by Flavor West and accentuated the banana flavor with Banana Cream. The Ry4 Double adds a nice caramel with a slight hint of smooth woody tobacco. Brown sugar and toasted marshmallow with biscuit helps to round out the flambé effect of the banana.

Moon Shot! A Banana Moon Pie! This is for Wayne's weekend assignment....Banana Desert recipe. Tastes just like it's supposed to. INW Biscuit and TPA Pie Crust works well to give it a nice flaky but somewhat cookie-like flavor. TPA Marshmallow is sandwiched in between and creates a nice fluffy feel. The TPA Banana, TPA Banana Cream, and LA Cream Cheese Icing works great for that hard banana icing that surrounds everything. This recipe has it all, full textured mouth-feel, fluffy marshmallow, and sweet banana icing.

Shake and Vape

Please comment, mix, and or rate, it make us all better mixers. Enjoy :)

This is the first recipe I made my own.
It has been made through my first steps in DIY. So dont be harsh at me :D

The main idea behind this recipe, is a pie which has strawberries as the main note, a crusty base with a hint of buttery biscuits (thats why I prefer INW Biscuit). Also there is a tone of caramel between the delicious Cream mixed with the Strawberries and the base of the Pie.

Maybe for some people this Recipe seems a little wrong, but its taste is realy good and realy close to what I wanted to be.

I will publish also a v2 of this recipe, where short of I keep the flavour result and I improve the using of the concentrates.

I've never had Yig, or even smelled it;
I have however enjoyed the stuff from Mr Green that I've purchased. The description on their website sounded good, so I made something with that as inspiration. I have a friend that vapes retail, and has had Yig, who will be my test subject. This is just my first attempt.

I have never had a blackcurrant, nor have I made an oatmeal cookie vape. This is purely experimental. Having RF stuff and Cap V1, I plan at least a week long steep before I try it.

This isn't a clone but purely a remix of adore e liquids blueberry something's profile. Here is adore's description
"Picture a bowl of fresh picked blueberries mixed with a base of fresh baked vanilla cookie crumble and drizzled with a rich vanilla pudding. Now that would be something."

Well I thought it would be something so I made my rendition.

Blueberries: flavor west blueberry is what I chose go figure. I personally think flavor west blueberry tastes like when you mix blueberries and sugar and mash. Well I think it tastes like the syrupy blueberry flavored liquid left behind if that makes any sense to you.

Vanilla cookie: I used a combination of Capella sugar cookie and inawera biscuit. With a little help from vanilla swirl by the flavor apprentice.

Rich vanilla pudding: I used a combination of Flavorah vanilla pudding and Flavorah vanilla custard keeping the vanilla custard low so the custard and egg notes don't invade the pudding flavor.

Well that's it my take on adore e liquids blueberry something. Again this is Not a clone just a remix.

Steep time: well this one is a strange one its a good tasting almost blueberry and cream at 5 days but if you want the cookies to come out and play you will have to let it steep for 10 days or more. This is a good one to make a big bottle of so you can taste it at all the different steep times this is a flavor that gets better and better with a long steep I personally like it best at around 14 days but it is perfectly good at 5 days. I am putting a 10 day steep because that is when I feel you can taste the cookies but it gets better and better every day you can let it steep after day 10.

Sweeten to taste with your favorite sweetener. I personally like Flavorah sweetness in my recipes but feel free to use whatever you have on hand.

In keeping with the theme of Remix Month!

This is a flavour I'm very proud of and I am finally happy to release to the Public. This is a Remix of one of my favourite eliquids "Pear and Caramel" by Creamy Clouds ELiquids.

I found the original to be fairly sweet, so I decided to keep the Pear and Caramel base, but add some weight to it and make it a proper cheesecake.

Unctuous Caramel smothered over a Poached Pear sitting atop a freshly baked Cheesecake!

Flavour Notes:

TFA Pear
A beautiful, ripe grainy pear flavour with a slight candied pear taste in the background. It's fairly sweet on it's own, and doesn't have too much depth, but for this recipe it just seems to work the best.

CAP NY Cheesecake
The base for the recipe, You CANNOT sub this flavour out for the TFA Cheesecake. It just doesnt work. CAP NY Cheesecake has that beautiful cheesecake grain with a slight hint of vanilla and a great "bakery" flavour that just helps round everything off.

INW Biscuit
Initially I started with 0.5% but I found I was missing that classic biscuit base that I love so much on a cheesecake... this ingredient does it best. Buttery, Sweet and a great caramelised bakery flavour with just the slightest hint of toasted coconut... it's fantastic!

FA/TFA Caramel
This caramel combo is my "go-to" caramel combo for pretty much everything that needs a strong caramel flavour. It's a well rounded, slightly candied, but also fudge-y caramel combo that just rounds off the pear and cheesecake and really brings everything together.

TFA Ethyl Maltol
Just helps add the extra sweetness and round off those bakery notes from the INW Biscuit to sit with the NY Cheesecake a bit better.

This is a buttery bread/tres leches recipe
Made for DIYorDIE Article: Butter (Members Only) ->

Cinnamon-dusted lemon meringue filling inside an Oreo cookie and Danish pastry crust.

Remix of Electric Liquid's "Frequency"

Flavor Notes:

CAP Lemon Meringue Pie is the backbone of the recipe. This is a pretty full flavor that doesn't need much emphasizing or influencing. 7% gives us a citrusy lemon filling that stands up to the chocolate crust. It doesn't tower over the crust; instead they intermingle together.

RF Cookies & Cream SC is Oreos. I've raved about this flavor for over a year. I loved the VG version, and the SC is basically identical as far as I can tell. It's a lovely chocolate flavor with almost enough cookie crunch to contrast with our pie filling. You got your freebie from the fine folks at RF, so why don't you put it to use?

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl acts as our cinnamon dusting and doughy pastry part of the crust. The cinnamon plays well with Lemon Meringue Pie. Rich Cinnamon over powered and took up too much of the flavor stage. 1% is all we need; any more and that weird Capella cinnamon becomes too much.

TPA Meringue is filling out the Lemon Meringue Pie and emphasizing that thick layer of cream on top. 1% soaks up the cinnamon and keeps that metallic taste at bay. Meringue doesn't seem to dampen the texture of bakeries and cereals as much as some other creams. That's good because it's tough striking a balance here between crunchy crust and creamy filling.

INW Biscuit is just helping the RF C&C with a little texture. 0.5% pushes that cookie crunch of the crust a little bit more without interfering in the rest of the pie.

This makes a really good shake and vape. Give the Super Concentrate a few days to settle though, and things really come together. This stuff ages like wine; squirrel a little bit away for a rainy day.

Happy mixing. 👽

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