(HS) Ice Cream

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  • An easy, sweet, peachy Ice Cream with a good, fresh aftertaste and fullness thanks to HS.
  • Can be combined with Ice Tea and drinks.
  • Good taste on pod devices (!)
  • Use a little bit Vanillin, if you are into that, I mixed with Flavour Boss Sweetener (Sucralose, EM, Vanillin)

Ijsboerke Vanille à la Crème Fraîche...
This is a very enjoyable and smooth Belgian Vanilla Ice cream I was chasing for a while.
The vanilla is the prominent flavor, it really needs the sweetener for sure.
You can add small amounts of fruit to your liking, making a Strawberry Ice Cream or such.
I do suggest to steep for about a week.

FW VBIC is a great base for Ice Creams imo, it just needs some help.
The best additions for this one are:
- (HS) Ice cream and (CAP) New York Cheesecake for thickness.
- (CAP) French vanilla and (Inawera) Shisha Vanilla to support the Vanilla flavor.
- (OOO) Cream Milky Undertone PG is a good blender, and together with the Merengues and (FW) Hazelnut it's perfect for the right ice cream milk.

I hope you will enjoy Ijsboerke Vanille à la Crème Fraîche as much as us Belgians do. ;)


A rich dark berry cobbler with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

This recipe is focusing on FW Wild Berry Cobbler. This one is actually pretty good as a single flavor. It's definitely a darker berry (blackberry?). The PUR Boysenberry Preserves compliments the blackberry nicely and drives home the cooked fruit note. The cobbler part is there but light, so I used some sugar cookie to add a bit of texture. My bottle doesn't say ala mode and I don't really pick up any ice cream, so I added my own. I wanted to keep this relatively simple. Play around with this or add whatever ice cream base works for you. The moral of the story is, if you don't have FW Wild Berry Cobbler, you should definitely consider buying it.

This is a word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word Recipe.

The Combo of TPA Papaya, FLV Mango and FA Passionfruit create the tropical mix
The Cream base used here with TFA Vanilla bean ice cream and HS Ice Cream make for a nice creamy flavorful vape
Feel free to use a different vbic if you get pepper, my 2nd choice was LB Vanilla ice cream (But lately, I use that in everything)

This is pretty tasty off the shake but gets real nice after about a week.

Thanks for the look.. If you choose to mix this, any feedback is always very much appreciated

Went for an ice cream, came out more like a creamsicle. Fuck.

Steep for at least 5 days to mellow the yellow (see what I did there) out the Dew and let the creams cream stuff.

This was made for a DIY Down under face group mixers challenge in which pear needed to be the main ingredient. if you are interested in joining the monthly challenges you can find the DIY down under group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/diydownunder/

Top note: I wanted the pear to stand out in this mix not the cream so pear candy will boost the FA pear nicely. and also add some sweetness to the mix

mid note: Hangsen ice cream has an almost caramel buttery note @ 1.5-2%. which is what I wanted to add to support the golden syrup and buttery note The FA custard combined with the ice cream and sweet coconut create a lighter cream base that I was after ..( the coconut is not necessary but it adds a bit of sweetness and fluffiness ) NOTE: can sub out regular FA custard but will give you a bit a citrus note which actually works to bring the the pear forward.

base : The shortbread and cookie create the buttery crust for the mix and add the base notes. The fig and golden syrup contrasts the brightness of the pear and create a fig glaze that coats the pear.


** DFS Holy Vanilla is DFS Vanilla Ice Cream Coffee**

A creamy and light vanilla ice cream adorned by a delicate splash of fresh coffee.

This is a magical, simple little number which will make you fall in love with simplicity and effectives of solid flavours.

DFS vanilla ice cream coffee is a superb flavour and been in my stash as a replacement for regular VBIC for a while now. This incredibly smooth and rich ice cream has beautiful, rich vanilla notes to which combined with a dash of coffee, is absolutely heavenly! The coffee sits pretty in the background and contains skunky notes whatsoever. The coffee is not trying to be the hero, it rather lauds the hero while being the unsung hero.

Although the DFS Vanilla Ice Cream is a solid contender, I wanted to take this baby to the next level by boosting the creaminess with a touch of HS Ice Cream. Combined, this is a formidable duo who will kick big name brands in the gonads - and then some...

The sugar cookie adds just a bit of extra dimension in the background without being noticeable, the mystery ingredient if you wish.

Give this 5 days or so for this to become your new ADV!!!


This is a nice Butterscotch Pecan Icecream Mixer...Inspired by Culvers Icecream...

At a 3 week steep, Seems to be pretty nice.

Just got in WS23, So I will start trying to make this COLD


It's creamy, it's rich, it's strawberry. It's no fuss. Easy to throw together. Tastes great immediately after making, but gets better with age. This has been a staple of mine for 6 months or so, so I thought I would finally put it up here. It's not complicated but it's incredibly delicious and worthy of being my own personal all day vape.

Yes, the INW Shisha Strawberry is a bit high. This works as low as 1%, but I just find I like it best when I push this flavor to it's upper limits.

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