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(HS) French Vanilla Icecream

By: Hangsen (HS)
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Based on @shyndo recommendation I pushed LB pumpkin Pie waaaaaay up there and and tossed in one of my favorite ice creams LB vanilla ice cream and HS french vanilla ice cream for some darker buttery notes. ( simple with only 3 ingredients)

What you get a sweet thick vanilla cream on the inhale and full on pumpkin spice on the exhale from a simple mix.
This works well in a RTA/ Subohm and made for the pumpkin spice lovers out there. This will not be for everyone, but if you like full sweet spice flavor this is for you .

It does not really need sweetener, but I like it sweet and added FLV sweetness at 0.3%

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Help me name this?? It started as a srawberry Malt/Milkshake...
I love it, it's my favorite strawberry vape right now. I need help naming it..
It's damn good. Does anyone know of a better malted milk flavoring??

A generous scoop of vanilla ice cream drowned with a shot of espresso and a trickle of chocolate...

The Espresso
Although my coffee base is strictly speaking not an espresso, I believe that this combination provides the full bodied coffee base which encapsulates the very best coffee has to offer. Until such time that someone creates a better coffee/espresso alternative, this will remain my go-to...
MF coffee, to me, is the pinnacle of all coffee concentrates and provides an authentic, robust coffee taste, boosted (pun intended) by a touch of FA Booster (tiramisu). I fell in love with this combo when I fist experienced Marietta by @RuntDastardly and have never looked back!

The Ice Cream
My go-to combo of LB VIC and HS FVIC is the perfect adornment to receive the dark, rich and smooth coffee shower. This combo combined the very best of CAP and TFA VBIC and unites them in a creamy, scrumptious union... Period.

The Chocolate
MB Glamour chocolate is the final touch and it sweetens our ensemble just a tad... The cocoa notes in the chocolate compliments the natural cocoa notes in the coffee beautifully and balances the overall taste experience.

This baby requires at least a 2 week hibernation, more if possible, for the coffee to adequately meld with it's new friends...

MF Coffee - Not recommended but FA Dark Bean (espresso) at 0.5 or INW Coffee at 2% can be used as an suitable alternative
MB Glamour Chocolate - JF Milk Chocolate at the same %


A no-nonsense Malted Vanilla Milkshake with shortbread biscuit crumbles. Hope you all enjoy!

Based on a remix of Boardwalk Bombshell

Decided it should be blueberry, so from the youtubes they say that FW Blueberry is the best.. But the youtubes are a fickle crew and they also say that HS Blueberry is the best. So... What to do.. What to do.. Hey!

The youtubes also say that Bilberry can make candy blueberries take their job of being blueberries a little more seriously. So I sent Bill in there to give the other two a stern talking to.

Bilberry is a strange way to spell Blueberry. (NN is VSO Vaping Swag Original Blueberry)

From there.. Some Ice Cream to make it a little less battery and a little more creamy.

And.. Blam!

This is the first recipe I've made that passed the 120 ml test.. And as of this writing I'm pretty sure this will be a constant resident in the Drop rda..

Give it a couple weeks for full awesomeness, but after a week or so It's good stuff..

Stewart's has a delicious ice cream that I just had the other day called "Crumbs along the Mohawk" it's described as a Graham Cracker ice cream with Graham Cracker pieces and caramel swirl... now this stuff leaves a delicious aftertaste in your mouth and that's why I'm trying to translate it into vape form here...

This is still a WIP... I'm needing the GC pieces to stand out more... Maybe uping the FW 1% and adding .5% AP will help? It's pretty damn close but I need some of y'alls help... Thanks and hope you enjoy... Flavor notes to follow... In the mix is on right now!

A cream-filled pastry that is unlike other cream-filled pastries.
Thank you @richard for the notes.

This isn't really a profiterole. More of a spongey Twinkie.
Described as a 'Brown on the outside, half-baked on the inside pastry'

French vanilla Icecream/Vanilla Whipped cream
This is the inner cream, light and fluffy with a sweet vanilla end.

Yellow cake/Cake Batter Dip
The sponge of the bakery. Yellow cake is delicious and sweet, baked and a little greasy. The Cake batter dip, also a really good concentrate - brings the under-cooked taste to it. Swap out FW Yellow cake with JF Yellow Cake if you want to.

Custard premium
A richness bend to both the cream and the pastry. Can be substituted with another custard that's not too eggy if you aren't able to get your hands on this concentrate. INW would be my guess.

This is to darken the pastry, add a delicious browning to it.

Pie crust
To add the crunch on the outside. Possibly take it closer to a profiterole than a Twinkie.

My first attempt at a tobacco recipe. The tobacco is light, and rich in flavor, but just enough for my taste buds. I’ve only had it steeping overnight so far and it taste pretty good. If you like it you can up the tobaccos. I will add more notes as it steeps.


A rich & creamy vanilla ice cream drenched with homemade butterscotch sauce...

This took a few attempts but I think I cracked the butterscotch sauce here. I wanted that caramelized sugar element inherently present in traditional butterscotch which was lacking in the standard variations. I tried a few things including Brown Sugar, Creme Brulee, etc but, alas, none of those delivered.
I found inspiration in a simple, often used ingredient and it worked a charm!

FA & FW Butterscotch
Both of these these are magnificent butterscotch's and I simply could not choose one over another, so I used both! At 2% each, they compliment one another beautifully to provide that rich and sweet butter and sugar goodness associated with a real butterscotch.

FA Caramel boosts the butterscotch and provides the faux dark brown sugary element without being bitter or overpowering.

The ice cream come compliments of my go-to VIC = LB Vanilla Ice Cream. This baby combines the best of CAP and TPA VBIC without any pepper notes (I am unfortunately a pepper taster) and is a creamy, full, real vanilla ice cream. The ice cream is made more indulgent with the help of a smidgen of HS French Vanilla Ice Cream, which takes this from great to magnificent!

To take this over the edge, further indulgence is provided by FA Cream Fresh, because EVERYTHING tastes better with Cream. Seriously, this knocks the butterscotch into shape a bit and tones the mix to the perfect level of creaminess and sweetness.

Holy Vanilla is just heaven in a bottle and is used to amplify the vanilla in the ice cream base...

Give this baby at least 2 weeks to settle...


V3 was bad don't even worry about that one. This one is my favorite.

subs -

FA Bavarian Cream- Cap Bavarian cream @ 2 %

Cap whipped marshmallow- Cap marshmallow same percent

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 60 / 100 Solo: 0.4% Mix: 0.2% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 90 / 100

Nice smooth vanilla not extremely prevalent, but still noticeable in combination with a buttery and sweet cream base.

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