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(HS) Peanut Butter

By: Hangsen (HS) - Buy Direct

Used in 67 recipes at an average of 1.164%.


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Coming at you with another tobacco tainted wizardly mix, this is a butterfinger as if it Has been penetrated with a faint tobacco edge :)

Thanks to Phil hailes for sending me a big pack of butterfingers to get this done :)

Everything is self explanatory when considering we’re recreating a real life chocolate/candy bar, I feel the only concentrate in there that needs the explanation is the cereal 27... this adds crunch but that’s not the only reason... if you watch “gourmet makes” hosted by the channel “Bon apetit” on YouTube then you’ll have seen that they added cornflakes, also, butterfingers have a real salty vibe due to what I think is the peanut butter, so I have used CCW salted caramel to reach that profile.

If you like what I do then please rate and review accordingly 😘

(Needs a few days to actually come together) This is a butterfinger cheesecake , The peanut butter combo i got from a mix called chick-o-stick here on alltheflavors . it’s the perfect combo for a butterfinger like flavor . using a simple cheesecake base with yes , we cheesecake , FlavorWest yogurt and FA meringue . FA cookie to give it some texture and then i’m using JF milk chocolate because it works in plenty of recipes that i’ve tried as a chocolate bar type flavor (if used correctly) . And just a touch of MB cookie bite to give it just a hint more chocolate and some chocolate cookie crust . Enjoy.


Banana bread RY4, if you like faint tobacco mixes and you like banana bread I can’t see you not liking this one, DIYFS banana bread is by far the best banana bread so thanks for pointing that out karl.

I’m not going to go into detail here as all the flavours do what I intend them to do the only thing I will say is that VTA raw sugar works beautifully in RY4 mixes so that had to be there, nothing is overpowering here, just as much banana bread as there is nuts and RY4 elements.

Super sweet is subjective and can be dropped out if you wish.

If you like this recipe and what I do then please rate and review accordingly 👍🏻

A creamy vanilla custard with a good dollop of banana, and a lovely slightly salted peanut butter back note,
Must steep for 2 weeks ish for the peanut butter to mellow, over powering from the off, I've not found a substitute for Hangsen PB, its V Good...
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 👌

Another classic dessert, My take on a Nutter Butter Pie, melding HS PB and FW PBC as my main profile to get that deep peanut butter taste sweet thru and thru with a hint of that chocolate drizzle with that classic cookie crust base , im using the sweet cream to add fluff and some added sweetness, the frozen yogurt and epic vanilla are adding to that thickness of the PB pie filling ....MMMMmmmmm damn


Chick-O-stick taste pretty much like the inside of a butterfinger.
My mother's all time favorite candy. I spent many summers as a kid chillin out on the project benches going to town on these things. They usually come in a long stick but I've found miniatures version recently. I went a while with not eating these and as per my moms request she begged that If I found some to pick her up some. So me being the good son I am I did find them, I bought her a bunch and some extras for the kiddo and myself. Eating them I came to the conclusion that a peanut butter and toasted coconut might make for an interesting vape. PB

HS/TPA- My favorite PB ATM has to be FLV but here it was too creamy and not quite exactly what I wanted. HS PB has a distinct peanut taste. I felt the combo of the 2 make for a very pleasing PB.

Toasted Coconut

FOr this I went with FLV Macaroon it has that "toasted coconut" along with a bit of "Crunch" that comes with eating chicko sticks. Added a bit of FA Cookie for more crunch. My first instinct told me to use some TPA coconut candy to help out the macaroon but I winded up liking a bit of sweet coconut better. Toasted Marshmallow puts the finishing touch on my "toastedness".

Bavarian cream is just a supporting flavor here it adds a bit to tame that Peanut flavor but moreso I just used it here as something for everything to sit on. Kinda blend things together.

Hope you guys enjoy. 2 Week steep needed on this one


Peanut Butter and Banana Custard. I've worked on this recipe for months and finally feel ready to release it, so here goes! The inhale is where the banana really shines, sitting in a smooth, thick, and simple custard. Definitely heavier than a banana pudding. On the exhale, the banana sticks around for a bit and then gets taken over by the peanut butter flavor - a slightly sticky but all natural tasting PB. TPA PB is used to get the texture, but to me the flavor is just redskin peanuts - and a PB made of peanut skin is nasty AF. So Hangsen is used at low percents to provide a natural, peanut (no skin) taste that covers up the flavor from TPA. Alright guys, that's it! Please let me know what you think in the comments, I can take the heat if you think it's complete shit. ;)

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