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(HS) Strawberry

By: Hangsen (HS)
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4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is a pretty simple recipe but very delicious and juicy and EXACTLY like those chewy watermelon sweet that are shaped like watermelon slices. Can be S&Vā€™d but even better after 24hrs. Please mix and leave your feedback good or bad. šŸ˜€ happy mixing šŸ’™

Inspired by a Mentos bubblegum called Mentos Juicy Burst Bubblegum (Berry Lime).

No complex notes here -My wife asked me to mix a juice with the flavor of this gum, So I ate the gum and started mixing the flavors I could taste and BAM! A Deliciously Sweet and Zesty berry using a mix of Red berries, strong Blackcurrant and some Lemon for the zest!

Give this a go if you enjoy Blackcurrants or sweet red berries

Adjust sweetner as you prefer, but I chose SS where its at to match what I was tasting in the gum.

Clone of Time Bomb TNT.

White Gummy Bear recipe based on INW dragonfruit and HS Pineapple

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