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(INW) Biscuit

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery

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A simple cinnamon roll i made based on the description of a famous e-liquid

I've been working on this recipe along with a V2.0 for a few months. This V1.0 is the french vanilla version that I finally have right where I like it. Delicious french vanilla milkshake. I put in the Biscuit and Bavarian Cream to add a little texture and mouthfeel. The LB VIC is my go to and fave ice cream flavoring. the custard and swirl give some extra body and vanilla goodness to this recipe....and its topped off with Vanilla Whipped Cream which is always delicious. The 2 percent of French Vanilla Deluxe adds just the right amount to push this in the direction of a french vanilla milkshake. I like sweet vapes so 1 percent sweetener I have in it but you can leave out if its not your thing or you can add a little WS-23 or Koolada if you want a cold milkshake vape. I've found this needs at least a 2 week steep. Hope you enjoy.

steep for 4 weeks the deep fried dough takes a wile to come through

(CAP) Sugar cookie with (INW) Biscuit, (FA) Torrone and (DFS) Holy Vanilla make up the Cookie in this recipe, Biscuit was added for the butter note and texture, Torrone was added for the chew and slight nuttiness, (FA) Meringue and (Cap) Vanilla Custard add a Creamy sweetness and strengthen the overall body of the cookie, (VTA) Persian lime for the Citrus lime and (TBV) Sugar Daddy for a tiny bit of stickiness.
Hardware setup
Hadaly RDA 0.6 ohm SS 316L (8 wraps) 3mm diameter coil, cotton candy wick, mod set at 35-40 Watts.

The dragon fruit helps out the fuji apple to become a apple filling.
The cinnamon danish swirl becomes part of the base and adds a cinnamon tast to the mix complimenting the apple and bakerie notes.
The biscuit and Graham cracker turn the danish swirl into a crust.
After mixing ID10-t apple danish swirl that was pritty good i decided to turn it into a apple pie.

a rich biscuit vape with a good hint of whisky if you like grog flavours then you may want to increase the whisky but other wise at 2% it sits nice in this mix.
The RF choc hazelnut spread brings a hint of choc and some nuts to the party that really supports the biscuit and graham cracker

Based off of a Whoopie Pie recipe and tastes just like an Oreo.. You Sub out the Cream Cheese Icing for a Peanut Butter or a Whipped Cream with Berries..
This is a very versatile recipe with many options.. Depending on the item;s you add will change the steep times for the recipe.

Just a nice sweet Moist Macaroon Cookie. The recipe taste good off the shake but give it 3-5 days for the flavors to meld together to get that nice crispy taste. For me the Supersweet makes the cookie just a bit more vibrant and brings a much needed sweetness that I like. Mixed at 69/31. The vanilla pudding and vanilla bean combined with the cream and condensed milk make this cookie nice and moist . Hence the name.


Biscuit INW & Cookie FA: For the role of the bold and crunchy cannoli shell.

NY Cheesecake CAP & Bavarian Cream: For the creamy part of cannoli.

Meringue FA & Vienna Cream FA: Meringue is added to enhance the shell of cannoli with a hint of sugar. Vienna Cream is to help blend the crunchy shell with the creams.

Vanilla Custard CAP: is added for a hint of vanilla.

Just a simple cake with frosting. Not enough of em that work.

JF Yellow Cake + INW Biscuit:
Cake base, needed help with texture, so biscuit.

WF Buttercream Frosting + FW Hazelnut:
Buttercream frosting is delicious on its own, but a little bit of hazelnut makes it that much better. Delicious.

You can vape it the next day and you’ll be really happy. Wait 5 days and you’ll be even happier. After that I haven’t noticed much of a change.

Add .25% FLV Sweetness if desired, it’s pretty sweet on its own.

Flavor Notes

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