(HS) Red USA Mix

By: Hangsen (HS)
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Description: A waffle custard with tobacco. This needs a 2 weeks steep for everything to come fully together

Unfortunately INW discontinued Waffle, Which is really sad because out the the 6 waffles I own this is the best one & it is pretty potent. 0.5 is more than enough to give a crispy waffle flavor that stands up to the creams and tobacco.

For my custard base I used FRESH03's S&V Custard. It is really good custard of the shake but it gets even richer with a steep.

I know some people don't care for TPA RY4 Double, but used low it is really good in my opinion, and you can easily sub it for your favorite RY4.

HS NO5 reminds me of a nutty RY4 without the creaminess.

HS Red USA is Marlboro Red style tobacco, has some cocoa notes & some maple like sweetness. The tobacco itself is smooth & mellow.


This is a delicious tobacco vape.
The Hangsen is a must have.

Best after two weeks.

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