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(HS) Hazelnut Coffee

By: Hangsen (HS) - Buy Direct

Used in 50 recipes at an average of 2.257%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

There is an Italian wafer cookie that my family makes that is called a pizzelle that I just love I wanted to take that idea and turn into a waffle cookie mix.

crispy wafer and sugar cone create a dark crisp wafer. (thanks to @tootall for his recommendation of sugar cone)
Devon cream adds a thick cream with a slight chocolate back note that supports the hazelnut cream and hazelnut coffee.

Hazelnut cream and Hazelnut coffee work together to create the hazelnut cream center along with frosting for a sweet butter cream texture. The combination of coffee and hazelnut give the impression of a cocca note that really works well here.
The powder sugar is subtle and adds touch of powder sugar on the wafer cookie.

Add sweetner to taste.
SUBS: if you want a sweeter cookie with more butter notes you can use CAP sugar cookie instead of the crispy wafer). Powdered sugar is not needed but adds that impression of a powder sugar on top of the wafer cookie

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Just a simple and durty coffee.
It gets some of those butterscotch notes and a slight bit of carm.
But yeah, its a basic very vapeable coffee.

Hazelnut Coffee with Cream and Sugar

Wake Up!

FA Up 1%

FA Up serves as the base of the coffee. By itself it is not enough but 1% is a good start to build and then HS Hazelnut Coffee comes into play.

HS Hazelnut Coffee 2%

I really enjoy HS Hazelnut Coffee but it certainly benefits from FA Up to add more of the coffee note that gets a bit hidden by the Hazelnut.

FW Hazelnut 2%

FW Hazelnut is neccessary to get that Hazelnut Creamer taste that I like with my coffee. This flavoring nails the hazelnut taste but also has a level of cream that really makes it versatile in a lot of recipes.


I still needed one more cream that wasn't going to be too heavy as to sit in the bottom of the profile and CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream is always my go to when this situation happens. It mixes well with everything and doesn't sit too low in the profile when I want the coffee to sit heavy.

TFA Sweetener 1.5%

I love my coffee light and sweet and when making a recipe based on how I like my coffee, sweetener was a must to capture that taste. Feel free to play around with this percentage, I found for myself and I really like my coffee sweet that 1.5% was perfect.

This recipe is great as a SnV, the hazelnut creamer is the first flavor you will taste followed by coffee on the back note of the exhale which reminds me of drinking coffee. I use so much creamer and sugar in my coffee that I taste those first and then the taste of coffee will come through in the end. The longer it steeps the more that coffee note will start to be stronger but it never leaves the back note which is exactly where I want to it to stay. I mix at 80vg/20pg so if you mix this at any other ratio please let me know how it comes out!


This profile has been being chased around the DIY scene for a while now with not so great results, so I decided to tackle it. The flavorings in this recipe work wonderfully to create this profile, HS Hazelnut Coffee and FA Up are the stars of this show and work really great in creating that authentic hazelnut coffee base. If you like your cream and sugar like I do, with a little bit of coffee in it lol then this is your new coffee vape. Thats why I have the combo of FW VBIC, CAP Horchata, and FW Creamy Hazelnut. These flavors work so well with the coffee base pumping in that super creamy and really sweet aspect that I love so much in the reference. If you like hazelnut coffee then this recipe nails that perfectly and you will definitely love this vape. So mix it up,(60/40) enjoy, post your thoughts and please rate. Steep for 5 days thanks KRUCIAL

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