(HS) Pineapple

By: Hangsen (HS)
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Not the biggest fan of fruit vapes, I prefer custards. But when I do vape fruit, it's tropical. Flavorah Cherimoya is the star here, enhanced with banana cream, pineapple and pear. The Inawera Custard enhances the creaminess of the cherimoya.

Just accidently stumbled upon this Blue Raspberry & Pineapple pairing when flavor-testing my new Liquid Barn order.
Since Liquid Barn's flavors taste a bit flat in the middle, Blue Raspberry (LB) is assisted by Raspberry (INAWERA) and Pineapple (LB) by Pineapple (Hangsen).
Adding Strawberry (TPA) & Sweet Strawberry (CAP) to a fruity vape is practically always a safe bet.
Super Sweet (CAP) is my favorite sweetener, I use it between .25 and 1%. It reduces the chance of inadvertently muting your flavors like EM can do, which is in Sweetener (TPA).

Hope you enjoy,

My remix of Naked 100 Lava Flow.

A single, distraught Mango finds itself being forced into submission by a tribe of rapey pineapples; A solid White Gummy Bear base, paired with CAP Sweet Mango and french vanilla to round it out. TFA Jackfruit is used to complete the holes that CAP Sweet Mango creates. TFA Toasted Marshmallow assists with the mouthfeel and rounding out the overall profile.

Another tropical vape for you all. This one is similar to a Lava Flow which is coconut, strawberry, banana, and pineapple.

This is a mix that will be full of in-your-face-flavor so keep that in mind before ordering/mixing.

Hangsen Pineapple I find to be the best pineapple for this mix. INW Pineapple may work here but other pineapples I've tried just don't cut it for a tropical mix.

Feel free to sub FLV Coconut with 1% TFA Coconut Extra or use whatever coconut you like.

As usual, don't add heat or 'air out' these mixes for best taste. This one is certified shake 'n' vape, better with time.

White Gummy Bear recipe based on INW dragonfruit and HS Pineapple

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