(HS) French Vanilla Icecream

By: Hangsen (HS)
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Peanut Butter Banana Bliss.

This is just The Trinity with some stuff strapped on, and it came out great! (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/143364#the_trinity_vanilla_ice_cream_by_eyemakepizza)

I'm still messing around with this one, feel free to tweak it, review it, or give me some tips! Saint Tammany #0059 on discord.


This is a LEGIT Coco Pops vape that I’ve been crafting for several months on and off now. I believe this was version 30 and was subject to meticulous tinkering to get that perfect chocolate and “Pop” mouthfeel. I’m extremely happy with what I’ve created and can’t wait for you cereal&Chocolate fans to get a hold of this one and hopefully 🙏🏻 flood the reviews section with positive vibes however, all I ask for is 100% honesty. I vape this recipe straight off the shake but the longer you let it steep the more the milk turns to that delicious chocolate leftover we all love that collects in the bowl.
Unfortunately,their are no subs for this recipe! Every concentrate has been whittled down to exactly what you see and if anything changes, this recipe will lose its charm and character.
I therefore urge you to stick exactly to the script on this one peeps...you won’t be disappointed.

Take care everyone and stay safe 💙


A smooth cream soda infused with raspberry and a creamy vanilla finish.

A delicious showcase of the deliciousness that ry4 double is.

A dark, yet light Ry4 double with a touch of nut and a smooth creamy finish. Works both great in rdas, and in a high nic mtl device.

Take a look at the other great “pop my” recipes here on ATF 😅


Enjoy 😊


Peach trinity, strawberry and mango creamed out with vanilla ice 😊


Made on Live Mixing

Feel free to swap Molasses for Brown sugar if you don't have it

This is my take on a deep and rich custard-like French Vanilla Ice Cream. I started off with CAP French Vanilla. It is smooth and buttery with hints of custard. TPA French Vanilla Creme is the custard part of this recipe. It's very thick and blends perfectly with CAP French Vanilla. OF course I had to pair these flavors with HS French Vanilla Ice Cream. It's got everything. It's Creamy and rich, buttery and sweet. It's very well-balanced. The star of the show that blends everything together is CAP NY Cheesecake. What can I say about it other than it thickens the whole recipe. It's so creamy and delicious. It totally enhances all the other flavors.

If you enjoy French Vanilla you'll love this!

Please enjoy and share your feedback!!

Tastes like a moonpie ice cream sandwich but you replaced the marshmallow with vanilla ice cream.

I threw this together for my husband's pod and it actually came out pretty well. The chocolate isnt quite as pronounced and the graham just kind of makes the ice cream seem like they used a heavier cream but it's tasty either way.

For him I used some of the precious lb lava cake v1 but I can see v2 working in it's place because its just to bend the graham a bit into a chocolate graham direction.

Everyone is releasing a donut so here is mine that I've been working on.
Blackberry Ice Cream deep fried inside a puffy doughball of bready deliciousness. Dusted in powdered sugar. Deep fried btw. As all donuts should be you heathens.

Got some awesome ideas from recent donut recipes!! Shoutout to those mixers whos names i will search for and then credit lol. The pretzel dough works so well here as a yeasty dark note. The sweet bread is AHMAZING....VSO blackberry is otherworldly.

Give this about a week. Its rich and delicious. I sweeten with 1 drop cap ss per 10ml. As always, sweeten to your tastes.


A blueberry ice cream cone recipe. Made on Live Mixing

Watch here:

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Nice smooth vanilla not extremely prevalent, but still noticeable in combination with a buttery and sweet cream base.

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